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Trial Managers Group Meeting by 5HGlR37b


									                       Trial Managers Group Meeting
                      Wed 21st Dec 2006 12.30 – 2pm
                         Trent Building, Room LG11


1. Hywel Williams presented an overview of the CTSU aims and activities and
   then answered questions from the group.
2. Mara Ozolins presented an overview of general issues surrounding
   recruitment into clinical trials, and also gave specific examples from multi-
   centre studies she had worked on (Acne trial and Basal Cell Carcinoma
   trial). This stimulated discussion and questions from the group.
3. Jo Chalmers was due to also give a presentation about recruitment
   difficulties in the PATCH cellulitis trial but there was not enough time left.
4. Actions and suggestions:
       a. Invite a representative from R&D
       b. Invite the reps from the company that provide the university
          Clinical trials insurance to answer questions about the policy which
          the group felt was insufficient at times
       c. Once in post, invite the University governance officer along
       d. Set up a group email system so that advice can easily be sought
          from the group for specific trial management queries, in the same
          way as the TMN currently do. The consensus was that an email
          system would be preferable to a discussion forum on the website.
       e. Put a list (via the CTSU website?) of names and specific areas of
          experience (e.g. paediatric trials, medical device trials, MHRA
          applications etc.) so trial managers can ask other members of the
          group for advice.
       f.   A suggestion for ’10 top tips’ for trial managers – could form a
            discussion topic for a future meeting with a documents emerging
            from the discussion.
       g. We should be pushing the Trusts to make research more prominent
          in the general publicity about the trust activities. This would
          hopefully boost recruitment (i.e. try to encourage participation in
          trials as something ‘normal’ to do).
5. Future meetings
       a. Hold meetings every 2 months
       b. Next meeting – continue with the recruitment topic – Jo Chalmers
          to present the PATCH trial recruitment data and then open up for
          discussion after this.

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