Menus with Dates 2012 2013 by pgE9afW


									                   Monday                       Tuesday                  Wednesday                     Thursday                          Friday
Week One
3/9/12          Sausage Casserole                                        Roast Chicken Thigh,
                                           Pasta Twists & Meatballs                                   Sweet & Sour Pork                   Battered Fish
1/10/12          Macaroni Cheese                                            stuffing & gravy
                                            Tomato Sauce& Garlic                                   Stuffed Potato Skins with              Veggie Curry
29/10/12           New Potatoes                                              Cheese Whirls
                                                     Bread                                                side salad                          Chips
26/11/12           Garden Peas                                              Roast Potatoes
                                           Ratatouille & Garlic Bread                                     Boiled Rice             Mushy Peas / Baked Beans
24/12/12     Frozen Toffee Yoghurt with                                 Fresh Mixed Vegetables
                                             Zesty Lemon Sponge                                    Honey Oat Cookie & Milk         Fruit Topped Cheesecake
21/1/13         Bananas or Peaches                                         Strawberry Delight

Week Two
               Chicken Burger on Bun                                    Roast Turkey stuffing &    Lamb Kofta in Pitta Bread
              Tomato & Spinach Pasta                                             gravy               with Yoghurt Dressing              Fish Fingers
8/10/12                                    Chilli con Carne with Rice
                       Bake                                             Cauli & Broccoli Cheesy   Vegetable Stir Fry with Pitta        Veggie Pasties
5/11/12                                     Cheese & Tomato Tart
                 Homemade Potato                                                 Bake                        Bread                         Chips
3/12/12                                       Peas & Sweetcorn
                      Wedges                                                Roast Potatoes                 Side Salad             Mushy Peas / Baked Beans
31/12/12                                   Chocolate Fondant Cake
                   Baked Beans                                          Fresh Mixed Vegetables      Jam & Coconut Sponge           Viennese Finger Biscuit
                     Arctic Roll                                        Fruit Meringue Dessert            with Custard

Week Three
                                           Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap     Roast Pork with apple
17/9/12       Pizza Party ( thin crust &                                                              Turkey & Leek Pie                 Battered Fish
                                            Mediterranean Vegetable              sauce
15/10/12             deep crust)                                                                    Vegetable Cottage Pie              Veggie Sausage
                                                     Pasta                 Veggie Casserole
12/11/12              Salad or                                                                          Cheesy Mash                         Chips
                                                Potato Wedges                Roast Potatoes
10/12/12            Baked Beans                                                                     Garden Peas & Carrots         Mushy Peas / Baked Beans
                                           Sweetcorn & Pepper Salad     Fresh Mixed Vegetables
7/1/13             Fudge Dessert                                                                        Fruity Flapjack              Jam Scone & Cream
                                                  Iced Sponge               Ice Cream Treat

Week Four
             Beef Burger / Lamb Burger
24/9/12                                     Chicken Curry with Rice     Roast Turkey stuffing &   Bolognese Bake with Garlic
                     in a Bun                                                                                                           Fish Fingers
22/10/12                                        and Mini Naan                    gravy                      Bread
              Red Onion & Sweetcorn                                                                                                Cheese & Onion Pastie
19/11/12                                     Vegetable Pasta Bake           Veggie Burger           Vegetable Frittata with
                      Quiche                                                                                                               Chips
17/12/12                                   Garden peas & Sweetcorn          Roast Potatoes               Garlic Bread
               Homemade Wedges                                                                                                    Mushy Peas / Baked Beans
14/1/13                                      Apple & Blackcurrant       Fresh Mixed Vegetables           Side Salad
                   Baked Beans                                                                                                    Rice Pudding with Topping
11/2/13                                      Crumble with Custard              Mousse                Ginger Biscuit & Milk
                     Choc Ice

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