PERFORMANCE EVAULATION: 2007-2008 by z588ak4


									                    PERFORMANCE EVAULATION: 2007-2008


Job Goal: To serve the students attractive and nutritious meals in an atmosphere of
efficiency, cleanliness, and warmth.

Rating Explanation
I = Needs immediate correction/remediation
N = Needs improvement over time
S = Satisfactory



I N S              Assists in the preparation and serving of food in a quick and
pleasant manner.
I N S       Responsible for seeing that, during meal service, the supply of food
            offered is replenished regularly.
I N S       Assists in the daily clean up of the kitchen and service area.
I N S       Works with others to clean refrigerators and storerooms at regularly
            scheduled intervals as designated by the Cafeteria Supervisor.
I N S       Responsible for the storage and disposal of unused foods.
I N S       Promotes high standards of safety and good housekeeping methods in all
            work-related areas.
I N S              Maintains order and directs students to their assigned classrooms.
I N S       Maintains personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Superintendent’s comments:

Transportation/Grounds comments:

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