Xavier Elementary School
                                                      September 2012
     MONDAY                        TUESDAY                    WEDNESDAY                        THURSDAY                           FRIDAY
          10                           11                            12                              13                            14
   Chicken Nuggets                                       Hot Turkey & Cheese Combo           Hamburger on Bun                 Cheese Pizza
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy        Early Release –               Sweet Potato Fries                Western Beans                   Green Beans
  Whole Kernel Corn            No School Lunch               Fresh Veggie Salad             Tossed Romaine Salad           Fresh Baby Carrots
    Diced Peaches                                              Fresh Banana                 Seedless Red Grapes          Wild Cherry Juice Treat
 Homemade Dinner Roll                                     Chocolate Crinkle Cookie
          17                         18                                19                            20                             21
   Savory Meatloaf            Chicken Drummies               Ravioli in Red Sauce         Sloppy Joe Goldfish Sand.      Mozzarella Breadsticks &
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy        Red Beans & Rice               Steamed Broccoli               Savory Baked Potato              Dipping Sauce
 Baby Carrots & Ranch            Green Beans                 Fresh Baby Carrots               Whole Kernel Corn            Italian Green Beans
     Mixed Fruit              Watermelon Wedge                   Diced Pears                 Fresh Sliced Apples              Spinach Salad
 Homemade Dinner Roll         Homemade Cookie               Homemade Dinner Roll                                           Pineapple & Oranges
          24                         25                                26                             27                            28
    Sausage Pizza                                              Hot Dog on Bun                 Finger Food Day                  Taco Crunch
   Steamed Carrots             Early Release -                  Baked Beans                Gr. Chicken Sandwich           Lettuce & Cheese Mix
 Tossed Romaine Salad          No School Lunch              Baby Carrots & Ranch               Potato Wedges                Whole Kernel Corn
    Diced Peaches                                               Fresh Banana               Celery Sticks & Ranch           Fresh Sliced Apples
                                                                                             Cantaloupe Wedge                 Cinnamon Bun
      October 1                        2                              3                                4                             5
   Chicken Nuggets          Spaghetti & Meat Sauce              Cheese Pizza                Ravioli in Red Sauce        Turkey & Ch. Goldfish Sand.
   Red Beans & Rice            Steamed Broccoli                 Green Beans                  Steamed Broccoli               Sweet Potato Fries
  Whole Kernel Corn             Spinach Salad                Fresh Baby Carrots             Fresh Baby Carrots                 Baked Beans
  Watermelon Wedge              Diced Peaches                Fresh Sliced Apples                 Diced Pears               Pineapple & Oranges
 Homemade Dinner Roll                                                                      Homemade Dinner Roll             Homemade Cookie

                             Tossed Side Salads are available every day! Yum-m-m-m!

                          DAILY Grades 7-8 Alternatives: Chef’s Salad and Pizza

                           Healthy Kids Eat Their Veggies!!
                  Items with a ‘   ’ contain pork. The menu is subject to change without notice. Milk is served with each meal.
                                                  This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

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