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									 New Hanover Regional Medical Center    Rehabilitation Hospital
                                        Outcomes: Amputee Program
            FAST FACTS

            Welcome! We would like to share with you some facts about the rehabilitation
            program in which you are participating.

            The following therapies and services are provided based on your needs:
            Rehabilitation Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Case
            Management, Psychosocial Services, Recreation Therapy, Nutrition Services,
            Respiratory Therapy and any services needed for medical care.

            Persons served generally receive a minimum of 15 hours of Physical Therapy,
            Occupational Therapy, and/or Speech Therapy per week. Persons served must be able
            to actively participate in 3 hours of therapy for five days out of a seven day period.

            Medicare, Medicaid and other insurance usually pay for your type of rehabilitation
            program. If services or procedures are not covered, alternatives will be discussed with
            you as needed.

            AMPUTEE PROGRAM OUTCOMES Between January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008
                                                                 NHRMC Rehab               National
            Number of persons served                                    53                   12152
            Average age of persons served                         64.6 years old        65.1 years old
            Average length of stay                                  11.3 days              14.3 days
            Individuals discharged to community setting               86.8%                  69.1%

            On average, our patients scored us 89.6 out of 100 for satisfaction. We hope that you
            will take the opportunity to participate in our satisfaction survey following your discharge.

            If you have compliments or concerns, please contact us:
            Leslie Kesler, Director                                  815-5619
            Yvonne Johnson, Nursing Manager                          342-3187
            Tammy Bartley, Therapy Manager                           815-5496

            NHRMC Rehabilitation Hospital
            PO Box 9000, 2131 South 17th Street, Wilmington, NC 28402-9000
            Phone (910) 343-7835                

New Hanover Regional Medical Center
    Wilmington, North Carolina

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