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                    ACTION PLANNING
          Action Planning
 • To Develop Detailed and Concise Action Plans

   • To Complete and Complement Your Vision

       • To Provide Feet to Your Priorities

        • To Involve Partners in Planning

 • To Identify Where You Are Going and How You
                   will Get There

• To Consider Every Obstacle and Provide a Way to
               Meet Your Objectives
Action Planning
Where to Start
Review Your Priorities
       Action Planning
   Develop a General Goal
All school staff will learn about asthma
 management, and be able to respond to
         an asthma emergency.
           Action Plan
           Column #1
 Develop a SMART Objective
Annually, a school nurse will provide all
 school staff with a thirty minute review
 of asthma management and emergency
   response, as measured by a training
  agenda and collected participant list.
           Column # 1
Under SMART Objective Describe
 What Success Looks/Sounds Like

What will you see kids, staff, parents…
               • Doing
             • Changing
           • Experiencing

What you hear kids, staff, parents are…
               • Saying
            • Promoting
             • Believing
              • Feeling
    Column # 1-Under SMART Objective
  Examples: What a School, Staff, &
  Kids Might Look & Sound Like After
             Staff Training

• More students are referred to a school
       nurse or health care provider
 • Staff are confident in their ability to
         handle an asthma episode
• Staff see that students allowed to carry
    inhalers are carrying them and use
               them properly
   Column # 2 - List Action Steps

 Step #1 Find a qualified person to conduct training,
       and get their agreement to do the training.
Step #2 Seek the principal’s support and agreement
                    for specific date.
   Step #3 Get date for training set on the school
                    master calendar.
Step #4 Coordinate with Oregon Asthma Program for
     resources and assistance in planning training.
            Step #5 Deliver the training.
   Step #6 Assess the effectiveness of the training
       against your list of evidences of success.
                 Column # 3
     Establish Evidence of Success
      For Each Step of Action Plan
    Action Steps            Evidence of
Step 1 Find qualified   S1.Qualified person
person to conduct       agreed/date set.
Step 2 Seek principal   S2. Principal
support/agreement on    supports/agrees on
date.                   date.
Step 3 Get date on      S3 Date on master
master calendar.        calandar.
Step 4 Coordinate       S4 Called/talked with
with Oregon Asthma      OAP-resources sent
Program - resources
          Column # 4
 Identify Who’s Responsible

 List the people responsible for monitoring
  and guiding each step of your action plan.

List the person responsible for making sure
  all steps of this action plan are completed.
  Column 5 - Notes:
 Other Things to Think About:

     • Resources Needed
            • People
            • Money
           • Materials
          • Equipment

     • Research Needed

• Potential Barriers & Solutions

 • Meeting Schedules & Dates

• Action Step Completion Dates
 Column 1 Smart Objective
   Column 2 Action Steps
   Column 3 Evidence of
Column 4 Who’s Responsible
      Column 5 Notes

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