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									                                    Course Application
                 HC 395 Medical Profession Preparation and Overview/Honors
This is a fillable form. Enter the requested information and print out a hardcopy for your signature.
This application will be reviewed by the Davidson Honors College to determine qualifications for
admission to the course. Please return this application to the DHC by April 23 (for autumn semester).
We recommend that you save a copy of the completed form.

In your completed application, please provide the following materials:
       • This cover sheet
       • A current UM transcript (an unofficial transcript is acceptable)
       • A current résumé (optional – but recommended if you have relevant experience)
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E-mail Address:
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What class level will you be during the semester you intend to be enrolled in this course?
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Reason for Interest in the Course:

Experience/Education Relating to the Course:

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   Submit this application to: Davidson Honors College, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812

                       APPLICATION DEADLINE: April 23 (for autumn semester).
                          Late applications may be considered on a rolling basis.

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