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									MTRE Advanced Technologies
Medical Thermo Regulation Expertise

July 2010

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
• An Integrated Patient Monitoring and
  Temperature Management System
• Combines the advantages of CritiCool
  with Mennen Medical’s VitaLogik
  Patient Monitor

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
• Whole body, Non invasive Servo control cooling therapy offers fast
  and precise cooling to target temperature, using the CureWrapTM –
  a flexible, three dimensional heat exchange garment.

                                     Cooling with care, Monitor the Beat

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                     Cool Fast

• For Use on Adults or Infants
• High heat exchange by 3-dimensional body coverage with
  _______ _, maximizes energy transfer and provides effective
  induction and maintenance of mild hypothermia
• Precise control of patient core temperature using the temperature
  control algorithm
• Continuous temperature feedback enables Automatic temperature
  control throughout treatment
• Reduces staff time and labor
• Convenient and easy to use
• Patient cooling is achieved in three simple steps:

       Simply Set, wrap & Cool

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                      Cool Fast, Re-warm Slow
• Re-warm - Automatically Controlled and Gradual
• Controlled re-warming with CritiCool pro significantly reduces the
  rebound increase in intracranial pressure, CritiCool pro actively
  controls the process of re-warming and achieves a gradual increase
  in temperature

Cooling and Automatic Re-warming at 33.5-36.5°C for 82.3 hours

   A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                 Vital Signs Parameters and Waveforms
                                       On a 12.1”TFT Display Monitor

•   Adult / Neonatal Mode
•   ECG and Heart Rate
•   ST Segment Analysis
•   Full Range of Arrhythmias
•   Respiration
•   SpO2
•   NIBP
•   Temperature Regulation

The                  monitoring capability has an extensive storage
capability of Full Disclosure, charts, trends and event strips.
Alarms with status messages of all the vital signs parameters can be
configured to the needs of the patient’s clinical condition.

    A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                Displayed Temperature Regulation
                                       Parameters - Cooling
       Cooling                                       Cooling binary state
   Adult / Neonatal

 OC / OF

Temperature OC
/ OF

                                                Set Point temp for
                                                  cooling mode

      A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                Displayed Temperature Regulation
                                    Parameters - Re Warming

Adult Re-Warm rate                                                Heating binary state

 OC / OF

Temperature OC
/ OF

                                                Target temp for
                                                re-warming mode

      A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                     Simply Set ,Wrap & Cool

• One piece, body shaped garment that facilitates wrapping of
  your patient.
• Maximize surface coverage to ensure optimal energy transfer.
• Simultaneous water flow through numerous channels provides
  superior heat exchange capacity.
• Bio-compatible, latex free and anti static that suits any
  hospital setting.
• Secured onto your patient using pre-attached hook & loop
  (Velcro) strips, it allows easy and intuitive access to your
• Permits 72h treatment.

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                     Cooling with CritiCool pro
    Clinical studies show that Cooling improves Neurological
                   Outcome in many indications:

• ROSC after Cardiac Arrest: Hypothermia has become routine practice in
  medical centers worldwide in patients with Return of Spontaneous
  Circulation after VF or Pulseless VT
• Stroke: A decrease of brain temperature reduces ischemic brain injury,
  brain edema and intracranial pressure (ICP)
• Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI): hypothermia has been shown to improve
  patient outcome by reducing ICP and limiting secondary brain injury after
  severe head trauma
• Asphyxia and Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy: Cooling therapy can
  significantly improve neurological outcomes of newborns with Hypoxic-
  Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
• Uncontrolled Hypothermia: Fever in critically ill patients, mainly
  neurointensive care unit patients

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
The Need for Therapeutic

A Member of Mennen Medical Group
               The Need for Therapeutic Hypothermia

In 2002, two randomized controlled trials published in the NEJM, prove that
therapeutic hypothermia (reduction of temperature to 32-34°C) after cardiac

• Improves neurologic & functional outcome
• Reduces mortality

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                     ILCOR Recommendations

The ALS task force of the International Liaison committee on
resuscitation (ILCOR) made the following recommendation in 2002:
• “Unconscious adult patients with spontaneous circulation after out-of-
  hospital cardiac arrest should be cooled to 32°C to 34°C for 12 to 24 hours
  when the initial rhythm was VF.
• Such cooling may also be beneficial for other rhythms or in-hospital cardiac

  A Member of Mennen Medical Group
A Member of Mennen Medical Group
          Moderate Hypothermia to Treat Perinatal
                Asphyxial Encephalopathy
                                      TOBY study Group, NEJM 2009

In this randomized, control study comparing intensive care plus total-body
cooling for 72 hours with intensive care without cooling, Neonates with the
following signs and symptoms were included:
• Apgar score of 5 or less or a continued need for resuscitation or, acidosis
  within 60 minutes after birth
• Moderate-to-severe encephalopathy, an absent or weak suck, or clinical
• Abnormal background activity of at least 30 minutes’ duration or seizures
  on amplitude integrated electroencephalography

• Results: No significant reduction in the combined rates of death and severe
  disability with cooling, as compared with no cooling,
  but a significant improvement in several secondary neurologic
  outcomes among survivors

   A Member of Mennen Medical Group
                                   Temperature control saves lives

A Member of Mennen Medical Group
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