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					                               Mare Island Technology Academy
                              Board of Directors Special Meeting
                                       October 11, 2011

The special meeting of the Mare Island Technology Academy Board of Directors was held on
Tuesday, October 11, 2011. The meeting was called to order by Board President, Bonnie Katz at
5:01 p.m.

Members present: Jaime Guzman(departed the meeting at 6:19pm), Annette Hilts, Darnesha
Hopkins, Joe Jones, Bonnie Katz, Debbie Lamb, Kent Peterman, Paul Roberts, Lynne Vaughan
(attended via phone), and Gary Williams
Members absent: Cody Hazeltine
Others present: Matt Smith, Alex Insaurralde, and Brenda Franks (Recording Secretary)

The Mare Island Technology Academy Board of Directors recessed this meeting at 5:02 p.m. to
convene in Closed Session.


4. ADJOURN TO OPEN SESSION: Announcements from Closed Session
The Mare Island Technology Academy Board of Directors reconvened in Open Session at 5:35
p.m. The following announcements were made from Closed Session: The Board of Directors
accepted the voluntary consent for discipline for a student until June 7, 2012. The Board of
Directors also approved a Termination of Enrollment of a student dependent upon a manifestation
hearing to be held on October 12, 2011.

Mr. Smith asked Sierra Rodriguez to lead the Board of Directors in the Pledge of Allegiance.

On motion of Paul Roberts, seconded by Joe Jones, the Board of Directors approved the agenda
as printed.

On motion of Joe Jones, seconded by Kent Peterman, the Board of Directors approved the
minutes of the regular board meeting on September 6, 2011, and the special board meetings of
September 7 and 12, 2011, as printed.

There was no public comment.

a. Director’s Report: Matt Smith
AVID Update: Mr. Smith reported for Micah Studer. AVID had their first parent night where the
vision for the year was outlined. Parents of 75 different students attended the meeting. Suzanna
Linarez was the coordinator of the event.
AVID Leadership is beginning a letter writing campaign to partner with local businesses.
AVID Leadership is also planning the fall field trip to UCSF and SF State.
Color guard and AVID are partnering for fundraising for both programs.
Micah Studer and Byron Laird have been selected to attend AVID’s National Trainer of Trainers
event in San Jose on November 3 and 4.

Mr. Smith reported we are struggling through technology issues. MIT is hunting for a Senior
Network Administrator. To date we have received two applications for the position.

MIT is piloting a program called Pyramid of Interventions. The object of the program is to
eliminate the zero. This will significantly reduce the number of F’s students receive and will also
reduce the drop out rate. If a student is not turning in assignments, the teacher will create an
individual intervention for the student with layers. Goal of the program is 95% of students turn in
100% of the work. It is believed this will reduce the attrition rate at the high school.

b. Enrollment/Attendance Report: Matt Smith
Attendance is holding solid for the month of September. Grades 6-8 attendance rate is at 98%.
Grades 9-12 attendance rate is at 96.8%.

c. Discipline Report: Matt Smith
It was reported that suspensions have not gone down. This news is a bit disappointing.
Administration states results are below expectations in light of the use of Behavioral RtI.
Suspensions were five during the month of September at the high school last year. This year
during September there have been 15 suspensions at the high school.
Suspensions at the middle school last year were 10. This year there have been 11.
Referrals are running about the same as last year.

d. Assistant Director’s Report: Alex Insaurralde
Good news: Mr. Insaurralde presented a comparison from last year to this year for PR1 F’s. The
percentages have dropped significantly. Students receiving F’s are usually getting multiple F’s.
These students are typically intentional non-learners.
Honor Roll Awards: There will be an assembly on Friday to recognize students who have made
the honor roll. There are three categories for awards: Assistant Director award for students with a
GPA of 3.0 to 3.49, Director award for students with a GPA of 3.5 to 3.9, and Griffin award for
students with a 4.0. Each student will receive a certificate, Free Dress Pass, and a special cookie.
More good news: The middle school has made AYP through Safe Harbor, an alternative way of
reaching AYP. If we meet Safe Harbor again next year, or meet AYP in the traditional manner,
the middle school will no longer be in program improvement.

e. PTN: Matt Smith
PTN met last Thursday, October 6. The Pyramid of Interventions plan was presented to the
parents in attendance for their consideration. It was enthusiastically endorsed.

f. WASC: Matt Smith
There was no report in regard to WASC for MIT Academy. However Mr. Smith reported he will be
participating on a WASC team in February.
g. MITATA: Ryan Cole
Mr. Cole reported that the membership of MITATA-ESP ratified their contract. Staff appears to be
in a happier mood this year. The staff is looking forward to implementing the Pyramid of

h. Student Representative: Darnesha Hopkins
Ms. Hopkins asked the board to consider Senior Class Dress Privileges such as Casual Friday
and Business Wednesday. It was decided to refer the request to the VOORP Committee for a
recommendation to the board.

On motion of Kent Peterman, seconded by Debbie Lamb, the Board of Directors approved the
following Consent Agenda items with the stipulation that Ms. Katz be given permission to tweak
the job descriptions in coordination with administration.
       Personnel Action Items
       September 2011 Check Register
       Job Descriptions: Jr. Network Administrator, Network Administrator, Sr. Network
       Signer Status on Bank of America accounts

a. Approval of Grad Nite – Darnesha Hopkins
Ms. Hopkins presented information regarding a Grad Nite event scheduled for May 23-26 in
cooperation with Vallejo High School. The cost of the trip is $598 per student. A deposit of $198
is due next week with monthly payments of $100 following to be paid in full by March 15. Gioula
Empleo spoke to the item. Recognizing the fact that there will be lost ADA due to students being
absent, the seniors suggested they attend RtI to help compensate that loss of income. Mr. Cole
said the seniors seem to be stepping up and growing up in regard to the seriousness for the
Washington D.C. trip and Grad Nite. The Class is coming together and showing great
responsibility. Mr. Smith would like to see our seniors as tutors during RtI. There will need to be a
bit of crunching of numbers to see if it is possible to fund both events. Insurance issues need to
be addressed also. The Board asked the seniors to do some more homework on this issue before
they will consider approving it. On motion of Joe Jones, seconded by Paul Roberts, the Board of
Directors approved putting this item back on the agenda for the November 8 board meeting.

b. Approval of Unaudited Actuals
On motion of Kent Peterman, seconded by Paul Roberts, the Board of Directors approved the
Unaudited Actuals as presented.

c. Collective Bargaining Agreement between MIT and MITATA-ESP
On motion of Paul Roberts, seconded by Kent Peterman, the Board of Directors approved the
Collective Bargaining Agreement between MIT and MITATA-ESP.

There were no discussion items for consideration.

a. Curriculum: Smith
There was no report. However, the committee needs to meet as soon as possible. The following
are members to this committee: Lynne Vaughan, Kent Peterman, Gary Williams, Matt Smith, and
Alex Insaurralde.

b. Executive: Vaughan
There was no report.

c. Facilities: Vaughan
There was no report.

d. Fiscal: Vaughan
Fiscal Committee met on October 4. The committee looked over Unaudited Actuals and the After
School Program expenditures update. A joint committee with the Facilities Committee will be
scheduled in regard to property and future plans.

e. VOORP: Williams
Mr. Williams reported the board will be adopting the official MIT Logo at the next board meeting.
The present MIT letterhead will be phased out and a new letterhead implemented.
There will likely be an 18th month phase in period for a school uniform. There are many items to
consider including purchase of iron on decals to use during the 2012-13 school year. Eventually a
vendor will be approved from whom parents may purchase uniform items.

The other item brought to the board’s attention is how to motivate parents to complete their
commitment hours. Mr. Smith will check with legal counsel to see if dis-enrolling students is an

f. Board Recruitment: Peterman
This report will be taken off the agenda until deemed necessary.

Form 700 needs to be completed by new board members. Please return these to Brenda Franks
by October 31.

There were no announcements.

Adopt MIT Logo
VCUSD concerns
Grad Nite
Approval for submission of ASP grant – ASSETS and 21st Century
Senior privileges

On motion of Paul Roberts, seconded by Debbie Lamb, the Board of Directors approved
adjourning the special board meeting at 7:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Franks, Recording Secretary

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