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                                                                                                 December 2011

In      is Issue:                      P’ M
                                                                                                 Ed Caldwell
                                                             Magnetism is one of the six fundamental forces of the
President’s Message ..... 1&3
                                                            universe, with the other five being gravity, duct tape,
                                                            whining, remote control, and the force that creates stupidity.
Editor’s Desk ...................2

Design & Development ....3                                            e had quite a positive meeting. A number of
                                                                      important issues were addressed, discussed
Budget ...................... 4&5                                     at length and voted on as needed. So please
                                                         forgive me for the length of this epistle, but many of our
Budget & Finance............6          neighbors cannot make the meetings and are entitled to know what goes on.

Lakes & Waterways ..........6            The Board approved financing some much needed community repair/
                                       replacement items from our reserve fund. This included replacement of our now
Streets, Structures &                  former irrigation contractor with a new firm who will begin repair of our watering
Tra c .............................7   well system and permit us to determine what overall repairs to the distribution
                                       system will be required. We have withheld payment to the former contractor for
Social Committee....... 8-10           documented failure to fulfill its contractual responsibilities. We owe a great deal
                                       of thanks to the Landscape and Irrigation Committee for uncovering the bad acts
Nominating Committee ..11              of the former supplier and for expeditiously getting a reputable and affordable
                                       new contractor.
Candidate Pro les . 12&13
                                         The second big expense is for the repair/upgrade of our entry and exit security
Real Estate ....................14
                                       systems. With the increase in crime, some brought on by the economy, since
Landscape .....................14      folks who normally would not do bad things will now do so…we need to insure
                                       and secure our first lines of protection - our entry and exit points.
Communications ...........15
                                         In addition, the Board approved the Budget for 2012. A very slight increase in
Rules & Regulations .......15          quarterly assessments was required to meet the overall increases in our costs of
                                       operation and the services we require. The increase doesn’t amount to a pair of
PAL Marathon ...... 16&17              Happy Meals at McDonalds. With my weight I figured I could do without that
Garden Corner ...... 18&19
                                         Our thanks to the Nominating committee for putting together a slate for
Annual Meeting ............20          next years’ Board members. The nominees presented were all approved by the
                                       Board. The committee meticulously followed the terms of our By-Laws and
Palmer Ranch ................21        some candidates were not approved for reasons known only to
                                       the committee. Luckily, there were enough candidates
Calendar .......................22     placed on the slate to fill the upcoming openings.
                                       Unfortunately, one candidate became emotionally
Classi ed Ads ........ 23&24           upset and made some accusations about the vetting
                                       process which, on later close       (continued on page 3)
                                      D E C E M B E R 2011

                                               E’ D
                                                                                                         James Farnum
                                                                                 Deer Creek Advertising Policy
                                                                  Personal classified ads are free for Deer Creek residents.
                                                                  “Commercial” ads for residents will be accepted on a
                                                                  space available basis and subject to modification at
                                                                  the discretion of the editor. All photos need to be 300
                                                                  dpi., 72 dpi images will be accepted only if they are
                                                                  12” or larger. Please send unformatted text ads (upper
    DCCA Board of Directors                                       & lower case only), and/or graphics, along with your
                                              name, Deer Creek street address and phone number to dctrails1@
Position          Name        Term Ends All text for ads should be editable. You will receive an e-mail
                                              confirmation when the ad is received. Ad DEADLINE is the 26th of the
 President      Ed Caldwell        2012
 V. President   Howard Pascoe      2012       month. You may also call in your ad to: 941-921-3063.
 Secretary      Rosemary Evans     2013
 Treasurer      Howard Pascoe      2012
 Director       Mike Allen         2012
 Director       Roger Garcia       2013
 Director       Howard Katz        2013
 Director       Phil Mentz         2013
 Director       Janet Montgomery   2012
 Director       Eric Neikrug       2013

     Committee Chairpersons
Budget & Finance             Paul Rabin
Communications        Judy Kupperbusch
Design & Development Howard Pascoe                                                            Assessment Reminder
Lakes , Waterways                                           Quarterly                      Payments must be received within
  & Animals               George Ulrich                assessments of $304               30 days of the due date to avoid a late
Landscape & Irrigation Mafalda Neikrug                       are due                     charge of $25 plus interest and other
Rules & Regulations          Phil Mentz                     as follows:                  costs.
                           Pat Beckwith                                                    For your convenience, sign up for
Social Committee        Sharron Mahan                                                    automatic payment whereby your
Streets, Structures
                                                             1). Jan. 1, 2012            bank, at no charge to you, sends in
  & Traffic           Clark Southworth                       2). April 1, 2012           the exact amount each quarter.
                                                             3). July 1, 2012              To sign up for automatic payment
            Key Positions                                    4). Oct. 1, 2012            or for questions regarding payments,
                                                                                          please call AMI at 359-1134.
Palmer Ranch
Coalition             Howard Pascoe
Palmer Ranch
Master Association    Sandy Twyon
                                                               Notice of Annual Board Meeting
Pref. Vendors List    Irwin Cooper
Telephone Book        Clark Southworth
Trails Distribution   Candi Messerschmidt              Refreshments starting at 6:00 pm Meeting at 7:00 pm
Trails Editor         James Farnum
Website Manager       Clark Southworth
                                                Board Meetings are held at Covenant Life Presbyterian Church, 8490
Gatehouse Captain     Stuart Cotrill             McIntosh Road. Residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

                                                                          D E C E M B E R 2011

(“President’s Message” continued from page 1)

examination, proved some to be false, some to be inconsequential and some to be inaccurate. I don’t like to see
anyone personally offended but at times it is unavoidable.

  The ability to by-pass the nominating committee process is available to all other residents who may, at the last
hour, wish to be placed on the ballot. If an owner or spouse of an owner wishes to be placed on the ballot, all one
need do is get a petition signed by 25 verified plat owners and submit it to me 30 days before the Annual Meeting.
I will then circulate it to the Board and add them to the ballot. Nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting
are also permitted.

  There was a very poignant and informative discussion by several residents and Board members in reference to
some very disturbing events and situations in the Staghorn Lane area. There have been some burglaries and other
potentially dangerous incidents requiring intervention by the Sherriff ’s department. The perpetrator is believed
known by the Deputies and is being dealt with under the law. The Board voted to pursue every avenue we legally
have to aid in resolution of this problem and prevention of further incidents. In addition to this problem, a resident
has egregiously broken an agreement with the community made in June 2010. The Board voted unanimously
to take affirmative action to rectify this situation. The good news is that unfortunate occurrences such as this
represent only 1.44% of our community - a long way below any other averages I have seen. In this regard, we are
arranging to have a senior Sherriff ’s Deputy give a presentation at our Annual Meeting in January on how we can
best protect ourselves and answer questions asked by any resident present.

  This is a very wonderful time of the year so - to all of you I don’t get to greet personally - Have a very Happy
and Blessed Hanukkah or Christmas and yes, a HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO!

D  D
                                                                                                      Howard Pascoe
                     In accordance
                     with Deer Creek             our website and must be lled out in      4757 Antler Tr. – Approved land-
                     De ve l o p m e n t         order to obtain approval. We only list   scaping modi cations, plan on le.
                     Standards and               the addresses of approved requests,
                     A rc h i t e c t u r a l    not the addresses of those that have     4402 Staghorn Ln. – Approved
                     Requirements                been denied.                             landscaping modi cations, instal-
                     (now posted on              Requests from Villas homeowners          lation of pool heater to be screened
                     the Deer Creek              are approved or denied by the Vil-       and removal of diseased tree.
                     Web Site (deer-             las ARB, and are among those listed, approval from                below.                                   8243 Shadow Pine Way – Approved
the Design & Development Board                                                            installation of pavers on driveway,
is required before any changes are                  e following covers D&D activities     walkway and front entry.
made to the appearance of any home               through November 23, 2011:
or property in our community. is                                                          4477 White Cedar Tr. – Approved
includes painting the exterior, install-         8518 Sandy Oak Ln. – Approved            painting exterior of house, color chip
ing a new roof, as well as any addi-             replacing roof.                          on le, and replacement of roof.
tions or removals from the property
(e.g. trees, shrubs, decorative items,           4543 Eagle Ridge Ln. – Approved          4731 White Tail Ln. – Approved
etc. ). An Action Request Form is                repainting driveway and front walk       installation of pavers for driveway
available at the gatehouse or from               same color as before.                    and front entry.
         D E C E M B E R 2011

                   D E C E M B E R 2011                      5
                                 D E C E M B E R 2011

B  F
                                                                                                 Paul Rabin
                       During the past few months, the 2012 budget has been compiled and is now nalized.
                     It was submitted to the Board on November 11 for review and approval at the meeting on
                     November 29.      e letter of transmittal sent with the budget follows and is made part of this

                       Attached is the proposed 2012 budget for review and approval. Also attached is the reserve

                       You will note that the budget re ects a maintenance fee increase of $10 per quarter even
though all the Committee Chairs cooperated in order to keep expenses to a minimum. However, the total
operating expenses actually declined 1.7% or about $6400 from the 2011 budget.

     e reasons for the increase over the 2011 budgeted maintenance rate primarily relates to the following items
that kept 2011 the same as 2010.       ese are not operating expense items:

     1.      e reserve contribution for 2011 was signi cantly reduced by $22,000 because the cost of the road
          re-surfacing project came in well under what was reserved. is savings was passed on to the homeowners
          with a lower contribution. A normal contribution has to be reinstated for 2012.

     2.      e Deer Creek payment to the Palmer Ranch Association was reduced by $5,000 in 2011 from 2010
          levels.   is, too, helped minimize 2011 fees.

     e above two reductions were worth about $14 per quarter for each homeowner in 2011 while the 2012 budget
increases only $10 per homeowner.

  With respect to YTD expenses, the results through October continue for the most part to be positive and we
expect similar results for the remainder of the year.

  We continue to monitor delinquencies for new problems.     ere are one or two cases that could become more
serious and bear watching. One long-term delinquent property was taken over by the bank on October 24.

L, W  A
                                                                                          George Ulrich

                             survey of the test-plant survival by Aquatic Systems Inc. on November 21, reports that
                             48 out of 105 original plants in the littoral zones are alive. e plantings were done
                             on July 25th and a survey by our committee in September indicated only about 25%
                   survival. ASI reports to the County on our progress, and, as of today, no new action on our part
                   is required.

                         e eight test areas on the edge of our ponds are marked with PVC poles 3-4 ft long, and we ask
                   that residents leave them in place. ey are needed for purposes of photographic documentation.

                                                                  D E C E M B E R 2011

S, S  T
                                                                                      Clark Southworth

                                he Woodbriar PC-based video camera system failed on November 1, 2011. The
                                committee responded immediately by delivering the PC to a qualified party to
                                evaluate the nature of the failure and the practicality of repair. It was soon deter-
                      mined that not only had the central processing unit failed, but also the existing 500 GB hard
                      drive had been irreversibly corrupted.

                        Concluding that it was more economical to replace rather than repair, the committee ob-
                      tained four (4) bids from competing contractors to replace the failed system. The bids
ranged in quality, sophistication and price.

  It was a major effort to sort through all the hardware and software details, but after
background research, checking references and a two hour meeting on November 19,
the SS&T Committee arrived at a unanimous decision, and a proposal from a Sara-
sota company named Breakfree Technologies was recommended and subsequently
approved by the Board of Directors.
                                                                                            Example Camera From Old
                                                                                            CCTV System Being Replaced
  A summary of advantages offered by the recommended proposal include:                      at Woodbriar Gate

          covered with just one camera.

          Probability of capturing license plate numbers, car information and driver identification is markedly
          increased compared to the older technology.

          Creek website (
          Approximately, the latest two months of data will be available for review and e-mail to the Sheriff ’s office.

  Breakfree Technologies began installation on Monday, December 5.

  Other activities during the month of November included power washing of the gatehouses, replacement/repair
of four streetlights by Jack and Mike Messerschmidt, and repair of gate arms knocked down by residents and ven-
dors alike. A new American flag was installed by Jack Messerschmidt at the McIntosh gatehouse.

  There was one repair of a gate lifter mechanism at the McIntosh gate as well as eliminating the high pitch squeal
at the Woodbriar pedestrian gate that required the assistance of an outside contractor, but all other work was done
by SS&T volunteers.
                                 D E C E M B E R 2011

S C N
                                                                                         Sharron Mahan
                  It has been my pleasure to serve as
                  Chair of the Social Committee this        at 924-4184 or to make a reservation.
                  year. My appreciation is extended         Mille’s has a charming ambiance and delicious menu.
                  to our Deer Creek Board members           It is located at 3900 Clark Road (Sawyer and Clark).
                  for their support and to our entire          e luncheon will begin at noon. Join us to welcome
                  Social Committee. WHAT A                  in the New Year!
                  COMMITTEE – WHAT A TEAM!!
I also thank you, our residents, for your support and       Donna Hurley will be the hostess for the delightful
participation. Our Social Committee exists for your         February 2nd Valentine’s Day luncheon at Miguel’s
bene t.                                                     Restaurant. Miguel’s is known for their French and
                                                            continental cuisine and we have the restaurant open
We are very pleased to announce that our Co-Chairs for      to only our group. Watch for the e-blast from Suzi
2012 are Nancy Zeman and Rosemary Evans. e other            Harkola on details and RSVP to Donna Hurley at
o cers will be announced later.        ere are a number     924-1052 or e social will begin
of events already planned for 2012. So please read the      at 11:30 followed by lunch at noon.
details below, with your calendar in hand, and come join    _________________________________________
the fun.                                                    BRUNCH AT STONEYBROOK
                                                            Sunday, January 8 11:30a.m.
MEN’S BREAKFAST                                             Howard Pascoe will be reserving tables for Deer Creek
Wednesday, December 7 8:30 a.m.                             residents and guests at the popular Stoneybrook Sunday
   e Breakfast Gang is meeting at First Watch this month.   Brunch.       e bu et is $10.95 plus tax and tip. is
Contact Howard Pascoe at 923-1516 or email him at           is such a great opportunity to spend time with your so that he has an approximate count         friends and neighbors. Please RSVP to Howard at 923-
for the restaurant.                                         1516 or for appropriate planning.
___________________________________________                 _________________________________________
ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY                                        DALI MUSEUM TOUR
   ursday, December 8 6:00 – 10:00 p.m.                        ursday, January 19 9:30 a.m.
New Venue! New Entertainment! Lower Price! Exciting!        Join your Deer Creek neighbors to tour the new Dali
We are moving the party from Prestancia to Stoneybrook      Museum in St. Petersburg, FL. View the world’s most
Golf & Country Club. Popular vocal entertainers from        comprehensive collection of works by Spanish surrealist
Tampa, John Rinnell and Sheryn Deis, will provide           artist, Salvador Dali. e new museum which houses
music for your listening and dancing pleasure.         is   this remarkable collection is listed by Travel News as
celebration is open to all residents, friends, couples,     “one of the top buildings you have to see before you
singles and relatives. New lower price $49 per person.      die.” e bus will pick us up at the front gate at 9:30
Response has been good but we don’t want to leave out       a.m. and return us to Deer Creek by 4:00 p.m. e
anyone. If you have had a last-minute change of plans,      fee which includes bus fare, entrance to the museum
you can still attend by calling Nancy Zeman at 927-7522     and a private tour is $46.50 per person. Make your
or 320-3893 (cell).                                         reservation soon by calling Nancy Bockhaus at 346-
___________________________________________                 7347 or email her at
LADIES LUNCHEONS                                            Why not give a reservation to a friend as a holiday gift.
   ursdays, January 5 & February 2                          _________________________________________
   e DC women will meet on January 5 at 11:30 at Millie’s   CO-ED BOOK CLUB
Restaurant. We will order from the menu which features      Friday, January 20 10:00a.m.
breakfast or lunch choices. Please contact Diane Geimer        e rst meeting of the year will be in Jen Carlin’s home

                                                                  D E C E M B E R 2011

at 4576 Deer Trail Blvd. e book up for discussion is DC BIKERS
“Before I Go To Sleep” by British author S. J. Watston.      e bikers (bicyclers that is) are back in action! ey
It is available at and local bookstores.       are meeting every Saturday morning for a group ride
                                                          on the Legacy Trail and/or other local areas of interest.
Wanted: More Members!! Singles and couples are If you would like to join and be added to their email
invited to join this stimulating and fun activity. We list to receive reminders of biking activities, contact Bob
read and discuss new and old books, both ction and Dannewitz at or call him at 923-
non- ction.                                               8191.
For more information, please contact Ruth Ellis (923- ___________________________________________
5682), Jerry Addicott (924-1075) or Barbara Beal RECENT EVENTS
(356-3617).                                               FOOD DRIVE
_________________________________________ Deer Creek residents can be proud of our contribution to
“LES MISERABLES” – Road Trip!                             the All Faiths Food Bank in November. Many hundreds
Wednesday, February 8 5:15 p.m.                           of pounds of food were delivered to their facility. We hear
Deadline December 10                                      that the Villa folks “take the prize” for being the most
Tickets are available now for the 25th anniversary generous. ank you to all who contributed to Sarasota’s
performance of the longest running play in history! hungry.
Ride in the comfort of an air-conditioned coach, right
to the door of the Straz Center for Performing Arts RINGLING COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN
in Tampa. Save gasoline, no parking – just enjoy the         is private, docent-guided tour was outstanding in so
show. Ticket and coach fare is $85 per person. We will many ways. Sarasota is so fortunate to be the home of
depart from the front gate at 5:15 p.m. and return to this unique, highly-regarded school. It was a pleasure to
Deer Creek by 10:30 p.m.                                  tour the facilities, view the modern equipment, visit with
Deadline is December 10 because our reserved, unused some of the talented students as they worked on their
tickets have to be returned to the Straz. Contact Nancy projects and enjoy a delicious lunch in the cafeteria. We
Zeman at 927-7522 or                   were treated to a memorable experience.
MIXERS                                                    LADIES HOLIDAY SOIRÉE
Friday, February 10 6-8 p.m.                              A record fty ladies attended this annual gathering on
Due to busy schedules surrounding the holidays, December 2 at the home of Donna Hurley – de nitely
we haven’t scheduled a Mixer for the next couple of a highlight of our year. Her festive decorations, warm
months. Jay and Cathy Olin will start the New Year hospitality, the delicious pot-luck luncheon and
with a Valentine’s theme on February 10. e next perfect weather were enjoyed by all. Camaraderie and
issue of the Trails will be distributed in early February appreciation of each other were abundant.
giving you very short notice for the February 10 date.
So mark your calendars now so it is on your schedule
to attend.                                                                                e Social Committee is selling
                                                                                         mugs made especially for Deer
We would like to give a big thank you to Bob and Judy                                    Creek. ey are 11oz. stoneware
Dannewitz for graciously opening their beautiful home                                    and can be used in the microwave.
for last month’s Mixer. We had such a great turnout                                      At $5 they would make great gifts
                                                                                         and an excellent reminder of our
with fty people attending including many new faces.                                      beautiful community. If you are
                                                                                         interested, contact Nancy Zeman
We are making a list of those people wishing to host                                     at 927-7522 or nzeman@
in the coming months. If you are interested, please                            
contact Shirley McQuaid at 923-1029.

                                  D E C E M B E R 2011

 Social Opportunities at a Glance:
     Dec 7 Wed 8:30am        Men’s Breakfast .................Howard Pascoe 923-1516 or
     Dec 8  u 6:00pm         Holiday Party ....................Dee Forsyth 927-1355 or
                                                               Nancy Zeman 927-7522 or
     Dec 10 Sat   Deadline   Les Miserables ...................Nancy Zeman 927-7522 or
     Jan 5    u   11:30am    Ladies Luncheon ...............Diane Geimer 924-4184 or
     Jan 8 Sun    11:30am    Brunch at Stoneybrook ......Howard Pascoe 923-1516 or
     Jan 19 u      9:30am    Dali Museum Tour ............Nancy Bockhaus 346-7347 or
     Feb 2    u   11:30am    Ladies Luncheon ...............Donna Hurley 924-1052 or
     Feb 8 Wed    5:15 pm    Les Miserables ..................Nancy Zeman 927-7522 or
     Feb 10 Fri   6-8pm      Mixer at Olin’s home .........Shirley McQuaid 923-1029

     Tue          weekly     Bowling .............................Bob Dannewitz 923-8191 or
                                                                   Sharron Mahan 929-7694 or
     Sat          weekly     DC Bikers (bicycles) ..........Bob Dannewitz 923-8191 or
     1st Mon      month      Artists of Palmer Ranch .....Jeanne-Collette Romance 924-8182
     1st u        month      Ladies Luncheons ..............Diane Geimer 924-4184 or
     2nd u        month      Men’s Poker .......................Herman Freese 927-6805
     1st Fri      month      Book Club .........................resumes in the fall
     3rd Fri      month      Co-ed Book Club ...............Ruth Ellis 923-5682, Jerry Addicott 924-1075 or
                                                                   Barbara Beal 356-3617
     Varies       month      Men’s Breakfasts ................Howard Pascoe 923-1516 or
     Varies       month      Mah Jongg .........................Jolyn (Jo) West 320-2092 or Sharron Mahan 929-7694
     Varies       Varies     Mixers ...............................Shirley McQuaid 923-1029 or

                                                            D E C E M B E R 2011

DCCA N C
                                                                                           Lorie Rabin

           he Deer Creek Nominating Committee, appointed by the DCCA Board, was comprised of Bill
           Edelman, Bob Hulvat, Howard Tisch, John VanShoor, and Lorie Rabin, Chairperson. We met
           on October 6 and prepared iers notifying all residents interested in running for the DCCA
 Board to submit their bios /application by October 26 to the Nominating Committee.           ese iers were
 delivered to every member of the Deer Creek community the week of November 8. Additionally, the
 Committee conducted an outreach solicitation toward newer, interested members of the Community
 in an attempt to provide demographic diversity to the Board. Applicants from this action plus all those
 applications submitted to the Committee were gathered, reviewed by the Committee and all six applicants
 were interviewed by the Committee.           e Committee completed interviews, deliberated, and then
 selected the slate, by majority vote, by November 13. All applicants were then noti ed of the Committee’s
 selections and sent individual e-mails inclusive of Section 3.5.2 of the DCCA by-laws which provides for
 nomination by petition.

      e DCCA Board was noti ed, via current Board President Ed Caldwell, by November 14 and Ed in
 turn noti ed all Board members and AMI.

        Selected slate:
                Matt Benjamin
                Ed Caldwell
                Janet Montgomery
                Howard Pascoe

      e Nominating Committee’s duty is to review interested applicants, recruit as necessary, and vet all
 applicants to e ect a slate of recommended candidates. Additional candidates can be added per provision
 3.5.2 which states:

   “ e Report must state that additional nominations can be made until 30 days prior to the members’ Annual
 Meeting by submitting a petition to the Board of Directors signed by members representing twenty- ve (25)
 plotted lots. Nominations for Directors can be made from the oor during the members’ Annual Meeting.”

   Notice to the entire Deer Creek community, inclusive of provision 3.5.2, is provided with this TRAILS
 publication.     ank you to all applicants, the Nominating Committee, and to all those who helped deliver
 initial iers to Deer Creek residents for time expended and interest in this process.

                                 D E C E M B E R 2011

          Deer Creek 2012 Board of Directors Election ~ Candidate Pro les
                             Name: Matthew Benjamin

                             Address: 4472 Staghorn Lane

                             Number of years in residence at Deer Creek: < 1 year

                             Education: BA – Education, Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota
                                            AAS – Aviation Technology, San Juan College, Farmington, New

                             Business Experience: Previous experience includes Teacher & Administrator for
                             an international school system in Pakistan, Minnesota, and Egypt. Also worked as
a Commercial Airline Pilot ying for America West and Northwest Airlines and ultimately resigned my position
to stay at home to raise my newborn son. I am presently self-employed as a sales representative for a avor house
located in Michigan.

Civic Experience: Various volunteer positions with Saint Croix Montessori, St. Croix, MN; Ordway Elementary
School, Bainbridge Island, WA and Gulf Gate Elementary School, Sarasota, FL. Youth athletic coaching with
Bainbridge Island Little League and Bainbridge Island Youth Soccer Club.

Reason(s) for Candidacy:
My family and I are very happy to call Deer Creek our home – and we knew this was a community we wanted to
be a part of when we rst visited.     is is because of the hard work of previous boards, committees and volunteers
– all of whom have made this a great place to live. I o er my knowledge, insight and perspective to the community
to be a part of this positive energy moving forward.

                             Name: Ed Caldwell

                             Address: 8560 Woodbriar Drive

                             Number of years in residence at Deer Creek: 20

                             Education: University Degrees in History, Accounting, Business Law and Engineering

                            Business Experience: Owner and Managing Director of a small manufacturing plant
                            that custom designed and built various automated assemble machines. Member of
                            the Board of Directors of an international manufacturing corporation. Director of
Foreign Operations of a major international electronic component manufacturer.

Civic Experience: Past President of DCC Association. Various Church a liated o ces and Vestryman.

Reason(s) for Candidacy:
Simply put, I would like to continue the work I have been doing for our community. We have several important
items in process and I would like to see them through to their conclusion.
                                                                D E C E M B E R 2011

          Deer Creek 2012 Board of Directors Election ~ Candidate Pro les
                             Name: Janet Montgomery

                             Address: 8416 Woodbriar Drive

                             Number of years in residence at Deer Creek: 9+ years

                             Education: Ohio State

                           Business Experience: Realtor with Michael Saunders & Company for the past 9
                           years. My total real estate sales experience is over 25 years. VP of Marketing for large
                           title company in Ohio; owned a clothing distribution company in Akron, Ohio;
Advertising Manager for a newspaper in South Central Ohio; owned and operated a orist business.

Civic Experience:
Co-chaired countywide Heart Association fund drive in South Central Ohio for several years. Volunteered with
Ohio Make-A-Wish Foundation, Adults with Disabilities, Cancer Society, Easter Seals and many other charities
over the years. Grounds beauti cation for my Homeowners Association in Akron, Ohio.

Reason(s) for Candidacy:
 During the past year as a member of the Deer Creek Board of Directors and Board Liasion to the SS& T
committee, I have become more aware of the vital role our volunteer residents play in making Deer Creek the
wonderful place we live. I would like to continue to give back to the community.

                             Name: Howard Pascoe

                             Address: 8335 Shadow Pine Way

                             Number of years in residence at Deer Creek: 9

                             Education: BS, MA, M Architecture
                                     University of Wisconsin, City College Of NY, Cooper Union

                             Business Experience: Founder and CEO of Architectural Firm specializing in Food
                             Service Design and installations worldwide.

Civic Experience:
Secretary Deer Creek Board of Directors 2004-5, President Deer Creek Board of Directors 2006-7, Deer Creek Vice
President & Treasurer 2011, Chairman of Design & Development Board since 2005, Deer Creek Representative
to the Palmer Ranch Community Coalition.

Reason(s) for Candidacy:
To utilize my knowledge and experience in assuring homeowners that scal responsibility is a prime concern of
their Board and to assure that Deer Creek remains beautiful and friendly with property values among the elite in
                                  D E C E M B E R 2011

R E C
                                                                                             Linda Slack

                            s the holiday season approaches and snow birds return for some sun and beach time,
                            Deer Creek’s inventory of homes for sale remains low with only eleven properties
                            listed for sale – three Villas with asking prices from $189,900 to $339,900 and eight
                    homes with asking prices from $285,000 to $500,000.
                    Two houses are under contract and scheduled to close by year end.
                     Since my last report, two villas and one house have sold:
                     4477 White Cedar Tr., a 2,899 square foot house was last listed at $349,900 and sold on
10/31/2011 as a short sale for $220,000 or $75.89 per square foot. e house needed some TLC per the MLS and
was sold “as is” with some disclosed roof issues – tiles slipping in the rear and a roof leak in the dining room area.
4531 Deer Trail Blvd., a 1,753 square foot paired villa was last listed at $235,000 and sold on 11/04/2011 for
$200,000 or $114.09 per square foot.
8006 Bobcat Cir., a 1,416 square foot villa was last listed as a short sale for $179,900 and sold on 11/16/2011 for
$179,900 or $127.05 per square foot.       is villa had gone under contract very quickly three times since it went
on the market in the Fall of 2010.
  For those unfamiliar with the term “short sale”, it is a type of pre-foreclosure sale in which the mortgagee agrees
to let an owner sell the property for less than the full amount due and accept the proceeds as payment in full.
As an active Realtor, my information is obtained from the MLS and does not include private sales.

L / I C
                                                                                       Mafalda Neikrug

                             outh Coast replaced all the Jasmine Minima around the cul-de-sac on Longspur Lane.
                             We will keep a close watch to make sure it survives.

                       The red and pink geraniums have been planted and look very good.
                        Most of the holiday decorations are up. We still need to install the lights around the six
                     palm trees at the front gate which should be done by next week. We have concentrated most
                     of the lights at the front gate. We will be evaluating what else we need for the front gate and
work on the back gate next year. We were very disappointed that we did not get enough people to volunteer…we
only had eight people show up and they worked very hard and did a fantastic job. I want to thank Jack Messerschmidt,
Roger Garcia, Howard Pacoe, Kristina Kelly, Eric Neikrug, Ernie Oriente, Judy Kupperbusch and Carla Manley.
  We replaced the irrigation maintenance company, Don Voss, with Pro Gro. Voss was only maintaining the vis-
ible areas at both entrances and not much else. One well pump was shut down completely, another had a leaking
expansion tank and was causing the well pump to cycle on and off; another well had a leaking expansion tank
removed and replaced with a direct on/off switch: a cheap, but not good fix.
  We are developing a map with the entire irrigation system drawn on it along with documentation of all the
valves, wells and sprinkler heads. This is all part of the agreement with Pro Gro and included in our maintenance
agreement at no extra charge. We need to repair one well that supplies water to the cul-de-sacs. Once that is op-
erational, we will start to repair each cul-de-sac until all are working properly.
                                                              D E C E M B E R 2011

                                                                                     Judy Kupperbusch

                               o Board Meeting in December – No January Trails Newsletter: e next issue of
                               the Trails will be delivered in early February. e Communications Committee
                               wishes our Deer Creek neighbors Happy Holidays.

                                                                                     Philip S. Mentz

                                  artin Luther King Jr. Day - Monday, January 16: is holiday is often missed
                                  as an observed holiday. Vendors show up to do work and are denied access into
                                  Deer Creek. Please check your schedule now and make adjustments so that you
                     won’t have to reschedule if your vendor has been turned away at the gate on the 16th.

                       2012 Holidays: Deer Creek observes the following 10 Holidays. Vendors are not allowed
                     access into Deer Creek on all Sundays and the following dates:

                       Sunday         January 1       New Year’s Day
                       Monday         January 16      Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
                       Monday         February 20     Presidents’ Day
                       Monday         May 28          Memorial Day
                       Wednesday      July 4          Independence Day
                       Monday         September 3     Labor Day
                       Monday         October 8       Columbus Day
                       Sunday         November 11     Veterans’ Day
                         ursday       November 22        anksgiving
                       Tuesday        December 25     Christmas Day

  In the case of an emergency or unusual situation, contact a member of the Board of Directors (listed on page 2
of every issue of this newsletter) to request an exception.  e guards cannot grant an exception and are required
to turn the vendor away.
                                  D E C E M B E R 2011


      e race-day weather was perfect, the cheering neighbors were appreciated, the forty volunteers in DC were
conscientious in their duties, the runners were thankful for the encouragements and we were able to have a safe,
enjoyable activity for all.  e e orts put forth for this event, the Second Annual PAL Half-Marathon, garnered at
least $20,000.00 for PAL (Police Athletic League) causes in Sarasota County...programs and assistance to area at-
risk and disadvantaged children and youth. We are most indebted to all who were assisting and to our residents at
their driveways or sidewalks cheering the runners. To those who were marginally disrupted on Sunday morning,
November 27, our appreciation for your patience and understanding as to the engendered value and safety that
this run through DC allowed.

  Six hundred runners were exposed to our community and their comments were so positive to this experience.
   ey appreciated the cheers and support of the neighbors and complemented us on our lovely homes and

 To all residents, our appreciation for support of this event and the resulting kudos for our Deer Creek Community.
  e children and youth of Sarasota County are the nal and needy benefactors of our e orts.

 Al and Sharron Mahan

           Photos: James

                                            D E C E M B E R 2011


                                        Jose Gomez and Ina Curless.
                                        Ina placed 4th in the 50+ Division.

    Ina Curless

                                                                              Jose Gomez
          Greg Goebel

                                  D E C E M B E R 2011

G C
                                                                                          Rachele Farnum

                              ecember 22nd marks the end of the autumnal equinox and the beginning of the
                              winter solstice. The weather is still cool and very pleasant. However, beware of
                              freezing temperature by month’s end. If a freeze threatens, here are a few tips that
                     you may want to know:

                       1. Your garden is less susceptible to frost damage when the ground is wet that when it is
                     dry. Therefore when you hear that a frost is expected on the following morning, SOAK THE
                     GROUND THOROUGHLY.

                       2. Young plants with MULCH around them will freeze more quickly than when the soil
about them is UNCOVERED. Therefore DO NOT MULCH tender young plants in winter. Mulch prevents
upward radiation of warmth from the soil to the shoot, and also collects dew, which freezes when the temperature
drops to thirty-two degrees.

  3. Almost any kind of covering except metal will help prevent plants from being injured by frost. NEVER use
METAL as it is a conductor of cold. I use old sheets, blankets, bushel baskets, carton boxes, big plastic planters,
drop clothes, clothes pins to create a tighter space around the plants, stones to keep the material down to the
ground. My neighbor uses his lit Christmas lights on the plants, to generate heat for them (quite clever indeed!!!!).
Most nurseries sell, during winter, a white material which feels like a light foam, and it works very well in the
prevention of damage by frost.

  4. In case of a severe cold snap, frost damage may be prevented by the proper use of sprinkler irrigation. If
the sprinklers are kept running during the cold snap, ice will continue to form on the plants, thus keeping the
temperature at thirty-two degrees.

   5. If you want to get a correct temperature reading during a cold spell, put your thermometer in a shady spot
near the ground. December is a month of color. The poinsettias are coming into full bloom and so are some of
the bougainvilleas. Watch out for the giant horned worm that sometimes attacks the foliage of poinsettias. Now
is the time to plant poinsettias. Most garden centers will be clearing their shelves, so look for good buys to plant.
After the holiday cut to 12”-18”. You will cut them again in May and over the summer. For holiday blooms, NO

   Another plant that blooms during this month is the Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera or Zygocactus), which
is a tropical plant. I have three magnificent and healthy specimens: a salmon colored one, a fuchsia one, and a
red one. I purchased them at MARIPOSA NURSERY two years ago. I planted them in containers in the lanai.
During the hot summer months, I keep them in a place with morning sun and afternoon shade. I water them
when the soil is a bit dry to the touch. I do not over water them.

  One of my favorite December blooming plant is the Calandiva, which is a succulent, a hybrid of the Kalanchoe.
I purchased many of them at Publix. I have pink ones, red ones, yellow ones, orange ones, hot pink ones, and
lavender ones. They are very easy to grow and to propagate. All of mine are in pots in the sun. They like heat
and humidity. They dislike over watering. The flowers are small and in clusters and their colors are very vibrant
and eye-catching. Cut the dead flowers and when the stems get very tall and leggy, cut them down and plant the
cuttings in potting soil, water them often, in the beginning, and you will have more of these marvelous and easy
to care for succulents.
                                                                D E C E M B E R 2011

  The bougainvillea glabra “Barbara Karst” (Red bougainvillea) is the best known and one of our most spectacular
winter bloomers. It is a high maintenance plant, however, requiring heavy pruning in the summer because of its
fast growth. And, since it has sharp thorns, the experience could be painful. But, the winter flowers make the
summer work well worth the effort.

  Red bougainvillea blooms mainly in the winter and spring. Bougainvilleas originated in Brazil. They come in
red, purple, peach, orange, yellow, white or bicolor. The red and purple are the strongest in South Florida.

  Plant bougainvilleas any time of the year in native soil. Leave the
rootball slightly out of the ground. Cut the bottom of the pot and
trim off the rim. Plant with the sides of the pot left on because
bougainvilleas like their roots restricted. Immediately after planting,
fertilize with an acid type fertilizer (Bougain fertilizer, sold at
Home Depot). Repeat in March, June, and October of each year.
Bougaivilleas need full sun and dry conditions to perform well. In
addition, the red bougaivilleas attract hummingbirds and butterflies.

  Plant of the month: Yellow Elder (Tecoma stains)
  The yellow elder is bright and cheerful from October to December.
It sometimes blooms in the spring with showy yellow trumpets that
are borne in big clusters. Yellow elder is drought-and neglect-tolerant
and makes a bushy tree that grows to 20 feet. However I trim my two
yellow elders when they stop blooming. and I keep them short. The
butterflies and the bees love those cascading yellow trumpets.
                                                                                       Yellow Elder (Tecoma stans)

                                                                Christmas Cactus

 Photos: James Farnum


                                  D E C E M B E R 2011

                                ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION NOTICE

                     January 24, 2012 Covenant Life Presbyterian Church, 8490 McIntosh Road
                             6:00 PM Socializing and Refreshments, 7:00 PM Meeting

       e Deer Creek Bylaws require that an Annual Meeting be held each year. Business to be conducted includes:

          e pro les of the four candidates for the four open positions on the Board of Directors appear in this issue
     of the newsletter.

       Ballots and proxy forms with instructions on how to cast your vote will be mailed to each homeowner by
     AMI, Inc., our management company. If you have any questions when you are completing the proxy or the
     ballot, please call Doug Wilson or Charlotte Stein at AMI, 941-359-1134.

       If you are planning to attend the meeting, please bring your ballot and proxy form with you so that you
     can cast your ballot at the meeting.

       If you do not plan to attend the annual meeting, it is very important that you complete and mail your ballot
     and proxy form as instructed in the ballot package. e mailed ballots will not be opened until the evening
     of the meeting.

         e proxy forms are counted to determine a quorum. If 30% of the community is represented at the
     annual meeting (either by physical presence or mailed proxy) business may be conducted.

                                                             D E C E M B E R 2011


The McIntosh parking lot and access trail to the Legacy Trail will be closed from December 13 through
December 16. The county will be performing maintenance on a well at the Central County Water
Reclamation Facility. The Legacy Trail is open for recreational use. For questions, please call Sarasota
County (941) 861-5000 and reference the North County DIW Project.
Areas of turf are being replaced in roadways, please drive with caution.
Scheduled for Saturday, turf replacement will continue on the south side of Palmer Ranch Parkway,
working from McIntosh Road toward Beneva Road. Sod replacement on Sarasota Square Boulevard is
scheduled for next week. New sod will be watered nightly from 10:00 P.M. to 6:30 A.M. and during the
day by portable water trucks and hand watering. Thank you for your patience and consideration.

The fall Coleus in the entrance annual beds will be replaced starting Monday with Geraniums for winter
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, which is annually on December 7, commemorates the attack
on Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii, during World War II. Many American service men and women lost their lives
or were injured on December 7, 1941.

Electric has been installed in the new traffic light at Central Sarasota Parkway and Potter Park Drive and
is currently in a flashing mode. The traffic light is expected to be fully operational in about a week after
county inspections are completed.

                                        D E C E M B E R 2011

                                                    December 2011
       Sunday           Monday                Tuesday          Wednesday             Thursday            Friday             Saturday
                                                                                1                  2                    3
                                                                                                      Ladies’               DC Bikers
                                                                                                   Holiday Soiree

 4                 5                     6                     7                8                  9                    10
                    Artists of Palmer          Bowling               Men’s       Holiday Party                            DC Bikers
                          Ranch                                     Breakfast       Stoneybrook
                                                                    Bowling          Men’s Poker

 11                12                    13                    14               15                 16                   17
                                               Bowling                                                                    DC Bikers

 18                19                    20                    21               22                 23                   24
                                               Bowling                                                                    DC Bikers

 25                26                    27                    28               29                 30                   31
                                               Bowling                                                                    DC Bikers

                                                       January 2012
       Sunday           Monday                Tuesday              Wednesday          Thursday          Friday          Saturday
 1                 2                     3                     4                5               6                  7
                    Artists of Palmer                                           Ladies Luncheon                         DC Bikers

 8                 9                     10                    11               12                 13              14
      Brunch at                                Bowling                            Men’s Poker                           DC Bikers

 15                16                    17                    18               19                 20              21
                                               Bowling                           Dali Museum            Co-Ed           DC Bikers
                                                                                     Tour              Book Club

 22                23                    24                    25               26                 27              28
                                               Bowling                                                                  DC Bikers
                                         Board of Director’s
                                          Annual Meeting

 29                30                    31

                                                                    D E C E M B E R 2011

                                   GOING AWAY?
                             Watch your dog and/or house.
                                   Dog $10 per visit
                              Watch house $10 per visit
                              Water plants $10 per visit                Want to buy good used car with low miles,
                             Call Rachele - 941-921-3063                 clean title, around $5,000. Please email
                                                                         Suzi Harkola at
                                                                              or call 927-5689 with details.
           foto-grafx                     p: 941.921.3063

        photography | graphic/web design | portraits
                                                                                      ANDY ONCALL         ®
                                                                       Professional Home Repair & Handyman Service
         photo restoration | offset & digital printing
                                                                          Mention this ad & Residents will receive
                  email:                         $25 o $100, $50 o $250, or $100 o $500
                   web:                                    (Labor Only) Call: 371-5484

                Health Care Administration                                CERTIFIED SPEECH PATHOLOGIST
                4508 Deer Trail Blvd. Sarasota, FL.34238                                AVAILABLE
                cell: (941) 914-5446                                        Pediatric Speech-Language Disorders
                                            Accent Modification
                Specializing in In-Home health care, Light house                    Marcia Hoodwin, M.A
cleaning, Medical errands, Shopping, References available. Full-
time DC resident. Deer Creek residents receive 10% discount!           

     Deer Creek Residents & Specialists

                                                                      Deer Creek Veterinary Technician
                           GOLD                                    will care for your pets while you’re away.
                (Unwanted Jewelry, Gold Coins)                     Walking, feeding, meds & playtime with
         Instant Cash Any Quantity & Any Condition.                extra loving care. $10.00 per 45 minute
              Paying Extremely Competitive Prices                  visit $50.00 per overnight stay. No limit
        Licensed Buyer – David Levene 941-536-100                      on number of pets in household.
                      Home: 8484 Woodbriar Dr.                       Call Shirley McQuaid at 923-1029
        Office: 3434 N. Tamiami Tr. Sarasota, Fl. 34234                       Cell: 714-612-2399

                                       D E C E M B E R 2011

     Steven Lindsley - fine home maintenance and repair since
          1972. Contact us for a complete list of services.
            941-914-9445 or send your contact info to:

                 Wonderful Outstanding Worker
          tile, carpentry, plumbing, painting, repair
       equipment, and more.... References available. 20%
                 off for Deer Creek Residents !!!
             tel : (941) 321-4228 - (941) 735-7965

                      Marie Monsky, Realtor, GRI
                      Deer Creek Resident Since 1996
                      O ce: 941-383-7591 ext. 2215
                      Cell: 941-350-3245                         Deer Creek to Florida Airports - if you need a dependable
                         ride to the Sarasota, Tampa, Fort Myers, Orlando or other
                                                                Regional Airports, give me a call. I also provide rides to Cruise
                                                                                  Ships, Buses, & Med. appts.
                    SITTER AVAILABLE                                     Bud Diehm, Deer Creek resident since 1997.
                 Experienced, Reliable, Mature                       Cell Phone (941) 320-8620 Home (941) 927-9525
                                                                 Other services I provide include dog walking, deliveries, and
              All age groups, Pediatric to Geriatric                         errands as well as house watching, etc.

             Companions and Home Health aides
             11th year of service to the community.
               Discount to Deer Creek residents.
            Contact Michael Jones, Comfort Keepers

                    AUNT JAN’S PROFESSIONAL PET
                      SITTING & DOG WALKING
                                                                             Is your house getting to be too big for you?
                                 Free at Home                               Are you thinking about moving to something
                                                                               smaller, but don't know where to start?
                                                                                           Senior Moves
                                                                                   can help you decide where to go
             Large & Small ~ I Love Them All !                                     can help you decide what to take with you
             Former Owner of The North Jersey                                      can create a color floor plan of your
                                                                                   furniture arranged in your new home
          School of Dog Grooming and Have Lived                                    can pack and unpack your treasured items
                in Deer Creek for Over 16 Yrs                                      can dispose of unneeded items
            Please contact Aunt Jan ( Jan Estrin)
                                                                             Call Sue Ellen Addicott at 924-2842 for a
                                                                                   complimentary consultation


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