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									           Troop Users
Girl Scouts of Central and Western

        Each user is given access based on their needs.
                  This is determined by council.
When you “Log In” you will be given access only to what you need to.
               First time user
Change password and enter personal information
                        Navigating the System

 Navigation Tree

                                          Entry Form Tabs

Navigation Tree – If you are responsible for multiple troops the system
will display the troop numbers. Otherwise, you will not see a
navigation tree
Entry Form Tabs – Tabs are selected for you to perform the actions
needed. The tabs display forms for troops are different than for the
service unit
Troop Messages and Calendar
Troop Contact Information
      Troop Information is entered by the Service Unit
              Updating can be done by troop

Council can grey/mask out the following entry fields – girls selling
and registered; banking information, no incentive option and
previous year’s data points
                           Girl Information

If you are missing or need to change girl information please contact after January 3, 2012
                           Entering Troop’s Cookie Order

Click the other

                   Save – Save worksheet and continue adding information
                   Submit Order – Submit order to service unit. CANNOT
                   make changes once this is done.

Double-Click in the entry line
Girl Orders – Troop View
Access after Initial Order
Girl Orders – Girl Transaction
  Troop Award Order
  By Girl – Automated
Opt Out Troops Included
Girl Incentive Order
Troop-to-Troop Transactions

     Click button to
     enter transaction
Troop-to-Troop Transactions
 Product Transaction Form
               Pending Cupboard Orders
               Product Transaction Form

   To create a pending order, the second party must be a
        cupboard and Add Product must be selected.
All Pending orders must submitted on Monday by12:00 pm
Troop Transactions
Troop Sales Recap
             Booth Sales
Sign – up for Council Sponsored Sites
           January 4, 2012
     Booth Sales
Troop Requested Sites
     Enter Today
          THANK YOU!

For questions after the webinar please contact: or
           or call 1-800-462-9100

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