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									                 Office of Admissions and Records
                            Dept. #40128
              Departmental Job Description Agreement
Position: Veteran Affairs Office Coordinator

Job Description:

This position coordinates the daily operation of the Veteran’s Affairs office. The position serves
as the certifying official for properly reporting enrollment and status for students attending school
under chapters 30, 32, 35 and 1606. Duties include: recruit and hires VA workstudy employees,
arranges work schedules, approves time reports, trains workstudy employees proper rules and
procedures, and evaluates performance; processes required paperwork, maintain files of students
receiving VA benefits, conducts audits of enrollment status, degree status and satisfactory
progress in accordance with reporting rules and regulations. Serves as certifying official and
liaison between campus and regional VA offices; processes applications and course load forms
electronically using VA Certification software or web. Maintains information on VA web pages.
Resolves routine problems associated with reporting, processing and handling of veterans
benefits. Advices veterans as to appropriate procedures and requirements associated with use of
benefits for education and training. Position also supports outreach and recruitment efforts and
visits to local military installations.

As an Admissions and Records employee you are required to maintain your work schedule. Be
punctual, maintain the confidentiality of all student information and devote your work hours to
the accomplishment of your duties. Adjustments to work schedules, absences and requests for
leave should be approved by your supervisor in advance. Office equipment and resources are for
use in performing assigned duties and tasks only.

The above job description has been fully explained to me by my immediate supervisor. I
understand the duties as outlined and agree to carry out these responsibilities.

                                                      Student’s Signature

I have thoroughly discussed the job description and expectations of this position with the student
employee whose signature appears above. This Department agrees to provide the training
necessary to carry out the above functions.

Supervisor’s Signature

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