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									Dear Parents/Guardians:

I hope that you are all having an enjoyable summer. As we approach the beginning of
the 2012-2013 School Year, it is important that I address a few topics relating to the
physical education class for this year.

Please refer to the section (below) that applies to the grade level of your child for
more information on the standard curriculum for this year’s physical education class.

       Elementary (Pre K – 4th)

          participate in physical activities (games, sports, exercises) to promote
           physical fitness through regular activity
          understand the effects of activity on the body, the risks associated with
           inactivity, and the basic components of health-related fitness
          performing light exercises or activities related to different parts of the
           body and establish healthy personal goals
          understand the relationship between physical activity and individual well
          contribute to a safe and healthy environment by observing safe conditions
           for games, recreation, and outdoor activities
          work constructively with others to accomplish a variety of goals and tasks
          know how injuries from physical activity can be prevented or treated
          demonstrate care, consideration, and respect of self and others during
           physical activity
          know that resources available at home and in the community offer
           opportunities to participate in and enjoy a variety of physical activities in
           their leisure time
          demonstrate the ability to apply the decision making process to physical

       Middle Division (5th – 8th)

          demonstrate competency in a variety of physical activities (games, sports,
           exercises) that promote physical fitness through regular activity
          combine and integrate fundamental skills and adjust technique based on
           feedback, including self-assessment
          understand the relationship between physical activity and the prevention of
           illness or disease
          develop and implement a personal fitness plan based on self-assessment
           and goal setting, understanding the physiological changes that result from
           training, and understanding the health benefits of regular participation in
       Middle Division (5th – 8th) cont…

          develop leadership, problem solving, cooperation, and team work by
           participating in group activities
          understand the risks of injury if physical activity is performed incorrectly or
           performed in extreme environmental conditions, and recognize the
           importance of safe physical conditions (equipment, facilities) as well as the
           emotional conditions essential for safety
          develop skills of cooperation and collaboration, as well as fairness,
           sportsmanship, and respect for others
          understand the physical and environmental dangers associated with
           particular activities and demonstrate proper procedures for safe
           participation in games, sports, and recreational activities
          understand the role of physical activity, sport, and games as a balance
           between cooperative and competitive behaviors and as a possible arena in
           which to develop and sharpen leadership and problem solving skills, and
           understand the physical, emotional, and social benefits of participation in
           physical activities
          know some career options in the field of physical fitness and sports

Grading Policy:

All students will be given a Physical Education grade based on the following listed

          wearing proper uniform (includes proper sneakers, and jewelry)
          student participation
          overall effort
          sportsmanship
          homework (health class for middle division students)

Lastly, students of all grade levels are required to have all of the following supplies for
this year’s physical education class:

          (1) box of facial tissue
          (1) 6 - 8oz bottle of hand sanitizer
          proper sneakers for physical activity (sneakers should have inner and outer
           support and sturdy soles, no lights, sparkles, etc…)
          proper Sacred Heart physical education class uniform (see handbook for
          no jewelry (please see handbook for specifics)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. I look forward to a successful year of
physical education class with all of you.


Mrs. Gina Renaldo

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