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					Janice Dru
Ewing, NJ 08618
(609) 323-5378

Qualifications for Marketing Management
Experienced at performing and leading marketing analysis, strategy, branding, and implementation efforts via print, web, and
social media channels. Offers proven abilities in communicating key messages and establishing strategic partnerships, internally
and externally. Skilled in providing project management and facilitating cross-functional collaboration for large-scale national
marketing initiatives; supports and motivates colleagues and associates to deliver results on time and within budget. Optimizes
financial resources by focusing on priorities and programs with the greatest impact. Possesses a track record of supporting
businesses in growing the bottom line and fending off competitors. Maintains an extensive network of business contacts and
alumni connections. Passionate about achieving stellar results by understanding the needs of clients and business partners.

Expertise encompasses: Digital/Social Media User Experience Internet/Intranet Technology Process Improvement Public
Speaking Budgetary/Fiscal Analysis Forecasting Cost/Benefit Evaluation Negotiations Market Optimization Conflict
Resolution Writing Strategic Planning Startup Operations Sales Business Development Needs Assessment Training

Selected Highlights
  Influenced a $4.3M marketing/event budget. Defined a new marketing strategy for the Private Banking and Investment Group,
  including identifying analytics to determine scope, penetration, and impact.
  Led the redesign of the Private Banking and Investment Group website and brochure to define a distinctive client value
  proposition for an ultra-high-net-worth audience while achieving cross-platform consistency and media channel integration.
  Managed high-profile marketing projects that involved national advertising, client communications, thought leadership pieces,
  and other marketing resources in support of 10,000+ field advisors.
  Uncovered $1.9B in potential assets by building a wallet-share model for the Merrill Lynch self-service and call center.
  Developed new institutional products and platforms after researching asset managers and form elements for Clearbrook.
  Generated $16K+ in revenue within three months for the Princeton University Video Production Agency.
  Delivered persuasive presentations and successfully closed sales of quality Ecoquest products ranging from $200-$500 per unit.
  A top performer for achieving a high volume of resolutions and sales closings over the phone at the Corporate Call Center.
  Cultivated client and prospect lists, proactively reaching out to warm leads and referrals for Vector Marketing Corporation.
  Boosted sales by developing innovative methods for presenting product line offerings and benefits.

Career Track, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
Private Banking and Investment Group Senior Marketing Programs Manager and Vice President                              2009-Present
Evaluated departmental budget guidelines and spearheaded an initiative to expand team resources by three full-time contractors.
Facilitated collaboration among the Corporate Branding, Legal and Compliance, and Content Marketing groups along with design
agencies and digital partners to produce a wide array of award-winning marketing collateral, including whitepapers, viewpoint
articles, local advertising and public relations pieces, and an Intranet resource site. Saved the Group’s marketing department
approximately $3K/month in storage facility costs by identifying printed inventory that could be destroyed.
Client Experience and Integrated Brand Marketing Analyst and Assistant Vice President                                  2007-2009
Evaluated syndicated research on wealth management segments and advisory structures to identify cross-organizational
opportunities for strengthening sales effectiveness. Performed competitive analyses of industry firms and financial services
offerings. Designed and drafted integrated weekly status reports to enable the Brand Management and Communications team
to track key activities, priorities, and project milestones.
Online Marketing Analyst                                                                                          Summer 2006
Prepared a 40-page e-mail strategy recommendation after evaluating internal systems and competitive research. Created a tools
reporting process in support of regional field consultants. Surveyed marketing associates and managers to enhance internal
communications pertaining to core functions and key priorities.
Financial Advisory Center Marketing Analyst                                                                         Summer 2005
Assessed website designs and highlighted features to drive prospecting and sales in support of product launch. Analyzed
outbound phone campaigns relative to associated revenue and identified a wide variation in profitability, which led to a re-
evaluation of the structure and direction of phone campaigns.

Janice Dru
Ewing, NJ 08618                                                                                                 Page Two, Continued
(609) 323-5378

Career Track, Entrepreneur and Other Experience
INKWHY, INC., Founder and President                                                                                   2011-Present
Conceptualized a unique online advertising platform (for which a patent is being filed) to be integrated with an innovative
knowledge-sharing platform. Established the business, managing a startup budget of around $20K. Hired a CTO, administrative
and support staff, writers, programmer, and UI designers. Selected agency partners and service providers; negotiated legal
agreements. Served as general manager in preparing for the Q4 2012 launch of the beta site. Seeking CEO and funding from
angel investors or venture capital firms.
BAMBOOPINK, Consultant                                                                                                  2011-2012
Played a key role in business launch, providing input to founders and top-level distributors. Sold products at events and planned
gatherings with other business consultants. Developed and grew a contact list of prospective customers and local influencers.
DISCOVERY TOYS, Consultant and Team Leader                                                                         2009-2011
Sold educational products and presented the business plan at various trade shows, events, and in-home demonstrations.
Developed and trained a 12-person team. Consistently achieved sales goals and won company competitions.
CLEARBROOK FINANCIAL, LLC, Analyst                                                                                  2005-2006
Designed an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) implementation structure to support family offices. Generated a prototype
foundation portfolio using MPI and Excel software.
PRINCETON UNIVERSITY VIDEO PRODUCTION AGENCY, Manager                                                                        2005-2006
Directed all marketing, purchasing, technical, and staffing activities. Restructured partnerships to improve profit margin, run more
efficient operations, and reduce costs.
ECOQUEST, Self-Employed Entrepreneur                                                                                    2004-2005
Conducted extensive product research on indoor health/purification systems, developed a business plan, and solicited hundreds
of contacts to initiate the sales process. Forged deeper relationships with customers and offered follow-up service calls.
CORPORATE CALL CENTER, Customer Service Representative                                                                          2004
Managed up to four concurrent projects, conducted high-level surveys of healthcare industry executives, and performed a wide
range of duties, including data entry, validation, and sales and appointment calls. Proposed efficiency solutions and trained other
representatives on computer usage to optimize performance.
Previously served as a Self-Employed SAT Consultant, Teacher with Summerbridge, Sales Advisor with Vector Marketing
Corporation, and Office Assistant with Gwynedd-Mercy College.

Princeton University: Bachelor of Arts in Politics; Certificate in Visual Arts

Financial Women’s Association, Women’s Exchange Network and Toastmasters at Merrill Lynch (2012-Present) – Plans events
and facilitates business development for an internal network of Philadelphia-area women; actively participates in the mentoring
programs and leadership teams.
HomeFront and Children’s Home Society (2010-Present) – Oversees committees, organizing events and fundraisers in support of
nonprofit organizations providing education, shelter, and other services to local women and children in need.
Networking Groups (2009-Present) – Connects weekly with 40+ business owners, professionals, and like-minded individuals to share
ideas and exchange referrals; participates in CMO Council, Financial Women’s Association, and startup and tech-focused events.

Technical Skills
Proficient with Microsoft applications, Adobe Photoshop, Web programs (Dreamweaver), LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,
Reddit, Digg, YouTube, StumbleUpon, and various proprietary content management systems. Speaks conversational Mandarin
Chinese and basic French.

Description: Janice Dru is experienced at performing and leading marketing analysis, strategy, branding, and implementation efforts via print, web, and social media channels.