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									             Issues Marketplace Guidelines
                     Forest Day 6
                      2 December 2012 in Doha, Qatar
Repeating the success of the new feature last year, Forest Day 6 in Doha will again set
aside one-hour for semi-structured networking and discussions in a session called Issues
Marketplace. The goals here are to allow more organisations that are not members of
the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to have a voice at Forest Day, and to encourage
networking among people with common interests.

The Issues Marketplace approach consists of simultaneous, interactive presentations by
selected focal points on proposed main themes. Forest Day participants will be
encouraged to enter the Issues Marketplace and gather around speakers discussing
issues under each of the themes. Initiatives of a similar format at other events have
been called ‘speakers corner’ or ‘four corners’. The Issues Marketplace will be similar in
format, but on a larger scale with a dynamic market atmosphere.

Forest Day 6 will focus on key issues affecting the role of forests in mitigating and
adapting to climate change emerging from COP 17. The proposed list includes the
following main themes:

      Social safeguards: protecting the territorial rights of Indigenous Peoples
      Financing REDD+: Closing the gap
      Forest, climate change, and global and regional rainfall patterns
      Solutions for a Cultivated Planet
      Governance frameworks for REDD+
      Forest landscape restoration: enhancing more than carbon stocks in all types of
      Adapting to climate change: Competing for funds?
      Bioenergy and BioFuels: Debunking myths
      Drivers of deforestation: Exploring regional differences, and new patterns?
      National forest monitoring systems for REDD+ Phase 2
      Mangroves and wetlands: crucial and neglected

The Steering Committee will select up to three focal points for each theme to present
and engage in discussion with participants. CIFOR, on behalf of CPF, will review the
proposals and nominee a short list of Forest Day 6 Steering Committee to review and
approve. Information about the selected focal points (and their issue/topic) will be
posted on the Forest Day website prior to the event and included in the conference
The Issues Marketplace will run for one hour after the lunch break in a dedicated room.
No other sessions will be going on during this time. All focal points will be making their
presentations at the same time.

Discussions are usually done with the support of a flip chart, a basic poster and
handouts and with considerable interaction between the focal point and participants.
There will be no audiovisual equipment available in the Issues Marketplace and
microphones will not be available. Flip charts or poster stands will be available for use
upon request. Each focal point can bring with them the following materials:
     A1 poster or roll banner display
     Hand out materials to give to participants

Participation is fluid so the audience can move about between focal points and themes
at will. Keeping the audience engaged is key for focal points, as participants can move
around freely within the Issues Marketplace. Focal points should present their issue in
an engaging, entertaining and innovative way for a roving audience.

There will be no formal moderators in the Issues Marketplace but each theme will have
an appointed expert to assist and guide the focal points and the discussions during the

Participation as a focal point for a theme in Issues Marketplace will cost USD500. A
combined participation of Issues Marketplace and exhibition table top (which costs
USD750 independently) will cost USD1,000.

Please contact Levania Santoso at l.santoso@cgiar.org as CIFOR’s focal point for Issues
Marketplace at Forest Day 6 if you have any questions or need more information.

Important dates:

      31 August 2012: Closing date for applications
      30 September 2012: Announcement of selected focal points
      15 October 2012: All materials for program book received
Application Form
(Please read the guidelines in filling out this application form)

Focal point:


Contact details: (address, phone, fax, email, website)

Theme: (selected from the above topics)

Summary of the presentation: (maximum of 150 words)

Key questions:

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