Newsletter 17
30 May 2007
                             FROM THE PRINCIPAL
                             WARRIGALA: I am too cautious to individually thank people except the two coordinators Kim Marx and
                             Nicky Madden. It is hard to find volunteers to be fete convenors as it is such a thankless task. Well
                             done, ladies!
                             Can we also thank all the parents, staff and students who worked tirelessly to make Warrigala such a
                             success? Without your effort, it would not happen.
31 May
                              At the time of writing this, I am unsure of how much profit the fete made. Parents asked if it was a
Year 5D to Robocop,
                             success. Well, yes, it was. Not only the profit made, defines the success of a fete. A fete is also a
University of Queensland
                             community and school event where children see their parents, teachers and other staff working together
                             in unfamiliar roles. The team effort is for the good of the children. Well done to all those who assisted
Year 5E/F excursion to
                             in any of the many ways. I hope you had a great day!
                             WESTFIELD SHOPPING PROMOTION: This year, we have decided not to participate in the ‘Shop for
                             your School’ promotion. Some of the reasons are:
JRFH Skipping
                              Lack of a parent to coordinate the project.
demonstration at Wishart
                              The diversity of centres our parents frequent means we have difficulty in doing well.
State School
                              The prizes are dependant on size, so our large numbers count against us.
                              We felt our efforts helped more to promote the shopping centre, than advantage our children.
2-7 June
                             Hopefully, this helps in your understanding of the decision, though we do thank those who were
Year 7 excursion to
                             interested. Next year, if we have a volunteer, we may participate.
                             SUNDAY, MAY 27 1967: This was the day that Australians made a monumental step that changed the
                             direction that Australia was heading and gave our Nation a future as a modern, caring society. On this
2 June
                             date forty years ago, Australians, at a referendum, voted (more than ninety percent) to count indigenous
Senior Choir to perform at
                             people in the census. Today, few can believe they were not counted.
Kodaly Showcase Concert
                             While we have much yet to achieve, this was a defining moment in history that, at least, gave our nation
                             a chance. Warrigal Road State School is comprised of many nationalities, all belonging to this
5 June
                             community. Would it have been the same if the referendum had not had such a positive outcome?
Spelling / Writing
                             ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE: If, as a parent, you have a particular concern and wish to
                             speak to someone from Administration, but English is not your first language and so you hesitate, then I
                             suggest you make use of an interpreter and make an appointment? We have several teachers who can
6 June
                             assist Chinese speaking parents, but unfortunately, we are very limited with other languages.
Year 1 excursion to
                             Nevertheless, I am sure that between us, we can find someone to interpret in your language if this is
Currumbin Sanctuary
                             necessary. Please ask us, as we are determined to support all our families to ensure the best outcome
                             for our children.
1 August
P-2 Sports Day
2 August
Yr 3-4 Sports Day
6 August
Senior Sports Day

                             YOURS IN EDUCATION, JEFF MUNCE – PRINCIPAL
                       REPORTING REQUIREMENTS                                                  WARRIGAL ROAD STATE SCHOOL
The Australian Government has legislated a number of requirements in                                   POSITION VACANT
relation to student reporting as a condition for continued government                                CLEANER (PERMANENT)
funding. These requirements include:                                                                    15HRS PER WEEK
A five point A - E achievement rating for students in Years 4 - 7 and an                         (MONDAY – FRIDAY 3.00-6.00PM)
equivalent 5 point scale of Very High, High, Sound, Developing and                                 PAY RATE $16.48 PER HOUR
Support Required for students in Years 1 - 3.                                         INFORMATION PACKAGES AVAILABLE FROM THE SCHOOL
An overall A - E behaviour rating for all students in Years 1 - 7.                                          OFFICE
An A - E effort rating in each KLA for all students.                                         BETWEEN 8.00AM AND 3.30PM WEEKDAYS
A written comment on each of the KLA's studied providing information on                  APPLICATIONS CLOSE 4.00PM FRIDAY, 1 JUNE 2007
achievement and advice on areas for improvement.                                                    AND SHOULD BE MARKED
A record of the total number of student absences as well as the number                             ATTENTION : THE PRINCIPAL
of unexplained absences.                                                               APPLICATIONS WILL REMAIN CURRENT FOR 12 MONTHS
A twice yearly written report offset by a twice yearly oral report offering
parent information on student progress, behaviour and effort.
                                                                                                   PREMIER’S 2007 READING CHALLENGE
* It is important to note that Prep is exempt from these government
                                                                                  Warrigal Road State School is a registered Readers’ Challenge school.
guidelines, however information regarding student progress and
                                                                                  Students do not need to register individually. Last year, the challenge
application will be communicated orally using the Early Learning Record
                                                                                  invited participants from Prep to Year 3. This year, the challenge has
as a reference point.
                                                                                  expanded to include Years 4 and 5. The Challenge is open between 22
* Students receiving Learning Support Services will be rated against
                                                                                  May and 7 September 2007.
their peers with no modifications made to the school reporting format.
                                                                                  Children who take up the challenge and read the required number of
* Learning Disabled students will receive a student report with either
                                                                                  books will receive a signed certificate from the Premier. Schools with the
minor or major modifications made to the reporting format based on
                                                                                  highest proportion of participating students will be recognised with a
individual needs.
                                                                                  special award, presented at an official ceremony later this year.
                                                                                  The Premier's Reading Challenge recognises the range of student
                  VIRTUES EDUCATION                                               abilities in Queensland classrooms. All students are encouraged to
Our virtue for the month of May is resilience. Not only                           participate - knowing that the Premier's Reading Challenge is not a
is resilience an important virtue, it is one of the five                          competition, but a way to encourage greater involvement in reading.
keys to academic success. A key to academic success is a                          Accompanying this week’s newsletter is a copy of the list of suggested
strategy that opens the door for students to succeed in their academic            books. This is only a guide and a book approved by the teacher or
lives. The other four keys to academic success are persistence,                   parent to be suitable to the learning needs of their child will be deemed
confidence, organisation and getting along. Research shows “that young            appropriate reading literature. On the reverse side of the guiding booklist
people who possess resilience, confidence, persistence, organisational,           is a Student Reading Record. This needs to be completed and returned
and getting along skills are likely to achieve to the best of their ability and   to Yvette Cawley (School Coordinator) by 13 September for students to
possess good mental health in comparison to under-achieving,                      be eligible for their Premier’s certificate.
unhappy/angry young people who have not acquired these capabilities.              Good luck with this year’s challenge.
Recent research conducted in Australia, England, and the United States            YVETTE CAWLEY (HEAD OF CURRICULUM)
also shows that young people with achievement and behavioural
problems are not only low in the 5 keys to academic success, they also
demonstrate – in comparison with relatively ‘problem-free’ young people
– higher degrees of anxiety/low self-esteem, general work avoidance,              What an exciting and music filled week we have had since our last music
general disorganisation, and anger/rebelliousness.”                               notes. On Thursday, two string groups competed in the Wynnum-Manly
(Dr Michael Bernard, 2003).                                                       Eisteddfod. The Thomastiks had their first performance for 2007 and
                              COMPETITIONS                                        they played well. They were placed third in the section. The Chamber
Last week’s competition was to design a poster for the school fete                Strings were also in this section because of the number in the group, not
advertising the fact that Warrigal Road State School is a Virtues                 because of their level of playing. The Chamber Strings were placed
Education School. The posters were to include the virtues slogan and list         first and they had very stiff competition from the group before them, so
the advantages of being at a school that embraces Virtues Education.              this was an excellent win. Well done Chambers and well done Mr
One winner from the Early, Middle and Upper Phases of the school were             Holloway! The group were a pleasure to take out.
selected as division winners. Jett of 1A won the Early Phase Division,            In the afternoon, Mrs Venn, Mrs Forshaw and I accompanied the Senior
Rucha from 3A won the Middle Phase Division and Bethany from 5B                   Band to the Eisteddfod. The Senior Band’s performance was truly
won the Upper Phase Division. Each of these students has won for                  beautiful. Yes, it was one of those moments in your teaching
themselves a Virtues Education show-bag and a certificate of merit. Our           life that you treasure. The Senior Band was placed first.
winners will be awarded their prizes at their respective assemblies.              Congratulations to all members and to their conductor
Congratulations to these three fine artists on their wonderful efforts.           Mrs Venn.
                                                                                  On Saturday, I was surrounded by keen singers to
                                                                                  perform at the fete. We had about 150 students in all who came to sing.
                                                                                  Thank you to all the singers as it was difficult to sing in the hall but you
                                                                                  did a great job.
This week’s competition is to design a ‘Resilience Key’. Your keys can            On Monday, the Senior Choir travelled to Mansfield State High School
be constructed using any method or material you desire. There are no              to take part in Fanfare. This is a competition run by Education
limits to your imagination. All keys submitted will form a display in the         Queensland. There are days of heats and then six schools are chosen
school activity hall. I am hoping to fill the space allocated and so I            for the finals. We received a Gold award but that does not necessarily
encourage as many entries as possible. Place your completed keys in               mean that we go on to the final. We will not know until June 5 if we
the Competition Box located in the Office foyer by no later than Monday           have made it to the final which will be held at Coorparoo Secondary
4 June, with your name and class printed clearly on the back.                     College on Thursday, June 7.
Good luck with your competition entries and may the virtues be with you!          Although the choir received an excellent report in regard to their singing,
YVETTE CAWLEY – HEAD OF CURRICULUM                                                the adjudicators indicated that there needed to be more facial
                                                                                  expression. I think we were all too tired from the fete!!!
On Tuesday afternoon, the Chamber strings returned to Mansfield                victorious over several 'A' teams in the competition.
State High to perform in the showcase concert.                                 The top placed Warrigal A team took on the Algester boys and revenge
UPCOMING EVENTS: Senior Choir to perform at Moreton Bay                        was sweet as they won comfortably 32 - 19. Yu - Tai (10pts), Paul and
College this Saturday night in the Kodaly Showcase Concert                     Steven (8pts each) top scored. However, the man of the match was
alongside a number of choirs from around Brisbane. Arrival is                  Oscar, who was involved in some excellent defence and many fine
6.00pm and the students will receive a running sheet on Friday.                assists. His passing game was as good as I've seen at this year level.
Tickets are Adults: $10.00 and Children $5.00.                                 The A team now takes on Runcorn in the grand final on Friday. Good
Change to Rehearsal: Senior Choir will have their second rehearsal on          luck!
Friday this week in preparation for the performance at Moreton Bay             Rugby League: Friday saw the 10yrs boys win their semi final against
College.                                                                       Sunnybank Hills in a very high quality game. Hand skills, speed and
ALL OTHER REHEARSALS AS USUAL.                                                 solid defence were displayed. Tremendous individual efforts from Alex,
ANNE POOK -MUSIC COORDINATOR.                                                  Elijah, Lauren and Vii. The grand final against Sunnybank awaits!
                                                                               Year 6’s played a friendly game against Sunnybank Hills. Each team
                                                                               scored one try. WRSS looked best when putting together consecutive
Senior Sports Day                                                              passages. It might be timely for parents to reinforce with their children
As some of you may have noticed, the timing of the Senior Sports Day           that the referee is always right as some unnecessary penalties were
on the 3rd August coincided with the Year 5 Camp. As a result, the             given away.
Senior Sports Day has been rescheduled to Monday 6 August so that all          Year 7’s produced a fantastic team effort on Friday to
students are available for participation. I apologise for any confusion.       defeat Algester 12-4 in their semi final. Defence was
Interschool Sports                                                             excellent with players communicating well and working
Girls Soccer: Another fantastic performance from the Senior A's,               together to wrap up the ball. Tries were scored by Russell, Tremayne
defeating Algester A 11 - 0. The girls are really progressing in their skill   and a blinder by JP. Well done, boys! It should be a great grand final
and teamwork and are playing exceptionally well at the moment.                 against Sunnybank Hills.
Senior B also played beautifully, defeating Algester B 5 - 1. The girls        FLAGBELT: Senior B played well in the first half with a 2 all score
have shown remarkable improvement this year and are playing very               against Runcorn. Runcorn played well in the second half and won with a
well.                                                                          commanding lead of 5-2.
Junior A needed to win to keep their premiership hopes alive, and did so       Senior A played extremely well against Robertson with the score locked
with an emphatic 5 - 0 win over Algester A. Two cracking goals from            at 4-4 at the end of the second half. The game went into extra time with
Chloe and Sameenah really put the opposition to the sword.                     Robertson winning in a nail biter. The final score was 6-5.
Junior B scored all three goals in the second half for a                       The Juniors stormed into the finals with an impressive win over
comfortable 3 - 0 victory over Algester B. The B's remain                      Robertson.
undefeated and are playing exceptional football.                               SHANE HAMMOND – PE TEACHER
With these results, all teams are still a chance of the premiership                                    PUBLIC EDUCATION DAY
this week. Best of luck girls!                                                 Thursday 31 May is Queensland Public Education Day. Public education
Netball:                                                                       is fundamental to a democratic society. Teachers, students and parents
Senior Girls: WE MADE THE FINALS! Congratulations to the year 7 A              in public education make a significant contribution to our community and
netball girls who have made the finals for this seasons interschool sport      this is worth celebrating and promoting! National Public Education Day is
competition. The girls went into their match against Yeronga last week         a celebration of the very contribution that all parties make to our
as underdogs and came away with a convincing 17 to 9 victory,                  excellent public schools and TAFE colleges. Let’s be proud of the fact
outplaying Yeronga in every facet of the game. Player of the match was         that every child, regardless of home circumstance, has access to the
Sarah, who played an outstanding game, facing off against the districts        best possible education. Public Education aims to imbue every student
Gold Defence and making it look easy. Well done on a stellar                   with the confidence, creativity and imagination to seize every opportunity
performance last week girls. Only one match to go! Next week 7A team           and to contribute productively to the nation’s future.
will face off against Runcorn in the senior girls finals – Good luck!
Although not in the finals, the 7B team took on a competitive Robertson,
narrowly losing this social match. Showing true Warrigal Road Spirit, the                          COMMUNITY NOTICES
girls played enthusiastically and competitively until the final whistle.       RUNCORN STATE HIGH SCHOOL: There will be a Tea, Talk and Tour
Junior A’s defeated Calamvale 8-2. Players of the match were Razia,            from 9.15am to noon on Friday, 15 June for parents of year 7 students
Cindy and Amina. Well done, girls!                                             wishing to enrol in year 8 in 2008 at Runcorn SHS. Please advise Runcorn
Junior B’s played a good game against Robertson but were defeated 9-           High on 3341 0244 by Wednesday, 13 June if attending. Contact Sharyn
2. Players of the match were Navdeep, Zoe and Shannelle.                       O’Connor for enrolment information.
                                                                               HOLLAND PARK STATE HIGH SCHOOL invites parents and students to
Junior C’s have improved greatly this year but were unfortunately
                                                                               visit the school for our next Open Morning Tour on Monday 4 June 2007 at
defeated by Runcorn 5-1. Players of the match were Nailah, Minal and
                                                                               9.15 am followed by morning tea with the Principal. Further information can
Razina.                                                                        be obtained by accessing or by phoning 3347
Year 5 Netball: With only one week of this season remaining, the girls         0111.
continue to demonstrate that they are a competitive force. We came             SUNNYBANK DISTRICT BAPTIST CHURCH invites school children from
close to that elusive hat trick last week. Perhaps we've saved the best        years 1-7 (sorry, no preps) to set sail for SonTreasure Island. Join the
until last and can come home victorious this Friday! The Gold A girls          treasure hunting adventure programme from 25-29 June from 9am-12.30pm
fought out a hard match against a switched on Moorooka team and on             featuring music, games, drama and activities at the church, cnr Nemies and
the final whistle succumbed to a 5-1 defeat. Gold B had a taste of victory     Brandon Roads, Runcorn. Registrations close 8 June. Cost $20 per child or
with their first, and well deserved season win over a bustling Calamvale       $40 per family. Contact Maree on 3808 9000 or email
outfit 7-5. Blue A continued to show that they are leaders in this division
with a smart win over their Moorooka opponents. Enthusiastic attack and                    Thurs      31.05.07     Janet Humby
sound teamwork netted them a 6-1 victory. Best players : Gold A - Yo                       Fri         1.06.07     Kim Marx, Janet Simpson,
Yo and Lilly. Gold B - Antonia and Carol. Blue A - Christiana and                                                  Christine Burley
Luciana. Good luck for our final round girls!                                              Mon        4.06.07      Kris Neumann, Anita Humm
Senior Boys Basketball: Both senior boys teams made the semi finals                        Tues       5.06.07      Sunni Chiu
last Friday. The B's came equal 4th and had to play off against Algester                   Wed         6.06.07     Sharon Fry, Sandra Carey
A. Unfortunately, the pressure got to our boys and they lost 18 - 7. This                  Thurs       7.06.07     Janet Humby
places the B's fifth overall, a commendable effort given that they were                    Fri         8.06.07     Kim Marx
                                                                                THANKS – SHANNON FERNIE 3340 5336

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