COOP Activation Protocols by 5HGlR37b


									Integrating COOP with Incident Command                                               BC Activation Protocols

Excerpt from PHSKC Business Continuity Plan

COOP Activation Protocols_________________________________________________________________

The PHSKC Business Continuity (BC) Plan will be activated in conjunction with the PHSKC Emergency
Operations Plan, Emergency Support Function 8 (Health, Medical and Mortuary Services) Response Plan, and
the Office of Information and Resource Management (OIRM) Information Technology business recovery plans.

PHSKC will activate and implement the BC Plan during emergencies and disasters that threaten the continuity
of mission critical services, functions, and programs. In addition, the BC Plan may be activated at the direction
of the King County Executive to make available staffing resources to mobilize personnel and resources across
county government in support of emergency response efforts or continuity of government.

Activation of the PHSKC BC Plan may occur as a result of:
     Existing or imminent hazards threatening department staff, facilities or services, functions, or programs.
     Disaster conditions threaten or are expected to threaten mission critical services, functions, and
        programs and exceed day-to-day capabilities
     Decisions by the LHO or King County Executive to support disaster response operations by mobilizing
        significant numbers of PHSKC staff for emergency roles, necessitating temporary discontinuation of
        certain department services, functions, programs and operations.

PHSKC BC Plan activation may be initiated by the Preparedness Director through a request to the Chief of
Staff and Local Health Officer, or may originate at the Division level with a request to the Preparedness
Director, Chief of Staff or Local Health Officer. The Decision Process Tool provides guidance to the
Preparedness Director and Division staff in assessing the need for activation of the Department, Division, or
Section BC plans.

If not already activated, ESF 8 Area Command will stand up upon activation of the PHSKC BC Plan. The
Business Continuity Operations Section of Area Command will be activated as part of the command structure.

Four phases of response are implemented as appropriate in response to hazards that threaten or damage
Department or King County functions, resources and infrastructure.

Business Continuity Plan Activation: Decision Process Tool
 Level of Definition of Incident Level                       Business Continuity          Department
 Incident                                                    Plan of Impacted             Business Continuity
                                                             Division(s) Activated        Plan Activated
 1         Minimal disruption of up to 12 hours, with little No                           No
           impact to mission critical services
 2         Disruption of 12 to 72 hours, with minor          Possible                     No
           impact on mission critical services
 3         Disruption to mission critical services or to a   Yes                          Possible
           vital priority system for up to 72 hours
 4         Disruption to one or more mission critical        Yes                          Yes
           services lasting beyond 72 hours, or
           disruption of three or more mission critical
           services for up to 72 hours

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