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									Kingsclere Medical Practice Patient Group Report April 2012.

Kingsclere Medical Practice is a rural practice covering Kingsclere and the
surrounding villages in North Hampshire we have 5578 registered patients.

Our practice profile is:

Age / Sex breakdown

     Description           Count   Percent
 Practice Population        5578       100
 Under 16                    990      17.7
 17-24                       476       8.5
 25-34                       507       9.1
 34-44                       792      14.2
 45-54                      1025      18.4
 55-64                       804      14.4
 65-74                       534       9.6
 75-84                       282       5.1
 Over 84                      97       1.7
 Male Patients              2850      51.1
 Female patients            2728      48.9

Ethnicity Breakdown

         Description      Count Percent
 Practice Population       5578     100
 British or mixed British  1487    26.7
 Irish                       11       .2
 White & Black Caribbean      4       .1
 White & Black African        4       .1
 White & Asian                8       .1
 Other mixed                  9       .2
 Indian                      14       .3
 Pakistani                    1       .0
 Bangladeshi                  0        0
 Caribbean                    1       .0
 African                      3       .1
 Chinese                      3       .1
 Any Other                    3       .1

We understood that our Patient Participation Group (PPG) would be best served
by representation from the various villages which make up our practice area. We
started the process by inviting a Parish & Borough Councillor in Oct 2009 to
discuss how we might get representation to the group. We also became a member
of the NAPP (National Association of Patient Participation) and invited a
representative to come & talk to us about their experience.
We have a poster in the waiting room for the “Ethnic minorities Carers Group”
which represents carers of ethnic minorities in Basingstoke.

The Kingsclere Medical Practice PPG was formed in December 2009 by asking the
various local Parish Councillors if they would like to send us a representative from
their area.

To ensure our group was representative we placed articles in the parish
magazines and conducted a survey in 2010 asking for anyone interested in joining
the Group to contact the Practice Manager.

The Group is made up as follows:

Len Potts           Chairman             Kingsclere
Cathy Osselton                           Kingsclere
Ian Cameron                              Ecchinswell
Tony Forward                             Greenham
Judy Henry          Vice Chairman &      Hannington/Ibworth
                    Representative for
                    the Alliance PPG
Sue Elliott                              Parent representative
Alison Collington                        Parent representative
Dr Still                                 Representative from the Practice
Win Harfield        Practice Manager     Representative from the Practice
                    & Secretary

We are still keen to hear from anyone in the Headley/Ashford Hill, Bishops Green
or Burghclere areas who may be interested in joining our group.

In order to gain young peoples views, one of our members is discussing with local
youth workers with the aim of inviting them to one of our meetings so we can
benefit from their experience.

We have a representative who attends the North Hampshire Alliance PPG
meetings, a strategic group which serves Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

The members discussed forming a reference group ( PRG) and decided that we
should open the survey to ALL patients this was made available on line and in
paper at the practice, the survey was also sent out to patients with repeat
prescriptions. A total of 206 patients took part.

Step 2: Agree areas of priority with PRG

The PPG met on 17th August 2011 and discussed the proposed content of the
survey, they decided to ask all our patients where the priorities should lie. We
wanted to include questions about opening hours and also questions regarding
consultation and reception experience. It was agreed that two members of the
group would work on the layout of the survey document and this was done at a
meeting of the 10th October 2011 and subsequently forwarded to the rest of the
PPG for approval on the 18th October 2011.
Step 3: Collate the views through the use of a survey

The survey was run from the 1st November 2011 to the 23rd February 2012. The
final question of the survey ( What do you think are the most important priorities
which the Patient Group should focus on) was formulated from a distillation of
results and comments from previous National and Local Survey results and PPG's

The survey was available in paper in the waiting room, sent out with repeat
prescriptions and available on line from our website. In March 2012 the PPG was
represented at a local “Volunteers Day” held in a local community centre. We took
our survey to this event with the aim of raising awareness of the group and its
A total of 206 patients took part and the results are as follows:
Number of Responses: 206
Kingsclere Medical practice Patient Group
The patient group would like your views on a number of issues. We would be
grateful if you could please take a moment to complete this brief survey. The
replies will be anonymous and it will not be possible to identify individual patients
from the answers given.

Q1) Opening Times

I am happy with the standard opening times 8.30am to 6.30pm
Yes 85%
No 8%
No response 7%

If answer NO please select from the following
I would like to be able to attend before 8am
Monday 1%
Tuesday 1%
Wednesday 1%
Thursday 1%
Friday 1%
Saturday AM 10%

And/Or After 6.30pm
Monday 8%
Tuesday 7%
Wednesday 7%
Thursday 8%
Friday 8%
Q2) Reception

How helpful do you find the receptionists at your GP practice?
Very helpful 69%
Fairly helpful 28%
Not very helpful 0%
Not at all helpful 0%
Don’t know 0%
No response 3%

How easy is it to get through to someone at your GP practice on the phone?
Very easy 21%
Fairly easy 63%
Not very easy 11%
Not at all easy 1%
Don’t know 2%
No response 2%
Q3) How good was the last GP/Nurse you saw or spoke to at each of the

If you know the name of the GP/Nurse you last saw or spoke to please write it here:
Giving you enough time
Very good 73%
Good 19%
Fair 4%
Poor 0%
Very poor 1%
Does not apply 0%
No response 3%

Listening to you
Very good 70%
Good 19%
Fair 5%
Poor 2%
Very poor 0%
Does not apply 0%
No response 4%
Explaining tests and treatments
Very good 62%
Good 23%
Fair 5%
Poor 2%
Very poor 0%
Does not apply 5%
No response 3%

Involving you in decisions about your care
Very good 61%
Good 19%
Fair 6%
Poor 0%
Very poor 0%
Does not apply 10%
No response 4%
Treating you with care and concern
Very good 68%
Good 21%
Fair 5%
Poor 1%
Very poor 0%
Does not apply 1%
No response 4%

Did you have confidence and trust in the GP/Nurse you saw or spoke to?
Yes, definitely 83%
Yes, to some extent 10%
No, not at all 3%
Don’t know / can’t say 0%
No response 4%
Q4) What do you think are the most important priorities which the Patient
Group should focus on.

Please tick your top three
Getting an Appointment 78%
reception Issues 17%
Opening Times 23%
Car Parking 45%
Repeat Prescription Service 28%
Telephone systems 33%
Other(please state below) 1

So that we can analyse the answers give by all the people in this survey it would help us if you could
provide the following information, it will not be possible to identify you from this information.
Male 27%
Female 66%
No response 7%

Age Group
0-25 6%
26-45 13%
46-65 38%
66-75 30%
over 76 9%
No response 4%
First 5 digits of your postcode ( ie RG25 8 )
Thank you for completing this survey. If you would like us to contact you about future surveys
please leave your email address/contact details at reception

Step 4: Provide the PRG with the opportunity to discuss the findings and
reach agreement with the PRG on changes to service

The results of the survey were collated by My Surgery Website with input of the paper
copies by practice staff. The interim results were discussed at a PPG meeting on the 15th
February 2012 which showed a majority of patients wanted the group to focus on
Appointments and Car Parking,we agreed how further work would be done by the
Practice and PPG in order that recommendations could be made to the patients. The final
results were published on our website and made available in paper at the Practice in April

Step 5: Agree action plan with PRG and seek PRG agreement to make

It is clear that that the most requested area for focus is “Appointments” and
secondly the Car Park the PPG along with the Practice will be discussing ways in
which we can improve service to patients in relation to our appointment system
and are already investigating ways in which we can improve car park facilities.

The following actions were agreed by a full staff meeting and e mail to the PPG on the 18th
April 2012

 Appointments area                        Who               Action to be taken
 Capacity and Demand                      Admin Staff       Measure our capacity to meet
                                                            the demand and review
 Availability to book ahead               Admin Staff       Review availability to book
                                                            ahead to allow enough
                                                            pre-bookable slots
 Routine patient reviews and              Clinicians        Review the intervals at which
 frequency                                                  patients are seen
 Review of booked telephone               Clinicians        Maximise usage
 On Line Booking                          Receptionists     Commence on line booking
                                                            from 1st June 2012
 Review DNAs                              Receptionists     Publish regular reports for
                                                            patients to be displayed on TV
                                                            screen in waiting area
 Gain further information from            PPG               To discuss at meeting
 patients                                                   23.05.12

Our findings will be put to PPG at their meeting on 23rd May for consideration and
published on the website and in the waiting room.
The Medical Practice is open as follows, you may access our services by
telephone on 01635 296000 or in person during the core hours.

 Day            AM                 PM                 Extended Hours
                CORE HOURS         CORE HOURS
 Monday         08:30-13:00        14.00 -18.30       Practice is closed
                                                      Access for extended hours
                                                      is by appointment only
                                                      check with reception for
                                                      18.30-19.30 GP & Nurse
 Tuesday        08:30-13:00        14.00-18.30
 Wednesday      08:30-13:00        14.00-18.30
 Thursday       08:30-13:00        14.00-18.30
 Friday         08:30-13.00        14.00-18.30

This report was first published in April 2012 and updated in July 2012

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