The meeting of the Itasca County Soil & Water Conservation District was held in the ICSWCD
Conference Room, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, August 5, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Isaacs at 9: 00 a.m.

Members Present: Chair, Chuck Isaacs
                 Treasurer, Donald C. Simons
                 Vice Chair, Ted Lovdahl
                 Secretary, Terry Tillotson
                 Darrell Lauber, Reporter

 Members Absent:

Others Present     District Manager- Jim Gustafson
                   Office Administrator- Kathleen Loucks
                   Lake Specialist- Noel Griese
                   Resource Technician- Matthew Johnson
                   Resource Technician – Andy Arens

The Pledge of Allegiance took place.

Agenda -Motion by Lovdahl second by Tillotson, to approve the agenda with Executive Session
under the Treasurer’s Report, Swanson project moved to executive session. Affirmative, All.
Motion carried.

Minutes- Motion by Lovdahl, second by Lauber to approve the minutes from the Regular Board
meeting of July 1, 2008 . Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report -
       Receipts for the month: Total receipts for the month are: $ 2043.11

Simons reviewed the accounts receivable/payable and budget comparison, everything is reported in
order. A motion by Simons, second by Tillotson to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Affirmative,
All. Motion carried.
Itasca Rail- A review of the Itasca Rail project was presented, the TEP recommended approval of
the plan as submitted. A motion by Lovdahl, second by Tillotson to approve the Itasca Rail
Wetland Replacement Plan with replacement at 1.5 to 1 impacting 17.57 acres. Affirmative, All.
Motion carried.

Malo WRP The Malo Wetland Replacement Plan was tabled until the September 2008 Board
Meeting to allow supervisors to see the project.

Southview Rd WRP A review of the project was given requesting a road near Nashwauk to be
reconstructed/resurfaced. Area of impact is 4.156 acres. Comment from the TEP was to approve
thru the wetland bank. A motion by Simons, second by Tillotson to approve the Southview Road
Wetland Replacement Plan as submitted. Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

MN Power Pipeline WRP A representative of MN Power, Robert E. Lindholm was present to give
an overview of the pipeline project for a high pressure gas line. Johnson reported the project would
have a no net loss. A motion by Lovdahl, second by Simons to approve the MN Power Pipeline
Wetland Replacement Plan. Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

Enbridge Update Gustafson reported that Enbridge is still working on the mitigation from the oil
spill 5 years ago and things are moving along.


IWLP Grant Gustafson gave a review of the Itasca Water Legacy Project. The Itasca Community
College will be hiring a Limnologist.

Water Sampling Project Update Gustafson reported everything should come together by next fall.

Jessie Lake TMDL Contractor Selection Griese gave a report on the contractor selection stating
Wenk & Associates was selected. SWCD roll is administrative of project. The projected end date of
the project is November 2009.

DNR Monitoring Partnership Griese reported that the partnership with the DNR for monitoring is
on hold due to staff promotions and job duty shifts.


FY 09 Stewardship Contract A motion by Lovdahl, second by Tillotson to approve the FY09
Stewardship contract. Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

2008 Sale Report A review was given of the 2007/2008 Native Tree and Plant Sale, over all the
sale has improved since the year before.

2009 Sale Advertising Arens reviewed the 2008/2009 Native Tree and Plant Sale advertising
schedule. A motion by Simons, second by Lauber to approve an early bird discount of 10% until
November 1st. Affirmative, All. Motion carried.


NRCS Computer Offer/Internet Pricing There was discussion by Oja and SWCD staff on the
computer options for the District. A motion by Simons, second by Tillotson to accept the one free
seat for Loucks’ station and purchase one more seat for the buy 1, get 1 free. Affirmative, All.
Motion carried.

Web Hosting A motion by Lovdahl, second by Simons, to keep the Web Hosting as it is.
Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

District Capacity Awards - A motion by Tillotson, second by Lauber to approve the 2008 District
Capacity Awards. Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

Cooperator of the Year Nominations A motion by Lovdahl, second by Simons to accept
Jamtgaard’s as the Cooperator of the Year and to pay expenses for one night stay at the hotel,
mileage and the banquet dinner for the Cooperator. Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

Fair Booth Sign-up The Supervisors were encouraged to sign up for running the fair booth in

2008 Area VIII Fall Tour & Meeting Loucks will mail in registrations for Simons, Lauber,
Gustafson and herself. Lovdahl will possibly attend also. Room reservations will be made at the
Holiday Inn in International Falls.

MASWCD Education Committee Meeting, August 12 A motion by Simons, second by Tillotson to
approve Loucks to attend the Education Meeting at the MASWCD Office on August 12.
Affirmative, All. Motion carried.

Light on the Land Light on the Land will be held August 16th for those supervisors who wish to
attend. A brochure is available with an agenda.

County Budget Review A County Budget review for the SWCD is scheduled for Monday, August
25, 2008 at 10:50 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

MASWCD Call for Nominations 2008 Loucks handed out to the Supervisors the Nominations
information sent out by the MASWCD for President and Vice President.

Advertising and Sponsorship, MHSRA Regional Rodeo The District will not be advertising or
sponsoring the MHSRA Regional Rodeo.

Open Meeting Law Loucks handed out the new changes to the Open Meeting Law & Government
Data Practices Act.

Annual Review Working Agreements Oja reviewed the Mutual Agreement Between the United
States Department of Agriculture and the State of Minnesota and the Itasca County Soil and Water
Conservation District and the Cooperative Working Agreement Between the Natural Resources
Conservation Service United States Department of Agriculture and the Itasca Soil and Water
Conservation District. NRCS Field Office had a successful Civil Rights Review on August 7, 2008.

Adopt – A- River The Adopt- A-River clean up is scheduled for August 21 starting at 9:00 a.m. at
Veterans Park with a 11:30 a.m. lunch.
Executive Session The Board entered executive session at 11:00 a.m.

Next meeting date is Tuesday, September 2 , 2008 at 9:00 a.m.




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