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MLAB 2360 Clinical I by HC121003174550


									                                        MLAB 2360 Clinical I
Newspaper headline

                          Murder at the Hungry Heifer
    Harvey Hughes, long time owner of the
    Hungry Heifer restaurant, was found brutally
    stabbed to death Friday morning in the kitchen
    of his restaurant. Harvey Huges was well
    liked by all who knew him. “This is a terrible
    tragedy”, sobbed Shelly Wilson, long time
    waitress at this establishment. Police have
    determined that the murder occurred around
    11:30pm. The body was discovered shortly
    after 7:00am this morning by Antonio Johnson
    who came into the Hungry Heifer restaurant to
    get the barbecue started for the lunch crowd.
    As he entered the kitchen area he noticed that
    it was in disarray. As he walked around the
    center island he could see shoes and the lower
    part of two legs in brown pants. He
    immediately hurried around and saw his boss,
    Harvey “Sirloin” Hughes lying dead in a pool
    of blood. There was dagger close by which is
    being investigated as the murder weapon.
    Johnson immediately called 911 to report the
    horrifying incident.

    The police arrived in less than 10 minutes and
    began their investigation. Unfortunately no
    witnesses have come forward. There was no
    sign of forced entry and nothing appears to be

    The blood evidence that has been collected is
    being sent to the Medical Laboratory
    Technology department at Austin Community
    College. Professor Kotrla, an expert in
    analyzing crime scene evidence, will be
    responsible for having the samples analyzed.
    “My students have been well trained in
    serological testing of blood samples. With
    their attention to detail and their flawless
    testing technique we should have the results
    sometime later today.”

Through the course of their investigation the police discovered that the Hungry Heifer is a popular
restaurant, serving all you can eat platters of barbecue along with all of the fixings. Sirloin was well liked
by the clientele but not so well liked by the staff. The police investigation determined that three of the staff
members had reason to more than dislike Sirloin, they hated him with a passion.

   Antonio Johnson, the cook had discovered that
   instead of allowing him to become a partner in the
   restaurant he had instead selected Rosie Romana, the
   good looking waitress who seemed to be doing more
   for the restaurant than serving the customers. On
   several occasions Antonio had found them with their
   arms entwined around each other in the meat locker.

   Geoffrey Collins, the waiter had recently discovered
   that Sirloin was having an affair with his wife Cheryl.
   He and his wife have been married for 5 years. He
   found evidence on their home computer, steamy love
   letters sent through email which indicated they had
   been meeting off and on for over a year. He now
   wondered whether their 3 month old son was even

   Brandon Hernandez, the busboy had discovered that
   Sirloin was taking over half of his tip money and
   keeping it for himself. Waitresses are supposed to
   split the tip with the cook and the busboy. Brandon
   knew that the tips were good at this place yet he
   never seemed to get more than $10.00 a night. He
   watched after work one night as Shelly, the waitress,
   gave Sirloin his part, over $100.00! Sirloin stated
   that since he also helped clear tables part of it was

The murder happened the night before, within an hour of closing. Antonio Johnson, Geoffrey Collins and
Brandon Hernandez had all been involved in helping close down the restaurant. The detectives had found
not only the blood of the victim at the scene but blood on the handle of the dagger. Apparently the killer
had accidentally cut himself on the dagger blade during the stabbing. All three suspects had cuts on their
hands. The busboy explained he cut himself last night while clearing a table, the cook had cut himself
while slicing brisket and the waiter had cut himself grabbing a knife when it slipped out of the hand of a
customer. Well, who did it? The police gathered blood samples from the three suspects.

Name ________________________ Date __________________________

                                       MLAB 2360 Clinical I
                                     Murder at the Hungry Heifer

Your job is to type:
    all three suspects,
    the blood found at the crime scene and
    the victim’s blood.

Based on your results see if you can determine which suspect is the murderer. You MUST use the
highest level of skill and concentration when performing these tests as an error on your
part may result in the wrong suspect being put to death for this crime .


NOTE: Report out the results of the reactions as “POS” or “NEG”.

Name                        Anti-A                Anti-B             Interpretation
Hughes, Harvey
Johnson, Antonio
Hernandez, Brandon
Collins, Geoffrey

1.    Based on the results you obtained which of these individuals appears to be the murderer?

2.    Are the results of these blood tests enough to convict the murderer? Why or why not?


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