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					                             Borough Road & Nunthorpe Medical Group

                                  Local Patient Participation Report

Borough Road & Nunthorpe Medical Group is a split site practice with a patient population of 10,992
(1 January 2012). The main surgery is on Borough Road in Middlesbrough which covers areas of high
deprivation, the branch surgery in Nunthorpe has a higher number of elderly patients.

The group consists of 14 members who are all registered patients of the practice. There are 3 men
and 11 women on the group with ages ranging from 28 years to 70 years old. There is one Asian lady
who has attended the group from the beginning, 13 members of the group are white British, 4
members are registered at Borough Road and 10 at Nunthorpe Surgery.

In October 2011, the practice invited patients to apply to join the group. Posters were displayed in
the waiting rooms, leaflets were handed out to patients and staff were trained to inform patients
about the group. Doctors and nurses also promoted the new group and encouraged participation
from all areas of the community. We also contacted a number of ethnic minority families who are
well known to the practice to promote the benefits of representation on this group within the
practice for their communities.

Our aims and objectives for the group included the identification of priority issues which the patients
wanted to be addressed. Members submitted agenda items which were discussed and minuted at
each meeting. This enabled us to focus on the areas which were of most concern. The issue of
reception services was raised at the initial meeting as an area where improvements were needed.
Following discussions with the group it was agreed that some improvements could be implemented
with immediate effect.

        Reception desk to be staffed at all times
        Staff to be reminded discretion at the reception desk is essential to ensure that patient
         confidentiality is maintained eg face to face or telephone conversations. As a result the door
         leading from reception to the admin office at Borough Road is to remain closed. Telephone
         calls received on the front desk to be transferred to the admin office.
        Toilet rota to check facilities 4 times daily.
        Following a suggestion from the group, the seating layout at Borough Road was changed and
         patient opinions were sought via a short survey
        The new practice website was introduced to the group and suggestions made regarding
         contents and layout were acted upon.

All items were discussed and this formed the basis of the final survey which was agreed by the group
at the meeting in January 2012.

It was agreed that the focus of the survey would be around patient access and satisfaction with
services provided.

A survey was produced and made available for patients to complete when they visited the practice.
The aim was to also make this available on the practice website but unfortunately due to technical
problems we were unable to do so on this occasion. The staff were briefed to invite patients to share
their views by offering them a questionnaire to complete. The response from patients was excellent,
500 questionnaires were completed for the purpose of the survey.
The results of the survey were analysed and presented to the group on 7 March 2012. Please find
results of the 2012 survey attached.
Action Plan

Problem                            Action                               Objective
Difficulties getting through on    Increase staff levels to cope        Improved early morning access
the telephones when the            with early morning demand            to a receptionist
surgery opens (8.00am)
                                   Advertise for additional

                                   Encourage patients to
                                   telephone after 10.00am for
                                   routine pre bookable
                                   appointments and after 2.30pm
                                   for test results. This
                                   information to be advertised on
                                   the website and in surgery.

Difficulty getting an              Increase appointment capacity        More clinician appointments
appointment with a clinician       by increasing Nurse Practitioner
                                   hours at busy times – Mondays
                                   and Fridays

Advertising new practice           Promote practice website by          Increased use and knowledge of
website and encouraging its        attaching website address to         practice website for patient
use                                repeat prescriptions and added       information and repeat
                                   to our letterhead                    prescription requests

Feedback from PRG Meetings         Practice Newsletter produced         Patients to have access current
to the wider patient population    by the group would be used to        issues, topics and improvements
                                   promote and inform patients of
                                   current issues, changes and          Feedback from all patients
                                   practice developments                encouraged either by using the
                                                                        website or feeding into the
                                                                        patient group. ‘Feedback is the
                                                                        lifeblood of development’

Patients do not currently have     Practice would provide details       Increase patient knowledge to
access to guidelines for chronic   of chronic disease management        enable them to become more
disease management and are         guidelines within the practice to    involved in their own
not aware of the surgery’s         help patients understand the         management
protocols                          management of their condition.

Patients unaware of GPs            Each clinician to provide a          Patients can book appointments
specialist interests within the    personal profile for the website     with the appropriate GP for
practice                           including qualifications,            their problem
                                   interests and specialist skills eg
                                   joint injections, contraceptive
                                   services. This will enable access
                                   to a clinician with specialist
                                   skills if so needed.
The practice offers extended hours outside the core hours of 8.00am – 6.30pm. This is
dependent on clinicians working across two sites. The practice offers at least 5.5 additional hours
per week. A late night surgery is available every Wednesday evening and can be accessed by
patients who are registered at either surgery. Early morning appointments are available at each
surgery from 7.30am, the days can be subject to change due to the logistics of running a spilt site

The main telephone lines are answered by practice staff between 8.00am and 6.00pm Monday to
Friday. During the extended hours period, patients can access the practice via a dedicated mobile
phone which is to be used to cancel extended hours appointments.

Dr Mandy Hough (GP Partner)
Helen Bell (Practice Manager)
March 2012

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