Wilmington University

                Health Insurance Requirements and Procedures

   Facts Regarding Secondary Insurance Policy for Wilmington University Student Athletes

Student athletes will be required to have a Primary Medical Insurance Policy in place before they
can participate in Wilmington University athletics, including team meetings, informal practices,
practices, and contests.

Wilmington University will not be offering individual insurance policies for sale to students.

Wilmington University does have a Secondary Medical Insurance Policy for medical expenses that
are a result of injuries that occur through participation in Wilmington University athletic activities.
This Secondary Medical Insurance Policy does not cover illness or other injury.

Students will be responsible for keeping medical information up to date throughout the academic
year. This information is required by the Athletic Training Staff and includes topics such as general
information, medical history, insurance information, and emergency. Each student will be given an
ID number and password to login to their online profile to update this information. The students are
also responsible for the uploading a copy of their insurance card to their online profile.

The University Policy and the University cover expenses, including prescriptions that are a result of
athletic injury at Wilmington University. Payment of prescriptions must be coordinated with the
Athletic Training Staff PRIOR to being filled at a pharmacy. The University Policy and the
University do not cover expenses, including prescriptions, that are a result of illness or accident or
injury that are not related to participation in athletics for Wilmington University.

Students are responsible for providing referrals and explanations of benefits (EOB) or any other
documentation that their primary and secondary policies require. Students are also responsible for
delivering claim forms with secondary insurance information (provided by the Athletic Training
Staff) to their physician upon their initial visit.

If the Wilmington University Medical Staff does not refer the student athlete to a specific physician
for injury, the athlete may be financially responsible for visiting that physician.

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