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                            TWO REGIONAL EXPERTS TO PRESENT AT
          Educational opportunity for area healthcare, law enforcement, and EMS professionals

       Granite City, IL, June 20, 2012…… Gateway Regional Medical Center will present ‘Let’s Get a
Grip on Excited Delirium’ for area healthcare, law enforcement, and EMS professionals on Thursday,
June 28th, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Gateway Center in Collinsville. Two regional experts on the
subject – Thomas Scaggs, M.D. and Lt. Michael Paulus – will present the program. Lunch and
refreshments are included.

       “Excited Delirium is a state of extreme aggressive behavior leading to violent behavior and a
relentless struggle. ED is associated with a delusional mental state that is usually caused by illicit
drug use, and it may ultimately cause sudden death,” said event presenter Thomas Scaggs. M.D.,
emergency staff physician at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, IL for 20 years. Dr. Scaggs has
also been EMS medical director including medical director of a helicopter transport service. “We are
still learning about this disease as the diagnosis and understanding of it is in its infancy. Since
misdiagnosis often leads to blame of the wrong entity (i.e. law enforcement or medical personnel),
and the fact that proper treatment may prevent the result of sudden death often seen, widespread
communication and teaching is essential.”

       The Let’s Get a Grip on Excited Delirium program will include presentations and discussions
regarding the assessment, diagnosis, cause, importance of understanding the disease, treatment,
work-up and case studies including video. Specific topics will include:

             Definition, Causes & Treatments
             Need for Multi-Disciplinary Response Protocol
             Sedation, Pre-Hospital Documentation, Emergency Department Workup
             Multiple Officer Control Tactic

       Lt. Michael Paulus, an excited delirium subject matter expert, is a certified Force Science
Analyst and 25-year veteran of the Champaign (Ill.) PD. Lt. Paulus will discuss the Need for Multi-
Disciplinary Response Protocol and Multiple Officer Control Tactic. Lt. Paulus was instrumental in
developing and coordinating the implementation of this protocol in Champaign County.

        “The program is a perfect platform to get the community to work together on coordination of
mental health care needs,” said Michele Sturm, RN, MS, Administrator, Behavioral Health Services at
Gateway Regional Medical Center. “As the area leaders in behavioral health services, we serve a
very large population. Part of our mission is to proactively address the education needs of the care
team at Gateway Regional, as well as the local frontline law enforcement and EMS professionals. At
this conference, we are extending that education to our peers in the region so that we can better care
for the communities we serve.”

        Dr. Scaggs concludes, “The most important message we can share with attendees and the
community is that excited delirium is a real disease process, a disease that is treatable. Without
treatment, sudden death may occur. But, sudden death is due to the previous actions on behalf of
the patient (i.e. drug abuse), not by the actions of those trying to help them.”

        Healthcare, law enforcement, and EMS professionals can register for ‘Let’s Get a Grip on
Excited Delirium’ by contacting, or by calling 618-798-3166.

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