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					Thomas C. McElearney, Jr

Fee Basis Billing Technician – MPA-09-38 – Boise, VA Medical Center

1. Knowledge of medical terminology

       I have developed a basic knowledge of medical terminology during my time in the
US Army, while working as a security officer for Duke University and Pinkerton
Security and Investigations.
       In the US Army I developed a basic knowledge of medical terminology in order to
assist soldiers dealing with the military medical community and as many were
transitioning into civilian life. I also needed this knowledge in order to ensure that
soldiers were in compliance with their doctor's orders and that I and others in their chain
of command were aware of their limitations.
       Working for Duke University as a security officer I was often assigned to the
Duke University Medical Center. Development of basic medical terminology was useful
in correctly providing medical personnel with necessary assistance in emergencies. It
was also necessary while patrolling the campus, and while working for Pinkerton
Security and Investigations, in order to provide medical first responders with accurate
information pertaining to medical emergencies.
       I also have a demonstrated ability to learn quickly any new terminology that may
be required as all professions have terminology that is specific to each.
Thomas C. McElearney, Jr

Fee Basis Billing Technician – MPA-09-38 – Boise, VA Medical Center

2. Knowledge of admission, transfer, and discharge of patients both in and out of
the VA system.

       My current knowledge of the admissions and transfer procedures for patients in
and out of the VA system is based mostly on personal experience and observations of
emergency room admissions while working for Duke University in the medical center.
       I have worked with the VA Medical Centers in North Carolina, Colorado,
Washington and Idaho in order to obtain the care that I required. These experiences
have provided me with some knowledge of the VA Medical Center in processing system.
       While working as a security officer at Duke University, I was often nearby or
directly providing security for admissions in the emergency room area. Observations of
the procedures for admissions, transfer, and discharge of patients in this environment
makes me feel comfortable that I can readily pick up the information necessary to fill
any gaps in my current knowledge base.
Thomas C. McElearney, Jr

Fee Basis Billing Technician – MPA-09-38 – Boise, VA Medical Center

3. Ability to read, interpret and apply laws, regulations and policies.

       I have more than 10 years of demonstrated success and a proven ability to perform
the research required to excel in this area.
       Whether consulting a written manual, logic table, or using an Intranet or Internet-
based research systems I am generally able to find the information needed to answer
inquiries or explain policies. In situations where the information is extremely complex
or the policy may be open to more than one interpretation, I recognize the need to
consult with a manager or team leader for assistance.
       For example, during my time in the military service it was among my daily duties
to train new arrivals to my unit in specific policies and procedures. This required
comprehensive knowledge of administrative policies and procedures. As the individual
responsible for providing new employee orientation, it was also my duty to keep up with
changes. Policy changes were sometimes delivered orally by supervisors to be explained
by me to new trainees or other co-workers. At other times new policies and procedures
were announced by electronic means (Internet or Intranet) and it was my responsibility
to be aware of these changes and ensure delivery to trainees and others. When questions
arose with regard to policies and procedures, I provided explanation and clarification as
required. I was also required to be aware of local laws and how they differed from laws
in other areas in order to help others avoid violations.
       Working as a security officer for Pinkerton Security and Investigations – as well
as with the Duke University Police Department – required understanding policies and
procedures for successful daily interaction with individuals in a variety of situations,
explaining them, and enforcing them when necessary. Additionally, this position entailed
having a strong working knowledge of local laws and regulations in order to work
successfully with local law enforcement agencies.
       In a more traditional business setting with other employers on a daily basis I
helped both customers and co-workers understand company policies and procedures. My
ability to conduct database, Internet and Intranet research – and interact in a cheerful,
positive manner with co-workers and supervisors – resulted in high-level of
understanding of policies and improved service to internal and external customers and
Thomas C. McElearney, Jr

Fee Basis Billing Technician – MPA-09-38 – Boise, VA Medical Center

4. Knowledge of various transaction codes, error codes, Diagnosis Related Groups,
International Classification of Diseases (ICD)-9-Clinical Modification (CM) coding,
Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding and Medicare billing procedures.

       While I currently posses limited to no knowledge of these areas I feel confident
that my demonstrated ability to learn new functions and terminologies will enable me to
quickly pick up the required information.
       For the US Army I was required to learn not only the basic military terminologies,
but the terminology associated with the collecting and analyzing intelligence data.
       As a security officer I was required to learn legal terminology as well as codes
specific to the individual locations I worked.
       At Echostar I was required to learn specific terminology associated with billing
and warranty coverage. I also had to learn codes for input into specialized databases.
       Booksellers are required to learn terminology associated with the retail sector as
well as those terms specific to books and their care. Many booksellers, such as myself,
also learn terminology associated with other fields in order to assist individuals in
locating appropriate materials.

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