Benewah Medical Center
                    Job Description/Performance Evaluation

I.       POSITION: Membership Services Associate (MSA), Wellness Center: A non-
         exempt position serving Indian and non-Indian patients/clientele.

II.      QUALIFICATIONS: GED or High school diploma preferred. Students are expected to
         maintain good to excellent academic standing at their school. Previous work experience
         as a receptionist, greeter, administrative assistant or equivalent is preferred. Majority of
         experience should have had high public contact and visibility. Knowledge of customer
         service, marketing and sales beneficial. Must be able to operate a personal computer with
         IBM software. Must be able to work flexible hours, including nights, weekends and
         1. Possesses demonstrated ability to perform as a team player.
         2. Maintains positive peer relationships and provides assistance in a friendly, helpful
            manner to all patients, visitors and staff.
         3. Possesses the ability to work independently, is detail oriented, organized, and works
            under pressure. Meets deadlines.
         4. Must have consistent work attendance record.
         5. Demonstrates cultural sensitivity.
         6. Enthusiastic personality; neat, professional appearance.
         7. Understands and practices confidentiality.

IV.      SUPERVISION: The Front Desk Manager supervises the Member Service Associate.

         A. Hearing: within normal limits with or without use of corrective hearing devices;
         B. Vision: adequate to read 12-point type with or without use of corrective lenses
         C. Must be able to verbally interact with staff, clients and public
         D. Manual dexterity of hands/fingers for writing, computer input
         E. Able to lift up to 20 lbs.,
         F. Standing 25-50 % of the day
         G. Walking 25-50 % of the day
         H. Pushing, up to 40 lbs.
         I. Pulling, up to 30 lbs.

       CEO:                                   Date:
                                     Benewah Medical Center
                              Job Description/Performance Evaluation

ESSENTIAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities outlined below are to be rated on a                   YES/NO
“Yes/No” scale; indicating meets/does not meet the outlined responsibility. Essential
responsibilities are evaluated at end of Introduction Period (initial 90 days) and annually on
employee’s anniversary date
Customer Service                     1. Maintains a positive peer relationship and performs as a
                                        team player.
                                     2. Plans and prioritizes to maintain a time and attendance
                                        record which complies with BMC policy.
                                     3. Provides excellent internal and external customer
                                        service assistance, providing knowledgeable and
                                        appropriate information to customers.
                                     4. Works independently in a very detail oriented manner,
                                        and meet deadlines.

Organizational Values: Employee      1.   Care and Compassion
Demonstrates the values of           2.   Respect
Benewah Medical Center and
                                     3.   Sharing
Wellness Center
                                     4.   Professionalism
                                     5.   Confidentiality
                                     6.   Collaboration and Teamwork
                                     7.   Progressiveness

Licensure and Certification          1.

Employee Health and                  1. Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR)
Immunization                         2. Hepatitis B
                                     3. TB Skin Test
  Revised 12/2010                               -2-
                                        Benewah Medical Center
                                 Job Description/Performance Evaluation
                                          4. Influenza (optional)
                                          5. Tetanus (optional)

                   General Comments Regarding Performance of Essential Responsibilities:

 Major Duties and Responsibilities outlined below will be rated annually on the employee’s anniversary
  date. Ratings will be completed on a 1-5 scale, with the scale outlined below. Performance may be
     evaluated at the discretion of the supervisor of the position if necessary and/or appropriate.
                                      Rating Scale:
5=      Superior Performance – Performance consistently far exceeds expectations of the position.
        Almost all job related activities were done in an outstanding manner. (There should be very few
        individuals qualified for this rating.)

4=      Very Good Performance – Performance consistently meets and may exceed expectations.
        Consistently contributes more than his/her share.

3=      Satisfactory Performance – Satisfactory performance on all assigned responsibilities.

2=      Marginal Performance – Performance satisfactory, but not in all areas of major responsibilities.
        Needs further development and improvement to perform at satisfactory level.

1=      Poor Performance – Performance does not meet the requirements of the position. If
        performance does not improve after a reasonable period of time, the employee should be
        reassigned or terminated.
Member Service Associate                  1. Knowledgeable about all Wellness Center
                                             departments (Managers and front line staff) and
                                             their functions and responsibility.
                                          2. Responsible for appropriately training new
                                             employees and cross-training current employees
                                             until they are comfortable enough to work on their
                                          3. Completes all duties on daily cleaning schedules.
                                          4. Follows all opening and closing procedures.
                                          5. Attends all meetings as assigned.

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                               Benewah Medical Center
                        Job Description/Performance Evaluation

Customer Relations            1. Handles all court and cardio equipment reservations
                                 accurately; adheres to Wellness Center policies
                                 regarding reservation times, length of booked time, no
                                 shows, etc.
                              2. Enthusiastically greets and checks members in as they
                              3. Checks out and back in towels, heart rate monitors, etc.
                              4. Offers a parting wish to all members and guests as they
                                 exit the Wellness Center.
                              5. Initiates the registration process and registers members
                                 in appropriate classes.
                              6. Serves as a resource for the members with questions
                                 about Wellness Center policies, programs or services.
                              7. Answers all incoming calls, forwards calls
                                 professionally and efficiently; takes accurate messages
                                 as needed.
                              8. Promotes the Snack Bar, Pro Shop, Wellness Center
                                 events and programs to members as they check in.

Snack Bar/Pro Shop            1. Maintains an adequate amount of Pro Shop supplies
Responsibilities                 and Snack Bar inventory and re-orders when necessary.
                              2. Prepares all Snack Bar orders in the most efficient
                                 manner/order possible.
                              3. Follows sanitation guidelines when preparing snack
                              4. Maintains the Snack Bar area, keeping the counters
                                 uncluttered, and eating area picked up and cleaned.
                              5. Ensures that the food, drink cases of the Snack Bar and
                                 supplies of the Pro Shop are stocked and neatly
                              6. Takes a physical count of all Pro Shop and Snack Bar
                                 inventory every 2nd and 4th Friday

Administrative Duties         1. Processes incoming and outgoing mail, coordinates
                                 with all delivery services for special or overnight
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                           Benewah Medical Center
                    Job Description/Performance Evaluation
                          2. Assists administration with Wellness Center duties
                             such as mailings, telephone campaigns, etc.
                          3. Prepares and submits meeting minutes to QI and staff.

Cashier Duties            1. Handles point-of-sales transactions and billing payment
                             drop-offs; collects and records fees.
                          2. Collects guest, Snack Bar and Pro Shop fees as
                          3. Prepares daily sales sheets, runs “Z out”, runs batch
                             report, documents cash in till and cash to be deposited,
                             and then sends to WC administration.

Member Services           1. Takes perspective new members on one-on-one tours
                             and provides a thorough orientation of the Wellness
                             Center and benefits.
                          2. Conducts informational tours in situations not
                             involving membership sales.
                          3. Discovers reasons for a members’ lowered usages;
                             addresses reasons that are within WC control; and helps
                             members get re-involved in the WC.
                          4. Sends birthday cards and join-date anniversary cards to
                             all members.
                          5. Sends personalized information on upcoming events
                             and programs that would be of interest to particular
                          6. Proactively notifies annual members of upcoming
                             renewal dates and their options.
                          7. Keeps annual members informed of their status
                             (termination, messages, etc.).
                          8. Makes follow-up calls on all terminations.
                          9. Calls new members within 10 days of signing up to see
                             how they are doing.

  Revised 12/2010                    -5-
                           Benewah Medical Center
                    Job Description/Performance Evaluation

Other                     1. Performs other responsibilities or projects as assigned
                             by the Front Desk Manager or Wellness Center
                          2. Performs other duties that may be necessary in the best
                             interest of the organization.



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                                 Benewah Medical Center
                          Job Description/Performance Evaluation


I understand that by signing this review, I am not indicating agreement with the rating, but I am
acknowledging that my supervisor has reviewed and discussed this performance evaluation with me.
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Evaluator’s Supervisor:                                                      Date:

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