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									                                                 BUREAU OF PUBLIC SCHOOL OPTIONS
                                          NOTES FROM CONFERENCE CALL FOR SES PROVIDERS
                                                  August 16, 2006 10:00-12:00 EDST

Welcome                          DOE staff: Mary Jo Butler, Kay Caster, Jan Anderson, Claire Philippe, Anna Moore

Roll Call of District Contacts   Please remember that the conference call ‘code word’ will be announced at the end of conference call, after
                                 questions have been answered. Please register your participation in the call, by emailing to
                        the name of organization (as it appears on the approved application) and the code
                                 word in the subject line.

Overview of Agenda               Thank you for attending the Summit and providing our office with your feedback relating to improving
                                 communication between the state, districts and providers.

                                 If you would like to provide our office with additional feedback regarding the Summit, please e-mail Anna Moore

Topic: Getting Started           Document all parent outreach efforts and activities.
2006-2007                        We are receiving great feedback from districts of the participation by providers in various outreach efforts to
                                 parents of eligible students, such as provider fairs, school meetings and using various communications media

                                 Provider meetings
                                 We encourage districts to hold provider meetings, on a monthly or quarterly basis if possible, to allow all
                                 providers to hear the same information and discuss issues at the local level (facility usage, attendance, progress
                                 reports, etc). Districts could require that these meetings are mandatory – if referenced as such in the contract.

                                 Teacher fairs
                                 Several districts have reported scheduling teacher fairs to ensure providers have a means of hiring qualified
                                 district employees as tutors. Other districts are distributing information to teachers regarding the employment
                                 opportunities with approved providers.

                                 Provider fairs
                                 Several districts are holding provider fairs for parents to learn about providers. Providers may have ‘give aways’
                                 at provider meetings that do not qualify as incentives. Examples include: pencils, stress balls, erasers, candy,

                                 Several districts reported that providers donated larger items (without provider names and logos) that could be
                                 used as prizes and incentives for parents and students to attend the provider fairs.

                         Principal meetings
                         Principals should play a strong role in SES. We can provide materials to present at these meetings. (Power
                         points, technical assistance documents, etc.)

                         Calculate the number of students within 15% of TI funds
                         Requirement of 5% of funds for CWT; some districts may allocate up to 10% for transportation.

                         Most districts will allocate approximately 15% of their TI funds for SES unless CWT costs more that 5%.

                         Most districts estimate the number of students the district can serve within allocated and budget amounts.

                         Several districts have reported plans to over-enroll students to ensure they maximize their participation rates
                         and account for students dropping out of SES or poor attendance.

Updates from Previous    Parent Outreach
Topics                   SB 772 requires parent notification before and after start of school year

      LEA Plans         Contract Management
      Parent Outreach   The Department issued memo #2006-107, Technical Assistance Paper (TAP) Related To The Written
      Contract          Contractual Agreement Between School Districts And State-Approved Supplemental Educational Services
       Management        Providers. The memorandum may be viewed at:
      Data Reporting    3877/k12_06_107memo.pdf. The TAP may be viewed at:
      RFA     
                         This TAP is to guide both districts and providers in developing contractual agreements to sufficiently provide
                         services based upon the approved application and in compliance with federal and state laws.

                         To receive pertinent and timely Departmental announcements regarding SES, providers should register with the
                         Paperless Communications System at: and can also retrieve previous
                         memos and technical assistance papers that are pertinent to SES.

                         Data Reporting
                         There are new data elements for 2006-2007, one of which is reporting contact hours for reading/language arts
                         and math by State-approved provider by site.

                         Appendix T for the 2006-2007 school year was sent to districts and providers. These are the provider codes
                         that the districts use to report student participation to the Department. Please note that the name of the
                         provider on Appendix T must match with the provider’s approved application.

                         The Department issued K-12 memo #06-89 Technical Assistance Paper (TAP) Related to the Development,
                         Implementation, and Evaluation of Parent District Provider Agreements. The memo may be viewed at:
 The technical assistance paper may
          be viewed at:

          We urge providers to review this technical assistance paper and the notes from the toolkit provided at the NCLB
          School Choice Leadership Summit

          Three major findings during monitoring 2005-06:
             Achievement goals were not based on assessment of student’s academic deficiencies
             The lack of measurable goals
             The lack of progress monitoring and reporting

          Providers should schedule with parents for conducting the assessments and developing the PDPA as soon as
          possible following the district’s assigning the roster of students

          The most effective means of completing the PDPA is if all three parties can meet face to face to develop and
          approve PDPA. By meeting together at one time, all three members provide information related to the student
          that may help develop an individualized PDPA to specifically target intervention.

          Monitoring for 2005-06
          Onsite monitoring – providers should have received a preliminary report and that providers are to submit any
          differences with evidence within 10 days; requires provider to submit system improvement plan within 45 days
          of receiving report

          Desktop monitoring – providers should have received a preliminary report and that providers are to submit any
          differences with evidence within 10 days. Providers must submit a system improvement plan within 45 days.

          All providers that that conducted the self evaluation were required to provide a system improvement plan;
          however, in almost every case, our staff identified additional findings that the providers did not report.
          Providers must submit another system improvement plan that addresses each of the findings within the
          preliminary report.

          Monitoring 2006-07
          We have not finalized the process for 2006-07; however, everyone will be required to conduct a self-evaluation
          and we will conduct onsite visits to selected districts and selected providers.

Adjourn   Next conference call is scheduled for September 20 at 10:00-12:00. Providers will receive an email message the
          day prior with the telephone number and an attached agenda.


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