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									                                                                                                        Fee £101.00 for 1 year
                                                                          & 2 passport sized photographs signed on the reverse
Date           Fee Paid       Application      Sent:          Reference       Comments         DECISION         Licence      Expiring
Received                      Number           Police:                                         Granted          Number

                                                            Stirling Council
                                              Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

                                            Application for Private Hire Drivers Licence
You must also produce all parts of your current DVLA driving licence showing present home address


a. Full Name                                                        Surname                                Forename(s)

b. Home Address.


c. Telephone Number (If any).                                       Home:
d. E-mail address

e. Age, date of birth & place of birth                                      Age                     Date of               Place of Birth


a. Type of licence applied for                                      Grant                                  Renewal

b. Have you had an application for a similar licence                Yes                                    No
refused in the last year?

c. If renewal, state expiry date / badge number of current          Expiry Date:                           Badge No:

d. On what basis do you intend to work as a driver?                 Full Time                 Part Time           Casual Occupation

e. Name and address of the operator whose vehicle you
will drive. (if currently seeking employment please

f. Have you held during any continuous period of twelve
months prior to the date of this application a full drivers
licence issued under part III of the Road Traffic Acts of           Yes                  No
1972 or 1988?

civic & general/applications/app-private hire driver (g)

a. Are you subject to any disability likely to affect you
                                                                                              Yes              No
fitness as a driver ?
                                                                                              If yes state nature of condition / illness:

b. Applicants who Suffer from any disability or illness are
                                                                                              Yes              No
required to undergo a medical examination by their GP.
Is Medical Application required from Licensing

4.   Subject to the provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, state below particulars of any convictions,
     including Road Traffic Offences, against you and Fixed Penalties incurred (continue on a separate sheet if
     necessary) (if none, please state “NONE”).
     See information note re convictions
Date               Court                              Offence                            Sentence

(If none, please
write “NONE” in
this box).

I declare that the particulars given by me on this form are true and I hereby make application to Stirling Council for the renewal of a
Private Hire Driver’s Licence.

Signature of Applicant or Agent..........................................................................................Date..............................................................
NB        Any person who in or in connection with the making of this application makes any statement which he knows to
          be false or recklessly makes any statement which is false in a material particular shall be guilty of and offence
          and liable, on summary conviction, to a fine not exceeding £2,500.

civic & general/applications/app-private hire driver (g)
                                              TAXI & PRIVATE HIRE DRIVERS


Information Note for Applicants.

Each Licensing application form requests that you disclose personal information regarding any criminal convictions
whether they are spent or not.

All applications are treated on merit and, the fact that you disclose this information does not mean that, a licence will
not be granted to you. Consideration will be given to: the type of offence; nature of offence; age at time of offence; period
since the offence occurred; good conduct since the time of last offence.

Minor Traffic Offences
Speeding, Construction & Use offences would not normally prevent a licence being issued but usually involves a warning
regarding future offences. Repetitive instances of speeding may lead to a hearing situation to consider whether or not the
applicant is a ‘fit and proper’ person to hold a licence.

Major Traffic Offences
Dangerous Driving, Driving without due care and attention etc., would be viewed seriously and consideration would be
given to the period of time that has elapsed since the offence occurred. Usually a clear period of 2 years since the offence
took place would be looked for before granting a licence. If any further similar offences were to be declared this may lead
to suspension or refusal of a licence.

Drunk Driving
An offence of this nature is viewed very seriously and a lengthy period between the offence and an application for a licence
would be expected. A period of at least three years since the driving licence was re-issued would be expected.

Drug Related Offences
An applicant who has declared a drugs conviction would be expected to have a lengthy period of approximately three
years free from any similar offences at the time of the application. The applicant may be expected to provide medical
support in favour of their application.

Indecency Offences
The safety of the public and passengers has to be given prime consideration and any offence for indecency will be viewed
seriously. Consideration in this instance would be given to any applicant who had no similar offences within a three to five
year period.

Applications in this instance would most likely be refused.

An applicant who has declared any such convictions would be expected to have a conviction clear period of approximately
three years.

Applicants declaring any such conviction would be expected to have a conviction clear period of three years.

In all instances a written explanation from the applicant is expected outlining the details and the situation which led to the
convictions declared. This information is shared with Central Scotland Police who will indicate whether or not the applicant
has provided accurate details on the circumstances of the conviction.

Any applicant who has a history of similar and repetitive offences will probably not be looked on favourably.

civic & general/applications/app-private hire driver (g)
                                            Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982

                                Notes for applicant for Taxi or Private Hire Car Driver’s


The 1982 Act provides for licensing of drivers of taxis and private hire cars. A taxi is defined as a hire car which is
engaged be arrangements made in a public place between the person to be conveyed in it (or a person acting on his
behalf) and its driver for a journey beginning there and then.

A private hire car is defined as a hire car other than a taxi.

A hire car is defined as a motor vehicle with a driver which is with a view to profit available for hire by the public for
personal conveyance.

If anyone is granted a taxi driver’s licence, there is no requirement to apply for a separate licence to drive a private hire
car. The holder of a private hire car driver’s licence is NOT, however, permitted to drive a taxi.

The lodging of an application form does not allow a person to drive a taxi or private hire car unless and until the
licence is granted and issued.

How to apply for a Licence

Application forms are available from this office.

Please make sure that you complete the correct form. Please also make sure that you complete every part of the form,
including any convictions against you. You must produce your original DVLA Photocard & driver’s licence. You must also
enclose two up-to-date passport photographs, signed on the reverse. If you call in personally to the Customer First Office,
which is located in Port Street at the bottom of King Street (old Burger King building). The Customer First Officer will not
retain original documents, these will be photocopied and forwarded to Licensing with the application form. If you post the
application, then your DVLA Photocard & driver’s licence will be returned to you.

It is the policy of the Council that all the applicants for Taxi or Private Hire Car Drivers' Licences, who are suffering from
disability or medical condition declared in the application form, are required to undergo a medical examination. These
medical examinations should be carried out by the applicant's own General Practitioner with any cost to be borne by the
applicant. Medical application required from the Licensing Section.

When your application is lodged and the appropriate fee has been paid, a copy of the form will be sent automatically by
this office to the Police. They will carry out their own investigations and inspections and report directly to this office. If the
Council feels that any other enquiries should be carried out, you will be told of the nature of these enquiries and that the
result of these enquiries may be taken into account in coming to a decision on your application. If objections are lodged
you will be sent a copy of the letter or letters of objection and an opportunity will be given to you to give your views in
writing on such objection(s). Your application, the letter(s) of objection and your response will then be referred to the
appropriate Committee. You may be called to a hearing before the Committee.

You can check on the dates of the Committee meetings at this office.

Your application must be considered within THREE MONTHS of its being lodged and the Council must reach a decision
on it within SIX MONTHS.

If your application is granted you will be notified accordingly. You will be issued with your licence, which will incorporate
your Identification Badge. The Licence with Identification Badge should be worn visibly at all times when you are operating
as a Private Hire Driver. You should also show this Licence/badge to a Police Officer or to any member of the public on
demand. You will be reminded when your licence is due for renewal. With each application for renewal, you will be
required to submit two passport sized photographs, which should be signed with your usual signature on the reverse. You
will also receive notification of the conditions (if any) which attach to the licence.

If your application is refused, or granted conditionally, you are entitled to ask the Council within 28 days to give reasons for
such refusal, or the imposition of such conditions and thereafter you are entitled to appeal to the Sheriff against the
decision on various grounds. You should seek the advice of a solicitor if matters should get to that stage.

If you need any help filling in the forms or need any advice, please contact this office.

All Applications must be returned with the correct fee to Stirling Council, Licensing, Room 229, Viewforth, Stirling, FK8 2ET.

civic & general/applications/app-private hire driver (g)
                                                    STIRLING COUNCIL

                                                      CIVIC LICENSING

                                               RACE EQUALITY SCHEME

                                                   MONITORING FORM

Please return this form with your application.

Stirling Council has adopted a Race Equality Scheme and Race Equality Action Plan in order to help it tackle any issues of
race discrimination in carrying out its functions. In particular, the Council wishes to be sure that no applicant for a civic
licence, or holder of a civic licence, receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their racial origin.

As a first step, the Council wishes to gather general information about the racial origin of people making applications to it.
All personal information supplied will be used solely for the purposes stated in this form. No information will be passed on
to others or used for any purpose other than statistical analysis. In particular this form will be kept separate from any
application form and will not be used during the processing of the licence application. Stirling Council is registered under
the Data Protection Acts.

Please, therefore, complete the form below and return it with your licence application.

                                                           Racial Origin

 White                                                               Pakistani
 Black (African or Caribbean)                                        Chinese
 Bangladeshi                                                         Indian
 Other (Please specify)
                                               Type of Licence Application

 Circus                            Private Hire Vehicle             Taxi Vehicle

 Fairground                        Private Hire Driver              Taxi Driver

 Indoor Sports                     Public Entertainment             Venison Dealer

 Late Hours Catering               Second Hand Dealer               Window Cleaner

 Market Operator                   Sex Shops

 Metal Dealer                      Street Traders

civic & general/applications/app-private hire driver (g)

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