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Sixth Grade - Mrs. Weber

Wednesday, August 15, 2012
  District Mission Statement
Based on the belief that all students can
learn and with the understanding that
students’ capabilities may vary, our
mission is to promote the growth of the
whole child by providing a caring, stable
environment where each child has the
opportunity to develop to his/her fullest

           Daily Schedule
8:00 First Bell
8:05 Last Bell/Classes Begin
 Student considered tardy
12:10-12:40 Lunch
12:40-1:00 Noon Recess
2:00-2:40 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,
Friday) Study Hall with homeroom teacher
2:50 Dismissal
 Need note if not following the signed departure

    Milk and Morning Snacks
We have snack on Fridays       Great Value
Follow our school’s               Honey or Cinnamon
                                   Graham Crackers, Cheese
Wellness Policy                    Snacks-variety of flavors,
 Barnum’s Animal Crackers         Vanilla wafers
 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish     Sunshine Brand Cheeze Its
  Crackers                     General Mills Cereals
 Rold Gold Pretzels              Kix and Honey Kix,
 Microwave Popcorn                Cinnamon Toast Crunch,
 Nabisco Teddy Grahams            Cheerios-original, chocolate,
                                   multi-grain, Apple Cinnamon
 Kellogg’s Cereals                Cookie Crisp, Chex Mix-
    Fruit Loops, Chocolate        Cheddar and Traditional
      Mini Wheats, Apple      Snack donations are
 Malto Meal
    Cinnamon Toasters        Snack milk is $.30
            Special Classes
Monday                       Thursday
 Music 9:40-10:20            Library 9:45-10:25
                                 Remember books

Tuesday                      Friday
 Art 9:40-10:20              P.E. 9:50-10:20
                                 Remember tennis shoes

 Computer Lab 9:50-
 P.E. 2:00-2:30
    Remember tennis shoes
 Students will be given their band schedule
  after school starts
 Tuesdays from 2:00-2:30
 Any student who is interested may join
  chorus, but they do not get to pick and
  choose which weeks they go. Once they are
  signed up, they are expected to go each
             Discipline Plan
Same discipline procedures in every 6th grade class.
Students will be given checkmarks for inappropriate
behavior and “incompletes” for late/incomplete
 When a student has an incomplete assignment, he/she will
  serve a working lunch during lunch recess on that same
After 3 checkmarks or 3 incompletes in a week, the
student will serve a noon detention.
 After each subsequent 3 checkmarks or 3 incompletes in
  the same week, another noon detention will be assigned.
 Parent contact is made for each detention assigned.
After 3 noon detentions in a quarter, after-school
detentions will be assigned.
Grades will be given on performance
of specific skills, tests, and projects.
Progress reports and report cards
sent home for each grading period.
 Each need a signature slip returned
School wide evaluations
 AimsWeb, ISAT, STAR
   Do not reflect on report cards

School Wide Grading Scale
A   93%-100%
B   85%-92%
C   74%-84%
D   66%-73%
F   65% and below
         6th   Grade Teachers
Mrs. Weber – homeroom teacher
 Social Studies, Language Arts and Spelling
Mrs. Mattis
 Literature
Mrs. McGuire    (Ms. Beard is substitute for first nine weeks)

 Math
Mrs. Furlong
 Science
   Literature – Mrs. Mattis
Reading practice is very important for
Read the assigned story and drill on the
vocabulary for each story.
Read nightly in AR (library) book
 At least 15 minutes.
 A point goal will be assigned by Mrs. Mattis

     Math – Mrs. McGuire
Daily math assignments
Homework packets due before tests
Tests and quizzes over chapters
    Science – Mrs. Furlong
Homework, projects, quizzes and tests
Group work
      Spelling – Mrs. Weber
Spelling list will be sent home each Friday
with the weekly calendar.
Pre-test is each Monday.
Final test is each Friday.
 Those who earn an A+ trial test do not take final test.
Spelling pages are also due each Friday.
 Social Studies – Mrs. Weber
Studying ancient history and world
civilizations this year
Grades will be taken on in-class
assignments, homework, quizzes, tests,
projects, current events and class
Study guides will be sent home two days
before each test
   Homework Expectations
Students will have homework most nights
of the week in at least one subject.
 Study Hall – use time wisely to limit the
  amount of homework that needs to be taken
 Incomplete assignments the next day mean a
  working lunch and an “incomplete” on the
AR reading – at least 15 minutes a night
Study for tests using study guides
  School Calendar/Handbook
Students will be required to bring to school each
day the school calendar/handbook issued during
  Checkmarks will be given if a student does
   not have his/her calendar.
Assignments for each subject will be written
down each day in the calendar.
Parents can check his/her child’s assignments for
each day by looking at the calendar.
Students need to bring their Trapper
Keeper and backpack daily, as well as any
textbooks, library books, and homework
taken home.
Thank you in advance for sending back
parent signature slips on time.
       Special Incentives
 Students earn tickets for good behavior,
  answering questions in class, being helpful
  and kind to others, etc.
 After 30 tickets are earned, students can
  cash these in for reward coupons:
   20-minutes of computer time
   sit by a friend for the day
   get out of a checkmark
   free page of spelling
   read anywhere in classroom for AR
   pencil                                      10/3/2012
Special Incentives (continued)
Class Rewards
 Once 25 apples are earned on the class tree, then the
  class will get a special reward recess and snack
Quarterly Fun Day
 Those who meet behavior requirements set by 6th
  grade teachers will get to participate
 Asking for $10.00 from each student by September
  30th to help cover expenses of fun days and field
 Those who meet AR goal each quarter receive a
  Book-It coupon
      Parent Conferences
Conferences are Thursday, October 25
(4:00-7:00p.m.) and Friday, October 26
 A note will be sent home to schedule
 You will meet with your child’s homeroom
  teacher unless circumstances merit a
  meeting with the other teachers in the 6th

          Contact Information
I can be reached during the school day at
826-2355 or by e-mail
Check out my webpage:
   Weekly calendars with spelling list
   Social Studies
   Language Arts
   Downloads of documents that need to be
    signed/returned to Mrs. Weber
Questions ?
Visit classroom and other areas of the
building and playground
It is going to be a great year!!!!

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