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                                 Annual General Meeting

                               Monday, September 19, 2011

                                   Ottawa Curling Club

1)    Call to Order and Welcome:

      President Marian Dupont called the meeting to order at 6:02 and welcomed everyone
      to the Annual General Meeting. She reminded attendees that only Club Presidents or
      their designates are entitled to vote on issues during the meeting.

2.    Agenda:

      Bill Brown (RCMP) moved and Jim Inch (Russell) seconded that the agenda be
      accepted as distributed.
3.    Introductions:

      The President asked those in attendance to introduce themselves. A list of all persons
      who registered is attached. The Secretary confirmed that a quorum was present.

4     Moment of Silence:

      A moment of silence was observed for fellow curlers whose company we lost during
      the past year.
      The In Memoriam list had been circulated with the AGM package and was included
      with the AGM information on the OVCA website. A list for updates was available at
      Registration. Three names were added to the listing during the meeting:
             Ginny Haysom (09/08/11) RCMP
             George Lindsey (09/06/11)
             Bill Watson (08/11) RCC

5.    Minutes:

      Reading of the Minutes was waived on a motion by Dale Campbell (Carleton Heights)
      and seconded by Michel St-Marseille (Winchester).
      David Keay (Granite) moved and Andre Barre (Shawville) seconded the approval of
            the minutes.

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Approved Minutes                                                       Revised 9/17/2012

         There was no business arising from the minutes of the meeting of September 20,

6.       Association Greetings:

      a) Ontario Curling Association – Ian McGillis (verbal report)

      b) Canadian Branch – Jeremy MacDonald (President, District 2) – (verbal report)

      c) Curling Quebec - Marco Ferraro (verbal report)

      d) Ladies Curling Association - Nancy Morris (report appended)

      e) Canadian Curling Association - Jim Campbell (report appended).

7)       Youth Report:

         Tom Sinclair (Director, Youth Curling) – the report was distributed with the AGM
         package. Tom noted that Navan had hosted last year’s Youth Symposium and the the
         Ottawa hosted this year’s event.

8)       Development:

         Liz Armstrong (Director, Curling Development) – Liz summarized her report which was
         distributed with the AGM package.

9).      OVCA Competitions:

         a)     Ottawa Valley Mixed Bonspiel Report

         Elaine Brimicombe (Chair) presented the report which was distributed with the AGM
         package. She gave special credit to the sponsors for the support provided to the
         event. She introduced Karen Sagle as the incoming Chair of the Mixed Bonspiel
         Elaine also gave special thanks to everyone for their support in the submission with
         the Ottawa Senators for the Olympic Trials. While the bid wasn’t successful, the
         extensive support augers well for future events.

         b)     OVCA Men’s Bonspiel

         Peter Smith (Events Coordinator) made the presentation on behalf of the Committee
         (report appended).

         c)     Royal LePage OVCA Women’s Fall Classic

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Approved Minutes                                                  Revised 9/17/2012

      Jim Dolan reported on the successful partnership created by the sponsorship of Royal
      LePage and thanked Bill White and the North Grenville Curling club for their very
      strong support. (The report was distributed with the AGM package.).

      d)     JSI OVCA Junior Superspiel

      Tom Sinclair report regarding the JSI OVCA Junior Superspiel was included in his
      Youth Report (see above).

10)   Development Fund:

      Doug Sears (Chairman, Board of Administrators) reported on the status of the
      Development Fund. The report was distributed at Registration (copy appended)

11)   Historian:

      Denny Charlebois provided an overview of the history of curling and the evolution the
      sport has undergone.

12)   President’s Report:

      Marian Dupont gave special thanks to the Board with particular reference to the
      commitment made by Margaret Lomore and her willingness to act as liaison with the
      upper Ottawa valley clubs and by Doug Sears in taking on the Past President’s role
      this past year.

      She asked Art Olson to summarize the transfer of the OVCA and related archives into
      the hands of the City of Ottawa. Art noted that he and Denny Charlebois had
      consolidated the materials available in preparation for the transfer.

      The President’s report was distributed with the AGM package.

13)   Financials:

      a)     Review Engagement Report

      Jim Stewart reviewed the Review Report as distributed in the AGM Package.

      Jim Stewart moved and David Keay (Granite) seconded the motion for approval.
      b)    Appointment of External Accountants

      Jim Stewart recommended that the OVCA appoint BDO Canada Ltd. to a review
      engagement for the year 2011- 2012.

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Approved Minutes                                                            Revised 9/17/2012

         Motion to appoint BDO Canada Ltd to carry out a review engagement was made by
         Jim Stewart and seconded by Robin Blair (Navy).

         c)       Budget

         Jim Stewart presented the proposed budget for the year for 2011-12 (This was
         distributed with the AGM package). Of particular note was the proposed reduction in
         the OVCA fees to member clubs.

         Jim Stewart moved and Kelly Mckenna (Richmond) seconded the motion to approve
         the proposed budget                                               CARRIED

14)      Nominating Committee:

         Doug Sears, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, proposed the following

                 Election of a new Director for a 4 year term: Frank Van Ryckeghem

                 Election of a new Director for a 3 year term: Tyrie McGregor

                 Election of the Treasurer for a 3 year term: Jim Stewart

                 Election of the Secretary for a 3 year term – Art Olson

         Moved by Peter Smith (Huntley) and seconded by Michel St-Marseille (Winchester).
15)      Board of Administrators:

         The Board of Directors nominated Cliff Reddick and Doug Sears as members of the
         Board of Administrators for a period of 3 years.
         The nominations were approved by a motion by Dale Campbell (Carleton Heights) and
         seconded by Kim Wilson (Lachute).).
16)      Other Business:

      a) Future involvement with Curling Quebec regarding Branch events. Marco Ferraro
         outlined the Caledonia Cup proposal that he and Dwayne Fowler had developed
         through discussions with Marian Dupont and John Dilabio. John outlined the
         application process for the Ontario teams. Curling Quebec will provide similar support
         to the OVCA clubs in Quebec. The following discussion indicated support for the
         concept albeit some concern about cross border curling. Copies of the presentations
         are appended.

17)      Adjournment:

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Approved Minutes                                                Revised 9/17/2012

      Brian Kelly (Almonte) moved adjournment of the meeting at 7:35.   CARRIED

18)   President’s Dinner:

      Denny Charlebois said Grace and Kip Murchison gave the Toast to the Queen. The
      President’s Dinner commenced about 8:00. The Ottawa Curling Club provided a buffet
      meal that was obviously enjoyed by all those attending.

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Approved Minutes                                                            Revised 9/17/2012


A:     Ontario Curling Association: Ian McGillis

On behalf of the President of the OCA Jack Buttery it is my pleasure to bring greetings from the
Board of Directors of the OCA. It is always a pleasure to be able to join the OVCA and it’s member
clubs for the annual meeting and President’s Dinner. The OCA appreciates the support of the OVCA
and it’s member clubs hosting many provincial championships in the OVCA area with other clubs
looking for more championships in 2012-13 season.

I would just like to mention a few items that the OCA is currently developing to help the member clubs
in the Ontario Curling Association.

The first item is a very new and exciting partnership with a Eastern Ontario company that is working
on a online training program for the coaches in our game. The coaching modules will be ready very
soon with other course added in the future. This will allow a person to do the clinic online and at a
time that fits into their schedule not having to take a weekend to attend these course s and to save
possible travel costs also. More details will be available at the zone meetings this week.

I would also like to remind the clubs in the OVCA that the OCA as a Member Club Assistance Fund
which is the same as the OVCA Fund so it is available to all OVCA Member clubs and provides a
possible $30,000 to help with projects to improve your curling facility.

There is also a program from the CCA that can also provide funds for projects also. The C.A.P.
program targets projects designed to grow the sport at the community level or to assist capital
projects critical to the operation and health of the CCA’s Member Clubs. The details of this C.A.P. will
be finalized this week by the CCA and posted on the website when available.

I would also like to remind everybody that the OCA Fall Zone meeting are happening in the OVCA
area this week with Zone 3 tomorrow night at Granite of West Ottawa, and Wednesday night is Zone
1 in Winchester with Zone 2 Thursday at Perth Curling Club.

In closing I would just like to invite everybody in attendance to visit our website to
explore all the information and programs provided by the OCA. The website is not just for the
competitions that we run but contains many other resources that can help your curling clubs prosper.

B:     Ladies Curling Association: Nancy Morris

                                 O.V.C.A. Dinner and Annual Meeting

       President Marian, Guests and Fellow Curlers

        15 years ago I attended this dinner as President of the Navy Curling Club. At that time there
were only three women in attendance. I see that things have changed a little. Although it has been a
long time between invitations I do appreciate and thank you for inviting me here this evening.

        District 2 of the L.C.A. is composed of 32 clubs, most of which are also members of the
O.V.C.A. The difference being that you have more member clubs and our events are just for the
ladies. Our events include Junior, Bantam, Business, Day and Seniors.

Minutes - September 19, 2011                                                  Page 6 of 10
Approved Minutes                                                          Revised 9/17/2012

        The aim of L.C.A. is to provide a venue that enables less competitive curlers the chance to
enjoy the events that we provide outside their own clubs. Travelling around the District helps to
promote the sport of curling, fellowship, hospitality and good spirit.

         We have 11 competitions throughout the year. Of these 4 go on to a championship with
District 1 which is the Montreal area. Since 1904 when the first meeting of the Ladies Curling
Association was held in Montreal, we have grown and developed into a strong curling unit. Much like
the O.V.C.A. we have our own By-Laws and secure our funds from membership dues and
competition entry fees.

       Without the support of our member clubs we would not be able to run such successful events.
To those clubs please know that we appreciate the Hospitality, organization and support that you give
when you host events for L.C.A.

        To Marian, thank you for the provision you allow us on your Website. I know how much the
curlers enjoy going to the site and seeing the posted events.

       To all of you I wish a great curling season. Thank you.

                                                           Respectfully submitted
                                                           Nancy Morris
                                                           President L.C.A. District 2

C:     Canadian Curling Association: Jim Campbell

Madam President, Board Members, Club Presidents, Fellow Association Representatives, Honoured

On behalf of the Canadian Curling Association and it’s Chair, Laura Lochansky, the Board of
Governors and all of the CCA staff, I wish to extend greetings to the Ottawa Valley Curling
Association and, indeed, to all organizations and clubs who are present this evening.

It seems such a short time ago that everyone was preparing for the past curling season and, now, it is
upon us again.

From the National perspective, there is positive news:

The CCA has once again had a profit in its last fiscal year. This not only enhances the financial
stability of the CCA but also allows monies to be allocated for funding programs. Last season,
approximately $239 thousand dollars was awarded to clubs and curling facilities across Canada
under the Capital Assistance Program. Your club may be interested in applying this year and it is
expected that the application forms will be available in early October.

Of other interest, the Rocks and Rings program has received a $193 thousand grant from The Trillium
Fund primarily to extend its program into non-urban and aboriginal centres. This grant is limited to
Ontario so clubs within both the Ontario Curling Association and the Northern Ontario Curling
Association will be eligible to apply.

Again on a positive note, the success of curling as a spectator sport has again achieved over
whelming figures. This past season, over 7 million viewers watched our sport on television. The CCA

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Approved Minutes                                                              Revised 9/17/2012

is working diligently to retain its television provider and to increases spectator coverage particularly in
the French viewing areas. Last year a limited amount of the broadcast was done in the French
language and the outlook is to increase this amount.

While all is well on the financial side, the CCA is experiencing, like most Provincial and Territorial
Association, fewer numbers of entries leading to its national finals. This is a concern that is troubling
and will be the subject for review in the upcoming future.

On these mainly positive notes, I will once again extend to the Ottawa Valley Curling Association the
best wishes from the Canadian Curling Association for a successful 2011-12 curling season.

Respectfully Submitted

Jim Campbell
Vice Chair
Canadian Curling Association

D.     City of Ottawa Men’s Bonspiel: Peter Smith

E.     OVCA Golf Tournament: Peter Smith

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Approved Minutes                                  Revised 9/17/2012

F.     Attendees:
Name                           Representing

Liz Armstrong                  Board
Andre Barre                    Shawville
Robin Blair                    Navy
Don Bond                       Past President
Elaine Brimicombe              Board
Bill Brown                     RCMP
Dale Campbell                  Carleton Heights
Jim Campbell                   CCA
Denny Charlebois               Past President
Geoff Colley                   Ottawa
John Dilabio                   Board
Jim Dolan                      Fall Classic
Neil Dufour                    Past President
Marian Dupont                  Board
Marco Ferraro                  Curling Quebec
Dwayne Fowler                  Curling Quebec
Jim Inch                       Russell
George Ireland                 RA
Duncan Jamieson                CoO Men's
David Keay                     Granite
Dawn Kelly                     Rideau
Brian Kelly                    Almonte
Martin Cavanagh                Brownsburg
Margaret Lomore                Board
Ric Lomore                     Renfrew
Jeremy MacDonald               Branch
Judy McCarthy                  Navan
Ian McGillis                   OCA
Tyrie McGregor                 Board
Kelly McKenna                  Richmond
Pierre Mondor                  Rideau
Nancy Morris                   LCA
Kip Murchison                  Past President
Art Olson                      Board
Jim Parker                     Richmond
Warren Reddick                 Past President
Eason Russell                  Past President

Minutes - September 19, 2011                       Page 9 of 10
Approved Minutes                                 Revised 9/17/2012

Larry Ruston                   Cornwall
Karen Sagle                    OVCA Mixed
Doug Sears                     Board
Tom Sinclair                   Board
Peter Smith                    Board, Huntley
Michel St- Marseille           Winchester
Jim Stewart                    Board
Gerry Tomalty                  Past President
Don Troicuk                    City View
Frank Van Ryckeghem            Manotick
Barb Westgarth                 Renfrew
Bill White                     North Grenville
Kim Wilson                     Lachute
Roger Wilson                   Past President

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