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									                     Stephen Bergman M.D.
Samuel Shem (the penname of Stephen Bergman) is the author
of the highly acclaimed The House of God and Mount Misery,
and more recently, Can We Talk?. Bergman studied as a

Rhodes Scholar at Oxford in 1966 where he was tutored by
Denis Noble, current head of the Oxford Cardiac
Electrophysiology Group. Bergman then went on to serve as
an intern at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, which inspired The
House of God.

Bergman is currently a professor of psychiatry at Harvard
                                                                  and the MUSE
Medical School and director of the Bill W. and Dr. Bob
Project in the Division of Addictions. An affiliated scholar at
the Stone Center, Wellsley College, he has written about the
relational development of men and is co-director of the
Gender Relations Research Project, which specializes in
working with boys and girls in elementary and middle schools.

The House of God, a black comedy about medical internship,
has sold more than 2 million copies since its publication
nearly 30 years ago. It was named by the British journal The
Lancet as one of the two most important American medical
novels of the 20th century.

Bergman’s plays include Room for One Woman and
Napoleon’s Dinner. With his wife, Dr. Janet Surrey, he is
author of the play Bill W. and Dr. Bob, which chronicles the
founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. Last year, Bergman and
Surrey published a book about their work on gender and              An Arts, Humanities,
couples, We Have to Talk: Healing Dialogues Between Women
and Men.                                                          and Medicine Symposium
            Medicine and the Muse Committee
                Audrey Shafer, MD
Chantal Forfota, SMS I   Joanna Wrede, SMS IV
James Andrews, SMS III   Sarah Langley, SMS IV
Catey Bradford, SMS III
Christina Chao, SMS I
                         Ariel Williams, SMS I
                         Kristin Whitaker, SMS I
                                                                     Monday, May 7, 2007
Jenya Kaufman, SMS III   Seth Sherman, SMS II                      Arrillaga Alumni Center
                      Sponsored by                                   Stanford University
   Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities Scholarly
 Concentration and Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics

            Supported by generous grants from
      Helen and Peter Bing, The Osher Foundation, and
           The Vera M. Wall Center at Stanford
             Drs. Ben and A. Jess Shenson Fund
Chantal Forfota and Seth Sherman             Matt Mori, Shola Olorunnipa, Bradford
                              Welcome        Lee, and James Colbert
                                                “Guide My Feet” (w/ Adeoti Oshinowo)
Jason Wheeler                                               “My Lord What a Morning”
               Practice What you Reach:                                    “Burdens”
     Sonification of Upper Limb Kinematic
                           and EMG Data      Audrey Shafer
                                                                   Closing Remarks
Thea Brennan-Krohn
         excerpt from novel-in-progress:
                      “The Night of Day”
                                                Art Exhibit and Reception
Kristen Whitaker andJacqueline Ng
            Healing HeARTs Art Magazine      Bernie Chang
                                                                     Jazz Standards
Naresh Ramarajan
              “A Window Called Death”

Steven Lin (Piano)                                 VISUAL ARTS ON DISPLAY
                         “Music Painting”

Hope Mohr                                    Jacqueline Ng           Ariel Williams
     video presentation: “Under the Skin”,
                           with comments     Shaundra Eichstadt     Christina Chao

James Andrews                                Thomas Tsai             Beth LaBuz
            Introduction of Dr. Bergman
                                             Lena Winestone          Asya Agulnik

Stephen Bergman, MD (Samuel Shem)            Alexa Bisinger          Margie Teng
                       Keynote Address
                                              Helena Horak and Naresh Ramarajan

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