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                                            JOB DESCRIPTION

Post Title:         Monitoring Officer                  Post Ref. No.:     SLO167
Level:              GO6                                 Location:          Dinerth Road,
                                                                           Colwyn Bay

Department/         OP/PDSI/LD Business                 Directorate:       Social Services
Service:            Unit
Responsible         Monitoring Manager                  Responsible for:   None
to:                                                     (Staff)
Car                 Casual User

Job Purpose
The Monitoring Officer will work across the LD/OP/PDSI Units to monitor service
provision across a range of Contracts and Service Level Agreements with Providers
from the Independent, Statutory and Voluntary Sectors. The Monitoring Officer will
focus on ensuring that the quality of the service provision is maintained and improved
so that it meets the department and service user’s requirements and it provides value
for money.

Duties and Responsibilities - Job Specific

1. Arrange and lead on the monitoring of services commissioned with Domiciliary Care
Agencies, Voluntary organisations and “in house” providers to ensure the services provided
meet the specific requirements of the service specifications, the contracts and the careplans.

2. During every contact with the commissioned services the postholder will be expected to be
continually observing, collating and assimilating all aspects of the provision, either written or
practice, to enable him/her to make informed decisions as to the standards being achieved.

3. Undertake face to face direct contact with service users in their own homes to ensure that
they have every opportunity possible to express their views on the quality of the service.

4. Observe working practices of direct care/support staff and discuss with agency managers.

5. Assist the agency to identify where staff have training requirements to help them meet the
required standard of work.

6. Provide advice, support and make recommendations to agency managers around the
management and delivery of the service.

7. Highlight when protocols and processes are required and provide advice, support and
occasional participation to ensure that these are in place.

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy County Borough Council
8. Work with individual staff teams and agencies to improve standards of practice and service
delivery. This can be undertaken in a variety of ways depending on the nature of the issues
and the postholder will have to be flexible in approach.

9. Ensure that the service user’s home complies with all appropriate health and safety
requirements and that the agency has completed and is complying with the applicable risk

10. Community living situations are tailored to the needs of the individual service users and it
is important that this individuality is maintained. The postholder will ensure that the agencies
support the individuals with this.

11. Ensure that all available information is considered during the continual monitoring of the
service provision. This will be achieved by requesting and analysing information from Social
Workers, Assessing and Reviewing Officers, Contracts Officers, Service Users, Families,
Community Nurses and Providers.

12. Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Audit Department in relation to monitoring
the Supported Living Houses (24/7 projects) for people with a learning or physical disability.
The requirements of all other internal/external monitoring quality assurance may also need to
be considered by the postholder and translated into practical requirements for the services.

13. Contribute to the department’s quality assurance agenda.

14. Liaise with Partner organisations such as the BCUHB and the Voluntary Sector to work
together to monitor and evaluate jointly commissioned projects.

15. Investigate complaints if requested by the Director of Social Services – this may involve
unannounced visits to ensure the safety of vulnerable adults.

16. Any other duties as may be required by the Director of Social Services or Monitoring

Duties and Responsibilities - Corporate

1. To be responsible for establishing good working relationships both internally and externally.

2. Compliance with the Authority’s Policies and Procedures and to make known to Senior
Officers any areas which are not adequately covered.

3. To participate actively in supporting the Authority’s principles and practices of equality of
opportunity as laid down within the Equal Opportunities Policy.

4. To be responsible for the application of Health & Safety practices within the daily
operations, sharing a common responsibility for Health & Safety across the department,
directorate and Authority as a whole.

5. Employees will be required to give certain information relating to themselves in order that
the Authority may properly carry out its duties, rights and obligations as an employer. The
Authority will process and control such data principally for personnel, administrative and
payroll purposes.

6. As a term of your employment and in order to maintain effective departmental operations,
you may be required to undertake any other reasonable task, commensurate with your grade,
as determined by your Line Manager or Head of Service.
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy County Borough Council
                                      Review Date/Right to Vary
This job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of duties. The Authority reserves
the right, after appropriate consultation with you, to vary your duties and responsibilities within
the parameters of your grade and occupational competence in order to respond to changes in
the needs of the service.

Signed by: …………………………………………. Date: ……………………………..
Employee’s Name and Signature

Approved by
Head of Service: ………………………………….. Date: ……………………………..

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy County Borough Council
                                      PERSON SPECIIFIICATIION
                                      PERSON SPEC F CAT ON
    Post: Monitoring Officer                                                        Date: 18:2:10
                                                                                                    E- Essential
      Factor                         Requirements                               How Identified      D – Desirable
                                                                                                    A – Advantageous
                                    - Qualification in Social Care, Health,     AF                  E
                                      Housing, Health and Safety or
                                      Management eg NEBOSH Diploma,
                                      Diploma in Management.

                                    - Sound working knowledge of services       AF/I                D
                                      and legislation applicable to Social
                                      Care and Health.

                                    - Knowledge of Health and Safety            AF/I                D
                                      requirements and how they could be
                                      applied in individual’s own home which
                                      is also a staff’s place of work.

                                    - Knowledge of risk management.             AF/I                D

                                    - A good understanding of the               AF/I                D
                                      requirements to protect vulnerable
                                      individuals (POVA).

                                    - An understanding of the diverse range     AF/I                D
                                      of services offered by social services.

      Knowledge and                 - An understanding of the needs of          AF/I                E
      skills                          people who are elderly or have a
                                      physical or learning disability or have
                                      mental health needs.

                                    - Experience of working with vulnerable     AF/I                D

                                    - Experience of multi agency working.       AF/I                D

                                     - Experience of working as part of a       AF/I                D
                                      multi disciplinary team.

                                    - Ability to communicate and get on well    I                   E
                                      with people.

                                    - Ability to challenge poor practice.       I                   E

                                    - Negotiation skills.                       AF/I                E

                                    - Ability to prioritise and manage own      AF/I                E

                                    - A high level of motivation.               AF/I                E

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy County Borough Council
                                    - Analytical skills.                          AF/I   E

                                    - Ability to show initiative and respond to   AF/I   E
                                      tight deadlines.

                                    - Knowledge and understanding of              AF/I   A

                                    - Communication skills both written and       AF/I   E
                                      verbal in English.

                                    - Communication skills both written and       AF/I   E
                                      verbal in Welsh.

                                    - Ability to prepare protocols, processes     AF/I   D
                                      and reports.

                                    - IT competency.                              AF/I   E

                                    - Contribute to Supervision process – to      AF/R   E
                                      attend regularly and prepare in

                                    - To work with individuals and teams to       AF/I   E
                                      promote good practice.

                                    - The postholder will not have direct         AF/I   D
      Supervision &
                                      management responsibility for any staff
                                      however can give instruction to agency
                                      managers and staff in certain
                                      circumstances. It would therefore be
                                      desirable to have had supervisory or
                                      management experience.

                                    - Ability to manage own workload.             AF/I   E

                                    - Ability to contribute to an Operational     AF/I   D

                                    - Ability to make decisions within own        AF/I   E
                                      area or responsibility without reference
                                      to others.

                                    - Well developed negotiation skills.          AF/I   E
      Creativity &
                                    - Ability to identify areas of support/       AF/I   E
                                      practice that require development.

                                    - Ability to problem solve.                   AF/I   E

                                    - Creative approach to monitoring             AF/I   E
                                      service delivery.

                                    - Ability to work within complex              AF/I   E
                                      organisational structures.
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy County Borough Council
                                    - Ability to deal with other officers in      AF/I    E
                                      Social Services, other Departments
                                      and outside bodies.

                                    - Ability to liaise and support Service       AF/I    E
                                      Users and carers.
      Contacts &
      Relationships                 - Excellent communication skills and the      AF/I    E
                                      ability to get on well with other people.

                                     - A constructive team player.                AF/I    E

                                    - Able to work effectively as part of a       AF/I    E
                                      team and as a lone worker.
                                    - Ability to take decisions on day to day     AF/I    E

                                    - Ability to be able to give advice and       AF/I    E
                                      approval on expenditure.

                                    - Ability to carry out spot checks in         AF/I    E
                                      properties on various issues eg health
                                      and safety, quality of paperwork,
                                      environmental checks.

                                    - Set standards within commissioned           AF/I    E

                                    - Understanding of when to refer more         AF/I    E
                                      complex issues to a senior officer.

                                    - Awareness of the importance of              AF/I    E
                                      working within budgets.

                                    - Monitoring support teams in service         AF/I    E
                                      users’ homes across the county
      Resources                       borough – as a lone worker
                                      representing CCBC.

                                    - Will hold a council laptop and mobile       I       E

                                    - Ability to travel around the county to      AF/I    E
                                      attend meetings and to visit vulnerable
      Physical                        adults in their homes.
                                    - Carry files, laptop etc to and from         I       E

Please Note: In order to be shortlisted for this post you will need to demonstrate that you meet
all the criteria ranked as E - Essential.
Identification of the requirements will be through the Application Form (AF), Interview (I), Test
at interview (T), Presentation at interview (P), Verification (V) or through a Reference (R)

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy County Borough Council

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