Expert Systems - PowerPoint by fDQ7Zq


									               Expert Systems
   IKBS
       Intelligent Knowledge-Based System
 Programs that mimic human experts
 Include a set of rules
     “If the meal includes red meat
     then choose red wine”

   Uses
     Medical diagnoses or medical advice
     Used by oil companies to decide where to drill
     Giving tax advice to individuals and
              Expert Systems
   Advantages
     Make fewer mistakes
     Take less time to train
     Cheaper

   Disadvantages
     Lack common sense
     Lack senses, e.g. sight of body language
     Creating an Expert System
 Carry out an investigation to decide what
  human experts do – identify the rules
 Gather information from books journals
  etc. to design the knowledge base
 Decide what software to use – shell or
  programming language to create your own
 Create / implement the system from the
  rules and knowledge base
 Test the system design
 Create the technical and user
 Train the users of the system

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