Reading/Writing Workshop 2 by jsD36d4


									                        Reading/Writing Workshop 2

This course is a developmental reading/writing course with emphasis on
individualized and cooperative learning. Students are reading at least three
years below grade level. These people have challenges other than academic
concerns that often keep them from performing at grade level. Long range
planning is difficult since the students have such varied levels of skills. In
addition, absenteeism and discipline issues often keep students from
attending class regularly. The textbooks include Vocabulary Workshop
Books A or B, Bridges Literature and workbooks that accompany the last two
books. In addition several young adult novels are included. Homework
assignments are reading, writing, and vocabulary study.

August, January, May      Pre, Intermediate and Post Diagnostic Testing – 3-
                          4 assessments are used so to obtain a reading
                          range that incorporates independent and
                          instructional level.

All year                  -Vocabulary building through reading and working
                          in Vocabulary Workshop Book B as well as other
                          vocabulary books and lessons.
                          -Homework: Written practice with vocabulary is
                          assigned weekly, in addition to writing and reading
                          -Journal Writing
                          -Novel/Short Story study
                          -Independent reading in trade books and
                          Accelerated Reader (with individual testing after
                          book completion).
                          -Grammar usage, sentence structure, and literary
                          element instruction and application.
                          -Listening comprehension
                          -Oral reading practice
February                  -Writing Test (11th grade)
May                       -Gateway Exam (10th graders)
                          -Final exam
Course Overview and Requirements:

1. Be on time to class.
2. Come prepared to class with required materials and homework
assignments completed.
3. Be attentive and participate in all class activities.
4. Listen, follow directions, and be polite.
5. All school rules are expected to be followed in class.
6. You are required to read and write each day during class.
7. You are required to read at least 25 minutes each day outside of my class
time, in addition to weekly vocabulary and written assignments.
8. All class work and homework must be turned in on time and must be
written neatly. No credit will be given for late or messy work.
9. If you have an excused absence, you may turn in make up work within
three days of your absence for credit. You may not make up missed
assignments for unexcused absences.
10. You will be given various reading or writing tests throughout the year. It
is important that you try your best on these tests. Reading levels and
opportunities for advancement are dependent upon these tests.
11. You must READ in order to improve or advance. If you do not read, then
you will not succeed.

Supplies to bring to class each day:

1. Pen or pencil
2. Paper
3. Notebook
4. Vocabulary book Level B -- $8.00 (You may bring a check for the exact
amount. If you have Pupil Aide, you must have the forms turned in before
you get your book).
5. Assignment book (You will need to use some type of assignment book,
which you can also use for other classes. I will check these for points each
I have reviewed and understand the expectations and requirements for Ms.
Hull’s Reading/Writing Workshop 2 course.

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