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We attended Champions! We have new Champions! We were graced with the presence of Crown
Princess Astrid, we are looking forward to hosting their coronation.

Jill has a new Sergeant- Sebastian!

July coronation will be here before we know it and everyone will need to pitch in and help.
Volunteer early and often.

Their Royal Highnesses as well as the Kingdom Seneschale have approved the proposed polling
schedule. It will be published in the Plume and the on-line lists.

The need to know dates right now are…

July 1, 2012- get or renew your membership by this date to ensure a polling form.

July 23rd- July 30th - Applications due to King and Queen, Baron and Baroness, Baronial
representative and Baronial Chronicler.


July Coronation

Storm Gods

August in the Park

Triggvys War

September Crown

In service to the Barony of Three Mountains and the Kingdom of AnTir - Alfric and Jill

                                  From Their Excellencies
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T     h    e     C   h    r   o     n    i    c     l   e   o    f     t    h   e       B   a   r   o n y   o            f      T    h   r    e   e      M     o   u      n   t   a   i   n   s   ,
                                                                                    S   C   A       I n c .

                                                    The Plume
                                                                           JulyA.S. XLVII (2012)
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    Disclaimer: The PLUME is the newsletter of the Barony of Three Mountains, SCA Inc., Multnomah, Columbia, Hood and Clackamas Counties, Oregon.            Published monthly, it can be obtained on
                                  this page. The PLUME is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, nor does it delineate SCA Inc. policies.

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Baronial Council Meeting Minutes April 2012
Baronial Council Meeting Minutes April 2012
Baronial Council Meeting Minutes April 2012
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Council Minutes June 19, 2012

In Attending: Penelope Viollet, Alexander Son of Gray, Attia Prima, Hlutwige, Jill Blackhorse, Alfric, Talia Soranzo, Malcolm
MacGregor, Felix Avor, Merowyn, Kerryk Wolfram, Eszle Ilona, Sue, Vadas Ersebet, Duncan Mckai, Jacinda of KaldorNess,
Duncan MacDuff, Jasimne, Meri of the Bears, Selene Trioros, Kattera Giese, Havoise de Rohan, Dmitrii, Catarina Fortuna,
Vivien Mic Uldoon

Officer Reports:

Baron and Baroness: Jill and Alfric, present, written report. See “From Their Excellencies” in the June issue of The PLUME.

Seneschal: Felix present, verbal report. Newcomers? None

Have talked to all officers about change of email plan. Spoke to the web minister about getting them all made up as “office” at
yahoo dot com. 1. Personal email doesn’t end up being used for years after one vacates office. 2. Keeping as yahoo

Q/comment: Since we have done this before, (had email addresses for officers) how do we keep from losing them again? We
can only educate our officers as we go. Be sure to have officers who are stepping down give over password to new officer.
Have Seneschal copied on all passwords as back up.

Officers will receive messages regarding their new addresses before next meeting.

Deputy Seneschal: Attia & Hlutwige present. NTR

Stock Clerk: Meri present, written report. No activity to report.

Event Coordinator: Open for Application

Seneschal of KaldorNess: Jacinda present, written report. Deputy Seneschal's Report for the Canton of Kaldor Ness - June 2012
Deputy Seneschal Aedan reporting for Jacinda who was still on vacation at the time of the May business meeting. I ask the
Council please accept this report in absentia as I am currently out of the country on business. Canton business meeting was
held at the home of Hugh and Muireann on May 25, 2012.Attendance was good given it was Grand Thing weekend with over 10
in attendance. Our bank balance is currently reconciled at $1150.59. meeting itself was short consisting of officer reports and
finalizing plans for work parties later in the summer.service, Aedan

Seneschal of Hauksguard: Kerryk present written report. Well met one and all! June's meeting was heldtheth at the Hood
River Public Library.Attendance was down due to summer activities, and I believe only 10-12 people came out.Chronicler is out
of town on vacation and I don't have the current accurate head count.There were no special meetings in the last month, but next
month (July) we are planning a Largesse/ Armour workshop on Sunday the 8th at HL Rebecca Fletcher's home.Please contact
me if you need/want more information!

Fighter practice is growing, we havefour fighters in full armor and missing a helm for one guy!are considering a second monthly
practice. Days and times TBD yet.

Grand Thing was a fantastic event again, Congratulations to The Roaming Rogues forrecognizedfor receiving The Horn of
Hospitality! Huzzah! Your Excellencies should be quite proud that and your eastern canton was recognized by the Rogues as
the 2nd most hospitable encampment at the Thing!Hauksgarðr'smeeting will be July 5th, again at the Hood River Public Library
in the downstairs meeting room. Until next month, YIS, Kerryk Wolfram

Exchequer: Malcolm present, written report.

Chamberlain Office is Open for Application: Duncan present, written report. Greetings Baron, Baroness & Council, To the best of
my knowledge all items taken from storage for the last few events has been returned. As my term as Chamberlain is over, if
anyone has interest in the job, please contact myself, Malcolm or our esteemed Senechal. In Service, Duncan.

A&S: Eleanor present written report. Arrangements for the A&S Social at July Coronation are moving along. Plans for A&S
Display at 12 th Night have begun. The End Elenaor de Sackville A&S Minister, Three Mountains

Dance: Slaine absent, written report. Greetings! Dance has nothing new to report. YIS, Slaine inghean ui Maille

Herald: Constance present, absent written report. Greetings. Sorry I am not at the meeting tonight. I attended Champions
this month, and although I was not able to be there for the entire event, I was very happy with how the two previous Mountains
did court and helped in my place. My book depute has been helping some people in the Barony to get submissions ready. On
that note, if either Canton has a herald, please contact me. I would like to get to know you, know what you may need help in, and
point you in the right direction. I also need monthly reports the Friday before Baronial Council and the 15th before Quartiles are
due so that I can fully report on the heraldic activity in the Barony. The following awards were given at Three Mountains
Champions: (note to Chronicler; don't read unless not in Baron/Baroness report)

Crystal Rainbow; Talbot of Three Mountains

Mountains Sun; Sterling Veyox

Order of Three Mountains; Áedán mac Suibne and Alexandria Dalassene Kourkouaina

Golden Torc,; Armand Chavez de Castille

Heart of Three Mountains, Aedan Sayer, Terbish of Three Mountains

Leaf; Thomas na Cork

Trillum; Eleanor de Sackville, Talia Soranzo da Chioggia and Thomas na Cork

Honour of the Mountain's Pride; Yoseph Von Oligslauger, Sterling Veyox, Dmitrii Dragonhealer and Aedan Sayer

; Sebastiaen des Roseaux

Favors; Yojimbo Hiroshi-nin, Aíbinn ingen Senháin hui Néill, Earnan Parthalan, Terbish of Three Mountains, Klüs Hebenstreb
Derr Hess

Champion; Terbish of Three Mountains
Champion; Klüs Hebenstreb Derr Hess

Weapons Champion; Earnan Parthalan

Champion; Aíbinn ingen Senháin hui Néill

Champion; Yojimbo Hiroshi-nin

Ar Or; Rosie of Three Mountians

's Rose; Talbot of Three Mountains

Favor; Erika the Dragon's Mistress

of Janeltis; Godfrey of Wessex

Service, Constance Mountians

Scribe: Randal present, absent report. Randal FitzAlan to their excellencies and council greetings,

Paint night continues however the time is changing to 7pm to 9pm. Many scrolls and charters were painted for Champions. My
thanks to all who have taken these projects on for me. This office is still open for applicants for a replacement. In Service
Randal FitzAlan the Redowtable

Chatelaine: Havoise present, written report.unto Their Excellencies Alfric and Jill; unto the Officers of the Barony; and unto the
fine Populace of Three Mountains.It has been a moderately productive month:there was email contact from three people, one of
whom, together with a contact from last month and two unexpected women, showed up at Social Night last week (alas, due to
family considerations, I was not able to be there).I also had a nice chat with a young man who played a few times several years
ago; I made encouraging noises and gave him contact information. In service, de Rohan

+200 lb food collected at Champions and donated.

Gold Key: Alexandria present, written report. Greetings all: Using the new email that we were requested to create for ease of
transfer in the office.Nothing to report this month except that.

Chronicler: Hlutwige present, no report.

Web: Aleksii absent, written report. Greetings unto the populous of the glorious Barony of Three Mountains. July Coronation
site has been updated and Thrown Weapons Phoenix added to the events list.In Service. Aleksii Volkovich

Knight Marshal: Merowyn present, written report. Greetings! Baronial Council Meeting: 06/19/2012 Knight-Marshal Report

(1) Rapier Marshal: practice continues to be well attended on Mondays.

(2) Archery Marshal: to Report. Archery has moved to summer location.
(3) Youth Marshal:Nothing to Report.

(4) List Mistress: Unto Their Excellencies Three Mountains and most Noble Populace-

Your List Mistress was delighted to see the beginning of the tourney season start in such an interesting way, at the Barony's
Champions Tourney. Sterling provided most excellent entertainment for the Heavy Champion competition through a Holmgang-
a norse form of fighting that involved breakable shields and a large square of cloth that defined the fighting area- the first warrior
setting foot outside the perimeter lost the contest.was most entertaining, and challenged our warriors to expand their combat
skills. The Rapier contenders not only provided excellent entertainment for the populace in their Championship Finals, but also
presented a fine exhibition of fencing skills. The Youth combatants showed exceptional chivalry and future promise that our
lands will be will protected. My thanks to all who contributed and participated in such a nobly skilled competition. YIS, Lady
Rusudan Listmistress, Barony of Three Mountains

Comments: Monday Practice continues to be well attended. YIS Merowyn Baronial Knight-Marshal

Rapier: Talbot present, written report.

Archer: Ersebet absent, nothing to report.

Youth Marshal: Sable present, written report

Chirurgeion: Rusudan present, written report. Unto Their Excellencies Three Mountains and Noble Populace- I have some good
news and some bad news. The bad news is that there was a minor injury at our Champions event. The good news is that not
only did the wounded recover, but that he also thereby provided an opportunity for me to obtain the last of my 'observation'
paperwork that will allow me to finally become a warranted (official) Chirurgeon. My thanks to Felix for his noble sacrifice. YIS,
Lady Rusudan Baronial Chirurgeon, soon to be a warranted Chirurgeon

Open Offices: Event Coordinator; Armorer; Youth Combat (4/2012); Dance Master; Exchequer deputy; Demo Coordinator;

Applications for Open Offices: May 15, 2012

*Unto the Barony of 3 Mountains, Hersir Alfric, Baroness Jill, Council and Populace,
The office of 3 Mountains Stock Clerk has just become available and I would like to apply for this position at this time.
My qualifications are what I believe, more than sufficient.I have held this office for many years, have space to keep the box
containing the items associated with this office and I am well trained at doing nothing.
This office does not require a whole lot of talent other than being able to occasionally sell an armoring manual or a bumper
sticker. Oh yes, and occasionally taking inventory.I am positive I would be able to handle taking inventory especially I know at
this time we have many bumper stickers and many armoring manuals.Being Norse, it is quite easy to count to "MANY".
Whomever holds this office would not need to know how to type or spell real guud either, which is perfect for me.I will be able to
handle sending a report in once a month, provided I am reminded at least a month in advance.
Please consider electing me again as Stock Clerk as I love this office and without it I would get very bored for probably at least 5
minutes. YIS, HL Meri of the Bears (last publication, confermation will be next month)

*To the Baron and Baroness of Three Mountains, I would like to extend an offer of serving the Barony by being the keeper of the
Baronial Gold Key. This is a position that I have held previously while living in the Midrealm and serving the Barony of
Cynnabar (Ann Arbor Michigan). I promise to keep all of the gold key contents clean and safe from damage. I will perform
needed repairs on current inventory items and add any basic necessities that the collection is lacking. I will make gold key
available at large baronial events and whenever contacted by newcomers who are in need. I look forward to serving the Barony
in this manner. Yours in Service, Lady Mariotta MacDonald (mka Amy Snow) (last month of po

*To the council and the Barony of Three Mountains does Leah bat yehiel send greetings. I respectfully wish to hereby submit
my application for the position of Baronial scribe, soon to be open. I previously held this position for two terms, and was, I hope,
successful in running the office. Currently charter painting is regularly occurring at out house on every Tuesday except for
council nights, and this could continue. I would also hope to teach classes on scribal subjects, and to organize classes taught
by others.

Many thanks for the consideration of the council and the population of the barony in this matter. Leah bat Yehiel also known as
Lisa J. Bloom (second month’s printing, confermation in July)

Confirmations of Office applications:

Three Mountains Champions Tournament: June 2 2012 Event Steward Talia, present. Written report. Greetings to their
Excellencies, Officers and Populous of Three Mountains,

Once again, our Three Mountains Champions has come and gone.Despite the bouts of rain that persisted throughout the day
everything went our new champions!

Special thanks to Mistress Alexandria, the members of the River Dragons and members of the Rogues who showed up early to
help set up the site.All items except 4 platters have been returned to the storage unit. I forgot about them and didn’t get them
cleaned up in time for the return of the gear.These will be returned to our chamberlain soon.

We have a few lost items from the event.We have two mugs and a necklace that we have found. If you are missing anything
please contact me.

Due to some personal circumstances, I have not had time to get the final numbers from Master Malcolm before I made this
report.I should be able to close this event by next council. YIS, Talia Soranzo da Chioggia

Summer Fling July Need to pin down the tourney format. Will meet with current Favor holder on Thursday.


July Coronation 2013: July 20-22 Event Steward Vivien Deputy Event Steward Hlutwige. Greetings,

July coronation is coming along nicely.The schedule is being finalized now.

Pre-reg is open until July 1st through ACCEPS and land reservations are still open for a few more weeks. Driving will no longer
be allowed on the grass, so bring carts to help transport your gear from the parking lots to you camp spaces. Volunteers for
gate, parking, set up and tear down would all be very welcome.Please contact me if you would be willing to spend a few hours
helping at the event. YIS, Vivien NicUldoon

+would like to add $600 for the rental of gators and carts. Q; Do you have someone in mind to be in charge of the gators? One
person will be in charge of each gator who will be the only person driving. ABC’d
+we need to mow the archery site. We have someone who will lend the mower and would like to reimburse the $60 for gas to
transport. ABC’d

Triggvy’s August 3-5 2012: Event Steward Boudica present, Consultant Khalja, verbal report from Felix. Everything is on track.
Your Excellencies, Council and Members of the Populous

We have filled all of the key volunteer positions, however, there will be plenty of support positions are needed for the event on
the day.
Classes have been set thanks to Vivien.
Our tokens are in production now!
We have new exciting flyers!
Thinks are coming together nicely.

I am looking forward to a wonderful event!

Yis Boudica

August in the Park, August 10-12 2012: Event Steward Francessca and Rebbecca Greetings the the Council and populace,

August in the park is right on schedule. Our Crier copy is on the way and we have our site reserved for the day in question.

IS, Lady Enid Brittanica of Hauksgardr and HL Rebecca Fletcher of Hauksgardr Autocrats, AitP 2012

Honour Feast October 1, 20123: Event Steward Attia present written report. Honor Feast 6/19/12

Met with Khalja at Grand Thing. Discussed the site since we were there. She is working on coordinating decorations. Menu is
a work in progress. Need to order insurance certificate so requesting the $50.00 so I can get that out of the way. Attia

3M Yule Feast: December 1, 2012 Event Steward William present, Consultant Attia, nothing to report.

12th Night Coronation January 11-13, 2013: Event Steward Selene present, consulting Penelope written report. Good Tidings
to All,

Congratulations to TRH Vik and Astrid. I have had the pleasure of meeting Her Highness at 3M Champions and have had email
communication with His Highness in regards to arrangements for 12th Night. I am looking forward to meeting with them both in
the near future.

Decoration committee work days have been well attended and productive and my heartfelt thanks goes to everyone who has
participated and helped make the incredible visions of Alexandria come to fruition. Already some of the work has been seen at
the gate at Champions, and more will adorn the festivities at July Coronation.

Attached is the contract addendum for increasing the room block for 12th Night. We have already fulfilled this addition to the
contract but it outlines some additional concessions from the hotel. On that note, there are still rooms available in the hotel.
ACCEPS is up and accepting pre-registrations, the Facebook and website are being updated and I am going to have more
advertising printed up for July Coronation. The bulk of the advertising will happen after September Crown and the end of the
tourney season. In humble service to An Tir and the dream,

HL Selene Trioros

Event Steward – 12th Night Coronation, AS XLVII

Phoenix Event Three Mountains Thrown Weapons May 12, 2012. Event Steward William, Consultant Aedan. present, written

Guild Sprung May 12 2012 Incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr Autocrat: Sannan the OneEyed of Hauksgarðr
Event Report for Guild Sprung 5/12/2012

Incipient Canton of Hauksgarðr

Autocrat: Sannan the OneEyed of Hauksgarðr

The event was successful and low keyed and relaxing for the attendees.
Being lightly attended it wasn't as financially successful as other
events we've held, but our esteemed A&S Champion Mistress Arlys
o'Gordon helped to make up for that by spreading her knowledge and
good cheer. We had a wonderful day as our Arts and Sciences people
swapped ideas and our fighters held their fighter practice and some
armoring with Stromgard's Deputy Marshal and our Marshal.


Site Cost: $80.00

 Deposit: $50.00

Misc. Exp: $20.00

(Used $6.24)

Gate Draw: $50.00
NMS: $10.00

Total Expenses: $196.24


Refundable Deposit: $50.00 * received back so will close with
3M meeting.

Gate Draw: $50.00

Gate Revenue: $79.00

NMS: $10.00

Donation: $38.00

Unused Misc.(13.76)


Total Revenue $227.00

Total profit: $30.76

Attendance: 16 adults (2 nms), 2 youths, 2 children

1 complimentary admission.
YIS, Sannan the OneEyed

Money Talks: Jill; purchased new regalia for Thrown Weapons Champion 98.48. Jill has nearly finished the “moma bear”
Baronial sunshade. Originally proposed 200. She was wrong. Grand total is 380.54 a diff of 180.54 which she has receipts
for. Felix proposes we change the budget to 250. ABC’d

Active Business: Minutes from June PLUME ABC’d

New Business: DM would like to rent our target mats for an upcoming event just prior to July coronation. They understand that
the mats must be returned promptly so that they may be used at Coronation. Someone must be responsible for any items
from the storage unit. Dmitrii will be the responsible person.
DM is putting together their directory and would like to have 3M officers included. This is an invitation

Back in Feb 2011 talks began regarding the Customary update. Website has had it up for review and there have been no
changes posted. As is written and published, the Customary of Three Mountains is approved for the next 2 years when it will be
up for review again.

Signs arrive. Many thanks for the groovy new

Meeting ends 8:07.


Talia; lost and found from Champions – ceramic mug, beaded necklace

Officer reports are due midnight the day before council

Kattera: As Volunteer Coordinator for coronation and looking for donations for the Volunteer raffle.

 Pay your restaurant bill. Drive Safely.

Baronial Council Meeting Minutes April 2012
                                                                                                                 Page 11

                                                                                                                 Page 11

                                            FIND THE PLUME!
Hidden somewhere in this issue is a plume (of one sort or another). Once the publication of this issue has been
officially announced the game is on. Be the first to find it and notify me by email before the next council meeting at:
The first to find it may receive a prize at council! You must be present to win.

Baronial Council Meeting Minutes April 2012
Colouring Page
                                                                                    Page 12

Officer Listings
                                                                                   Page 12

Their Royal Majesties: Ieuan and Gwyneth (Quentin & Elizabeth Baker) 778-389-3829
         Their Excellencies: Baron Alfric and Baroness Jill (Ralph & Jill Mason)
         17650 NE Davis St., Portland, OR 97230, 503-326-9033
                  Baronial Armored Champion:
                  Baronial Rapier Champion:
                  Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion: Mistress Arlys o’Gordon
                  Baronial Archery Champion:
                  Baronial Youth Champion:
                                                Baronial Officers
Seneschal: Felix Avor (Kris Santoro) 5625 SE Lambert St., Portland OR 97206
         Contingency Deputys: HlutwigeWolfkiller (Lois Hale 503-282-8274) Attila
         Prima (Amanda Greyson
         Stock Clerk/Librarian: Meri of the Bears (Meri Falk) 2614 SE 28th Ave.,
         PDX, OR 97209-1311 503-351-4088
         Seneschal of KaldorNess: Jacinda of Kaldor Ness,(Jacinda Phillips), (503) 799-2541
         Seneschal of Hauksgarðr: Kerryk Wolfram, (Rick Prowett), 541-380-1551
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Malcolm Rudolph MacGregor (Karl Christoffers)
      Chamberlain: Duncan McKai (Eric Mackie)
Minister of Arts & Sciences:   Eleanor de Sackville (Chris Knutson)
      Dance Minister: Slaine (Rebecca Ernst)
      Ardmore: Allen the Younger (Robert Wurtz) 503-788-7055
Mountains Persuivant (Herald): Constance Wyatt (Kelsy Warren) 503-807-0253 no
calls after 9pm
      Scribe: Randall FitzAlan (Lee Ness)
Chatelaine: Havois de Rohan (Ellen Cameron) 503-654-1679, 503-915-7628
between 7am & 10pm 14267 SE Laurie Ave, Milwaukie, OR, 97263
      Gold Key: Alexandria DK (Laura McCoy) 503-543-6133 (Newcomer Costumes)
Chronicler: Hlutwige Wolfkiller (Lois Hale)13140 SE Morrison, Portland, OR
97206, 503-282-8274 between 9am and 8pm
      Web Minister: Aleksii Volkovitch (James Williams)
      Historian: Open
Knight Marshal: Merowyn,
      Rapier Marshal: Talbot, (David Crouse) 503-708-0023
      Archery Marshal: Vadas Ersebet (Jocelyn Mackie)503-557-7488 (no calls after
      9 pm)
      Minister of the List: Rusudan (Laurie Dalton) (503) 658-2698 no calls after
      9pm please,,
       Deputy Minister of the List: Leah bat Yehiel (Lisa Bloom) 503-772-3618 no calls after 10pm please
       Youth Armored Combat Warden: Sebastiaen “Sable” desRoseaux, (David
       Hemmer) 12555 SE Bush Street, Portland, OR 97236 503-933-8021
Chirurgeon: Rusudan, (Laurie Dalton) (503) 658-2698 no calls after 9pm please,
Officer Listings
Event Copy Guidelines for the PLUME
                                                                                    Page         13

                                                                                      Page 14

This checklist is intended as an aid in the proper submission of event copy to The PLUME. All
copy for events at which official business is to take place must contain ALL of the information
below for the enlightenment of the populace, legal, insurance, and tax purposes. (Note: This list is
an aid only, you do not need to submit it with your copy.) If you publish your copy electronically,
please include this valuable information. The PLUME will not republish event copy which does
not have these requited items.

Required Items: Who, What, When, Where, Why and HOW!

• Date of the event (day and month) If the event will not be held during the Common Era year
noted on the front cover of the newsletter, the announcement must also include the Common Era

•   The time of the event: when the site opens and closes.

•   The name of the sponsoring group: Only SCA events will be published.

• The location (name, street address, and town) of the site. The postal code should also be
included if available.

•   The name and address of the autocrat (both society and modern).

•   If there is a fee being charged for the event, the statement “Make checks payable to <SCA,
Inc. - Group Name>”

    Other Items

•    Official SCA Event Title (as your event will appear on the calendar)

•    Modern Location (Use the town where the event site is located)

Copyright information on art used in this month's Plume.

Photos were taken by Lois Hale and used with permission.

Background picture Page 1, Puzzle Page 9 and Colouring Page 8 from Dover Art free samples.

The Plume, Chronicle of the Barony of Three Mountains

PO Box 8735

Portland, OR 97207

Baronial Council Meeting Minutes April 2012
                                                                                                      Page 15


Per Kingdom Law the polling process should take no longer than 90 days and be completed within one reign.       We
are proposing the following timeline:

Monday July 23rd to Monday July 30th- Applications accepted. Sent to Vik and Astrid, to the Baron and Baroness
the Baronial representative and 3M Chronicler. This is a tight timeframe if you are interested- be ready.

August 6th- Mail ballots to eligible polling population. Per Kingdom Law- Paid members residing in Baronial zip
codes and Sergentry and officers residing outside zip code area. The return address will be the baronial post
office box.

August 12th- Baronial Candidate meet and greet- Milwaukie Odd Fellows Lodge (ballots accepted)

August 21st – Baronial Council (ballots accepted)

August 25th- ballots due (not postmarked)

September Crown- Ballots delivered to the King and Queen at September Crown.       Normally, ballots would be
mailed directly to the crown but mailing to Canada posed some challenges.

The baronial representative will be Malcolm MacGregor OP assisted by HL Talia
Soranzo da Chioggia
July Coronation in Three Mountains 2012

The Facebook page is:

The Kingdom Calendar URL is:

The webpage URL is:

The ACCEPS link will be available on the website

12th Night in Three Mountains 2013

The Facebook page is:

The Kingdom calendar URL is:

The webpage URL is:

The ACCEPS link is:   Choose "An Tir" from the dropdown menu and click the radio button
for 12th Night under the Events button.

                         A message of note from Their Excellencies,

Be it known that we Alfric and Jill take upon ourselves our prerogative
      to continue the tradition set forth by our forbearers to banish in
   perpetuity the “Clan of Some” from these lands which we hold in fief
   for the Crown of An Tir.. Neither will we allow the afore said clan
                                        any comfort nor hospitality.

 This being done on this first day of May in the New Year A. S. Forty
                                                      and Seven.
                                                                                                            Page 10

                                                                                                            Page 11

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