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            Holidays Are Coming Get Ready
            There are several great           The thing about Christmas         There are even toys that
            Christmas gifts for toddlers      gifts for toddlers is that they   relate to electronics. The
            for the coming holidays to        come in many forms that           items reviewed are very
            take a look at. These gifts are   cater to the many interests       appealing for toddlers in the
            made with all sorts of            that toddlers have. Some          early stages of learning and are
            interests in mind and are         toddlers are more interested great for parents to consider
            appealing for anyone to see.      in outdoor toys. Others might for interacting more.
                                              be more interested in puzzles.

                     PLAYHOUSES                       OUTDOOR TOYS                     SUPER BOUNCY TOYS
Little Tikes EasyStore Large Slide

Safety, durability and fun – this is what   Main Advantages
you get with the EasyStore Large Slide      Besides being easy to install and store,
by Tikes.                                   this slide is a favorite of many families      F UN A LL DAY
Recommended for kids between the            for other reasons as well:
age of 2 and 6, this amazing toy will fill
your backyard with laughter all summer
and animate your living room during         - Both the climbing and the sliding parts
                                              are reliable and safe, set on a wide and
bad weather; and you can rest assured
the kids are safe while playing.              stabile base. The plastic it is made
                                              from is resistant, able to hold up as
More Details                                  much as 50 pounds.
This red and brown, five-foot slide is       - The toy features some extra safety
comfortable to use and easy to pack           elements like the locking arm for
away when not used.                                                                        US ED IN A PL AYG ROUP
The toy measures 66 x 38 x 38 inches        - The slide can be either folded or
when folded and it weighs about 12            taken apart for being stored in pieces
pounds, coming up to about 40 inches          or for more comfortable packing, if
tall when set up.                             you want to take it with you on
                                            - The size of the toy makes it perfect
                                              for being used indoors as well, making
                                              it a versatile toy that can entertain
                                              your kids on rainy days as well.
    INDOORS AND                                                                                     AWAY!!!!!!

                                                                                              F I R S T S L I D E TO DAY

                                                                                         F O L D S F O R E A S Y S TO R AG E

The EasyStore Slide by Little Tikes is a very reliable and entertaining product. Even so, some
parents mentioned a few negative aspects of the product as well:

- Some buyers found the slide a bit difficult to set up, especially when it comes to fitting the plastic
tube. However, most users agree that, once assembled, the toy is really great.

- The toy is not very wide, but it is still wide enough for most kids aged 2-6 to slide comfortably.

Customer Reviews

Most reviewers agree they have never seen a toy entertaining their kids for so long. Some users
have had the slide for years and they have seen several generations enjoy all the climbing and

They love how the product can be used both indoors and outdoors, so children can have loads of
fun even if the weather outside is lousy. Another feature that makes this slide popular among
reviewers is that it is lightweight, making it easier to carry around.

Bottom Line

The EasyStore Slide by Little Tikes is an amazing toy that not only provides a safe playing area for
maximum entertainment, but also contributes to developing and strengthening your kid’s muscles,
motor functions and coordination skills.

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Baby Einstein Around The World Discovery Center –
Exploring the Animal World and So Much More
With this amazing, multifunctional,           - The piano not only plays music, but is
versatile toy, your little ones can learn a     also equipped with a mirror and lights
million things about the world while            to make playing even more exciting;
exploring sounds and images, and they                                                     FU N TI M E
can have great fun learning the names
of colors.                                    - The toy allows for three different
                                                adjustments in height so that your
Let's Get into Details                          growing baby can enjoy it longer;

Recommended for kids aged 4 months
and older, the toy introduces your kid        - It features four different activity
to the world of animals from around             stations and is fitted with two
the world by imitating the sounds of            additional loops for accommodating
nature and offering a panda, a lion, a          your kid’s favorite toys as well;
parrot and a penguin to play with.

The product measures 29 x 29 x 27             - The seat pad is easy to clean – you
inches and it weighs around 15 pounds.        can either clean it with some soap and         PLAYTIME
It features three sound modes that you        water or put into the washing machine.
can select on the battery-operated
musical piano: sounds of nature for
making your kid familiar with the noises
of the wild; melodies and a separate
mode for learning the colors in three
different languages: French, Spanish and
                                                EXPLORING THE ANIMAL
Advantages                                      WORLD AND SO MUCH
This versatile toy comes with many              MORE
more entertaining and exciting features:
                                                                                         SITTING BY MYSEL F
- The flip book included in the package
  shows realistic images of the animals;

                                                                                          TO M U C H TO D O

                                                                                          WHAT NEXT!! !!

This great toy will surely entertain your kid for a long time, but it comes with a little drawback as
well: though the piano uses batteries as a power source, they are not provided in the package, so
you will need to purchase them separately.

What Do Buyers Think?

Many reviews of this outstanding toy agree that it offers varied entertainment for the babies. They
mention how interactive the saucer is and say that it is a real discovery center, having animals from
all over the world.
Several parents highlight how useful the toy is for training the baby’s leg muscles for walking.


An excellent choice either for your own baby or as a gift for other kids, this Discovery Center
from Baby Einstein will surely entertain the little ones, while strengthening their muscles and
developing various skills in a fun and easy way.

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Melissa & Doug Shopping Cart

Pretending to shop for food or clothes    are sharp, the cart needs to be
requires a proper shopping cart.          assembled by an adult.
This sturdy and durable metal shopping                                                 L OT S O F F U N
cart does everything real carts do in     Main Advantages
the shop, giving the kids a life-like
experience whenever they venture on       The list of features that make this
an imaginary shopping spree.              shopping cart so popular is really long,
                                          so we'll mention just a few, the most
More Details                              important ones:
Measuring 14 x 15.2 x 17.2 inches and
                                          • The pivoting wheels in the front of
weighing 12 pounds, the resistant           the cart make it easy to navigate,
metallic cart makes sure your kids will     even in small and confined places;
enjoy playing with it for long years to
come.                                     • The doll seat makes it possible for        MORNING SHOPPING
                                            the little ones to take their favorite
Recommended for children aged from 3        dolls shopping and to seat the dolls
to 8, the product is easy to assemble –     the same way as they are seated
assembly takes about 10 minutes, and        when going shopping with their
once put together, the cart will            parents;
entertain your kids for hours.
                                          • The toy is equipped with a safety
There is only one special warning: as       feature: it cannot be pushed if there is
some of the pieces in the construction      too much weight in it, so it does not
                                            allow for the kids to push each other
                                            in it.
                                                                                        WEEKLY SHOPPING

                                                                                       GETTING ESSENTIALS

                                                                                         I’ M BUYING THIS
Any Drawbacks?

Well, it seems that some parents have complained that the cart is a little too heavy, but reliability,
stability and sturdiness cannot come without weight.

Customer Reviews

Reviewers love the realistic shopping experience the cart gives – so much so that some of them
even take the cart to the real grocery store, allowing their kids to push it around when you're
Another frequently mentioned highlight of the product is its durability – some carts were even
tested on stairs and survived the fall.

Some parents mention the price issue as well: the Melissa & Doug shopping cart is indeed more
expensive than others on the market, but the high quality of the materials used and the excellent
construction are worth every extra penny, as most reviewers say.


High quality materials, great, life-like construction and enhanced safety – this is what the Melissa &
Doug shopping cart adds to the excitement of shopping, either around the home or in the real

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The Little Tikes Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

This Picnic on the Patio Playhouse by       door is moving and fully functional; the
Little Tikes makes an excellent toy not     house comes complete with 19
only for your kid to play alone, but also   accessory pieces including plastic play
for entertaining several friends at the     food, a phone and tableware, all
same time.                                  amazingly detailed, giving a realistic
                                            experience of having real guests over
Recommended for children aged
                                            for dinner.
between 18 months and 4 years, the
playhouse is spacious enough to serve       The playhouse is not only detailed and
as a comfortable playground for more        life-like, but also sturdy, durable and
than one child.                             weather resistant, being suitable for
                                            being set up both outside and inside.
Main Features
                                            Main Advantages of the
                                            Playhouse                                   PEOPLE OVER
The playhouse is 37" x 73.25" x 47.5"
                                            - The house is semi-open, making it
inches large and it weighs 65 pounds,
                                            easier to supervise what goes on inside
making it spacious enough to
                                            the playhouse, while also offering the
accommodate a small, fully equipped
                                            kids the privacy they need;
kitchen with a window for the chef to
pass the meals to the guests sitting        - The playhouse comes with a table
outside by the table.                       attached, which means that two more
                                            children can comfortably play with the
The cupboards, the oven, the fireplace
and the burners are very life-like; the
                                            - It comes with a battery-operated
                                            electronic doorbell that can make six
COOKING MEALS, SERVING                                                                  L AY T H E TA B L E
                                            different sounds, adding even more fun
GUESTS AND HAVING                           to the play.

                                                                                        L OA D S TO D O

                                                                                          AL L DO NE
Main Drawbacks of the Picnic on the Patio Playhouse

Though very popular among both parents and children, this Patio Playhouse comes with a
drawback: it seems it is a bit difficult to assemble.
However, parents agree that once assembled, it is a really amazing toy.

What Do Reviewers Think?

Most reviews agree that the playhouse has the perfect size, neither too big, nor too small, perfectly
suitable for group play.
The educational value is also frequently mentioned: it is never too early to start rehearsing good
table manners, practicing cooking and serving routines, while pretending to be eating and chatting
politely around the table.

In a Nutshell

The Picnic on the Patio Playhouse by Little Tikes is an excellent gift for your kid and other children
as well. This reliable, attractive playhouse will delight your kids and their friends for hours; set it up
in the patio and let the fun begin!

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Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen - Your Children Cannot
Get Enough of It
Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen is the       chefs can identify the noise produced
kind of toy set that offers kids a lot of    by a boiling pot or a frying pan
fun, but also the possibility to learn new   correctly.
                                                                                       LITTLE CHEF
and useful things from an early age.         The materials used to make this kitchen
Little girls and even boys from 3 to 10      play set are durable, so your children
years old never get tired of using the       can enjoy playing with it for many
miniature kitchenware, without               years. Besides, it is very easy to
interfering in their mothers' work,          assemble, and it does not take a lot of
when they cook real meals.                   space either.
Features of the Chef Kitchen                 Benefits of the Chef Kitchen
The set has a refrigerator, a sink, a        Thanks to the multitude of pieces
counter where the little ones can serve      included in the set, the children learn
their meal and a cabinet. Besides, a                                                     HEL PIN G OU T
                                             what the common items for any
microwave oven and a burner are also         kitchen are, how to use them
included. All the pieces of furniture are    accordingly and how to avoid the
roomy, so the kids can store play food       eventual accidents
and even real cupcakes or little fruits in
                                             Some of the kids can develop a passion
                                             for cooking and spending time in the
The towel rail and the kitchenware           kitchen, and they can also learn what
complete the realistic appearance of         ingredients are used to prepare various
this set. The set includes one coffee        dishes, and what role each of them
pot, one frying pan, 2 forks, 2 cups, 2      plays.
plates, 2 knives, 2 spoons and also a cell
phone.                                                                                   ACC ES SO RIES
The microwave oven and the burner            BIGGER THAN MOST SETS
make sounds similar to those made            SOLD ONLINE
during real cooking. This way, the little

                                                                                       MAKING BREAKFAST

                                                                                        SUNDAY ROAST
This play set provides can be a great source of fun for both parents and children, especially when
the little ones are allowed to cook in parallel or serve "coffee" from the toy pot.


In spite of the numerous pieces and of the fact that the design of the set is a very realistic one,
some people complained that it has only a few automatic functions. However, the important thing
for a play set is the fun it offers and the lessons the kids can learn by playing with it, and this set
meets both requirements.

Customers Opinion

Many people who bought this set for the kids in their families said that it has a great educative
value, allowing the little ones to learn important lessons. Others declare themselves extremely
satisfied by the great number of pieces and their durability.

All in all, the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen received mostly positive feedback and promises to
gain you the love and gratitude of any child who gets to play with it.

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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe 30th Anniversary Car

The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe                  Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Best Points
Anniversary offers your children the         This funny little car can become the
opportunity to have fun racing with          favorite toy of your children, helping     LITTLE TIKES
their friends or the neighbors' kids.You     them make new friends and find race
can be a part of the team, by pushing        partners.
them around, and thus have your share
of joy.                                      You can play an important role in the
                                             race yourself, by "fueling" the car with
Characteristics of the Little Coupe          your own physical force.
The seat is high and comfortable, and        For a fair competition, you can invite
the interior of the toy car provides a       the parents of the other "competitors"
lot of space, so even older children can     to join you and push their kids. This
enjoy playing with it.                       way, your circle of friends can enlarge
The back handle allows you to push           as well, not just the one of your kids.    HEADING OU T TO PLAY
the coupe, and the storage space in the
rear provides enough space to put in
there a lot of stuff, even when the kids
go on a longer "expedition".
The tires of the wheels are very             FANTASTIC FOR GOING TO
durable, and the floor can be removed.        THE PARK OR TO THE
Besides, the front wheels can be             SHOPS WITH THE WALK
rotated at 360 degrees.                      ALONG HANDLE
The design of this toy car is very
attractive, from the smiling face and
                                                                                         G O I N G TO T H E PA R K
shiny eyes of the front to the ignition
button inside. The product comes in a
great variety of colors, so it is suitable
for both boys and girls

                                                                                               C AR POOL

                                                                                             NO SUNROOF
Weak Points

Although the coupe is both funny and practical, some of the parents who bought it complained
about the fact that it is a little difficult to put together.
On the other hand, it includes a detailed instruction manual that offers step by step guidance and
explicit illustration of the whole process. If you read it carefully and you do not lose your
patience, you will certainly be able to assemble the car in less than an hour.

Feedback on the Product

Parents usually appreciate the fact that both boys and girls alike can play with it and seem to be
absolutely thrilled with the funny design and especially with the ignition button.

The comfortable interior and the durable tires should not be disregarded either, but, in general,
everything points to the fact that the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Anniversary is a must have for any
family, no matter the gender or the age of the child.

                                                  Great all round product for more reviews
                                                   and to see the product In more detail
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Little Tikes Will Love The Little Tikes Playground

If your children are always happy to play    several places where they can hide
in the park, begging you to stay a little    when they play hide-and-seek.
longer every day, you can have them          The materials used in making this                PLAYTIME
playing at home for as long as they          playground are among the most durable
wish, with the Little Tikes Playground       on the market, but the comfort of the
set.                                         children while playing is not affected in
Having 4 levels where your little ones       any way. The lively colors make the
can climb, crawl, move around and            slides and the playground area twice as
consume their energy the fun way, the        attractive.
set can be considered a miniature gym        The Benefits of the Playground
or an amusement park for them.
                                             The children must be encouraged to
Playground - Characteristics                 exercise from an early age, and this
The central pieces of this set are the       playground offers them many ways to            STRON G & STURDY
two slides. The little one measures 1m       do that. It can be placed in the yard and
(3 feet), while the second has a length      in the house as well, so the kids have
of 6 feet, being one of the largest slides   the possibility to use it anytime,
included in a set of this kind.              regardless of the weather or season.

The playground area has a tunnel where       The fact that it is sturdily built allows
the children can crawl, other various        that it be used by more than one child
structures for them to climb on and          at the same time.

                                             The kids can invite their friends to play
                                             together and you must encourage them
                                             to do that. This way, they are better
LITTLE TIKES PLAYGROUND                                                                    PLAYING IN THE RAIN
                                             motivated to use the set intensively and
HOW TO KEEP THE KIDS IN                      they consume their energy in a safe and
SHAPE                                        fun way

                                                                                                L OT S O F F U N

                                                                                         TO P B R A N D I N P L AY TOYS

This play set allows the children to invent an endless variety of different games and exercises, but
its purchase involves a hard to neglect financial investment for the parents.
Of course, if we consider the numerous pieces of the set and its functionality, it is worth every
dime, so the complaints of this kind are not exactly justified, but more of a consequence of the
financial crisis affecting the entire world.

Customers Review

Most buyers are thrilled with the reaction of their children and with the incredible workouts the
playground makes possible, especially since boredom is out of the question, describing the Little
Tikes Playground as an incredible deal that everyone should take advantage of – what are you
waiting for?

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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

The Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing           It has an efficient way of folding, so that
Easel is the perfect choice for you if       the storage is not a problem; you can
you are a parent and want to give your       put it in a corner or under a bed, or
                                                                                          DELUXE EASEL
kid the opportunity to find his/her           behind furniture. Also, it comes
talent in painting. It creates an entire     together with other accessories needed
range of possibilities as the child can      for your kid to show his/her art skills
use paint, markers, crayons, pens, chalk     and maybe even become a famous
etc, it’s easy to clean and deposit. All     talent.
this provides for the child hours of         The only thing that could complete the
creativity and for the parent hours of       experience, but it is not yet introduced
relaxation.                                  in the package is the art supply; but
The entire easel – with legs – measures      maybe it is not such a bad thing after
27 x 26 x 47 inches, but it is adjustable    all, since this way, you can purchase
                                                                                            EASY TO BUILD
to your child’s height. It is suitable for   your favorite supplies online or directly
kids from 3 years old and up and it          in art stores.
makes their activity both fun and

At a first look, one night say that it is a
normal easel, but one of the best
features of Melissa & Doug Deluxe
Standing Easel is the easy-to-clean            EASILY BECOME THE MOST
design – a feature that most parents           POPULAR THING TO DO
find really helpful. It includes a double
                                               AMONG YOUR KIDS
sided chalkboard, a locking paper roll
                                                                                            WEL L PACKAG ED
holder and 4 clips for bigger paper that
needs exposure, a plastic tray and a
child-safe paper cutter.

                                                                                            BEING CREATIVE


Many parents seem to turn to Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel when it comes to choosing
an entertaining and educational toy for their children.
One of the parents that bought it says that he loved the fact that it is adjustable, durable and easy
to use, the only complaint being about the chalkboard, because even if following the instructions,
he discovered that even if he used good quality chalk, the surface would be scratched. But he
immediately addressed his issue to Melissa and Doug, who replied at once and promised to fix the
problem at any costs.

Last Thought

Therefore, the overall thought about the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel is that it really can
be a great gift for your kid and it can easily become the most popular thing to do among your kids’
friends too (and educational).

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Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen - Your Children Cannot
Get Enough of It
When you realize, as a parent, that your     And since it is created to be fun, the
child likes helping in the kitchen and he/   details don’t end here. The design is
she is actually good at it, you can think    bright and colorful, so that your child
                                                                                          CHEF KITCHEN
of buying the Melissa & Doug Classic         enjoys it a lot. The assembling process is
Deluxe Kitchen. This set is an               easy due to the instructions included
outstanding and complex structure,           and the storage is cleverly though
made of wood that will certainly             through
provide your kid and even yourself           The designers considered even the
serious fun!                                 locking system in such a way to not let
In case you are accustomed to the little     the doors swing freely, but not be
sets that your kid can share with dolls,     difficult for the kids to open as well
you need to know that this set               . Therefore, while you can do your part
dimensions are 11.7 x 22.5 x 43.7            of the cooking in the ‘real’ kitchen, your      READY TO GO
inches, while its weight is about 90         kid can have his/her fun in the small
pounds. So this toy can be easily shared     kitchen and not bother you as much in
with other children, not only with toys.     your housework.
The Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe
Kitchen gives enough space for almost
any culinary activity, so your kid won’t
be easily bored. Imagine your child
playing in his/her own kitchen that
                                             DEVELOPING YOUR KIDS
includes a stovetop, a refrigerator that
opens and is quite roomy, a freezer
                                             COOKING TALENT
too, microwave that has a turn table, a
                                                                                             WASHING UP
see-through oven that even has knobs
that turn, a sink to clean up after the
cooking ends.

                                                                                           CREATIN G DIN NER

                                                                                           NO SHARP EDGES

A couple of setbacks in case of the Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe Kitchen is that fact that it is
considered a little bit pricy and difficult to assemble. But if you consider that your kid will really
enjoy it and maybe even develop real skills in cooking, it is worth it.

Customers Review

There were though reviews that contradicted these setbacks. Someone said it took him more than
one hour to assemble it by himself, as the instructions were very clearly written and easy to

So Melissa & Doug Classic Deluxe Kitchen can be considered every little chef’s dream when it
comes to cooking and most of all to experiencing things in the kitchen.

                                                      will entertain for hours for more reviews
                                                       and to see the product In more detail

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Give Your Baby Some Fun with Fisher-Price Rainforest
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is       sounds, it helps stimulate the baby’s
a place of a lot of fun, with lovely sights   visual and auditory senses.
and sounds for your baby. The condition       So, actually, this Fisher-Price Rainforest     JUM PE RO O
is that your little angel is already          Jumperoo is a device that ensures safe
holding his/her head up unassisted, but       jumping for the child and peace of mind
not able to walk yet, and your job as a       for you as a parent. Every detail
parent is to continuously entertain –         included in this jumper is conceived to
and sometimes it’s tiring.                    help your child’s capabilities to develop
The dimensions of the jumperoo are 37         normally, to provide a safe place where
x 32 x 32 inches and it provides a            the baby can really enjoy him/herself
comfortable seat for your baby, a seat        and to help the parent find the time to
that rotates slowly and gives a lot of        stay with the baby, but without being
perspectives to ‘work’ on for the little      exhausted after hours of
                                                                                             VE RY INTERACTIVE
one.                                          entertainment.
Because the baby needs to develop             Most enjoyed features are
motor skills, you and him/her will love       The fact that is easy to assemble and
the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo,         use;
because it includes moving, spinning and
jumping.                                      It doesn’t raise problems in moving
                                              since it weighs only 18 pounds and its
Also, due to the fact that it has toys        foldable, so you can just carry it from
tied to it, with colorful design and fun      room to room;
                                              It can be tucked away anywhere, so it
                                              doesn’t take up a lot of room when you
ENCOURAGES KIDS                                                                             F O L D S F O R S TO R AG E
                                              don’t need it, but you can take it out as
THROUGH SOUNDS AND                            soon as you think that your baby
LIGHTS                                        deserves some fun and you deserve
                                              some relaxation.

                                                                                           EAS Y TO PUT TOG ETHER

                                                                                                BOUNC E!!!!! !!

Although it is considered one of the most loved ‘gadgets’ for babies, Fisher-Price Rainforest
Jumperoo almost always raises the question of safety.
But as long as you know the requirements, meaning that your baby has to already be able to hold
his/her head unassisted and also is not yet at an age where he/she can climb or walk alone, then
there is no matter of safety to discuss.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is considered a blessing in the house for both the
baby’s fun and the parents’ time out for their angel

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