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OHMF update � November 2005 by fDQ7Zq


									                        OHMF update – January 2006

The RCN OHMF Steering Committee has received the following information which
may be relevant to your field of practice.

   1. Publications and consultations
    DH – Ionising radiation (medical exposure) (amendment) regulations 2006.
      Contact Christina Butterworth via

   2.   Conference and workshops – dates for your diary
       OHMF conference 7th/8th June 2006, London – Work is good for you.
       RCN Congress 23rd-28th April 2006, Bournemouth
       FOHNEU Congress 2007 – Possibly last week 26th- 28th September 2007.
        Bernie Jackson representing OHMF will be co-chair, supporting by Karen
        Coomer – next meeting 17th February 2006.
       The International Centre for Nurse Migration conference: Creating Positive
        Practice to be held on 20th/21st February 2006 for more information visit the
       RSM – workshops throughout 2006, next In-house or Out-Source: the case for
        OH 21st February.
       CIPD – new publication on rehabilitation
       AOHNP – Ruth Alston memorial lecture and best practice forum 15th/16th
        May 2006.
       Fire Service Conference – 30th March, Loughborough

   3. Professional bodies
    NICE update – working with the RCN as stakeholder and consultee through NICE has produced a document ‘How to put NICE
      guidance into practice’ for NHS, see website Also
      consultation on smoking cessation, physical activity with additional topics
      such as low back pain and IBS planned for 2006.
    UK Resuscitation Council – new guidelines for cardiac resuscitation published
    HSE – 2004/5 Health and Safety Statistics now available.
      New book on developing a health & safety culture in food & drinks industry..
      HSE Connect launches at the end of February
    FOM – working with Faculty of Public Health have produced a guide for
      health professional and employers: Creating a Healthy Workplace and a
      supplementary guide for OH professional and Employers.
    RCGP – new publication: The Health & Work Handbook.

   4. Occupational health & safety
    Whole body vibration guidance launched by HSE
   5. Other
    RCN OHMF website
      To access the website you will need to enter the member’s area and go through
      access control (surname and membership number) and then use the following
      link. You can also search for OH Managers and connect that way.

Space for additional updates

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medical information.

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