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									Mediator opening statement
clinic with Geoff Sharp
Adelaide, Friday morning, 13 May 2011
This clinic will explore how to maximise the effectiveness of the mediator’s opening
One of the most important set pieces in any mediation is the mediator's opening. However,
often mediators see it simply as a way to inform parties of the "ground rules" and waste the
opportunity to do much more at this important stage of the meeting.
Geoff will share ideas about what makes a good opening and how effective it can be to tailor it
for each mediation. Each participant will demonstrate their opening statement and the group
will provide feedback and discuss.
This clinic is a valuable opportunity to revisit an aspect of your practice that can provide one of
the most important interventions we mediators make, especially where first impressions count.
This is a hands-on clinic and numbers will be limited so prior registration is required.
Come along prepared to demonstrate your opening statement.
Who is this for
This hands-on clinic is for mediators who want to improve their opening statements. No matter
what area you mediate in, learn about the power of bespoke openings and how you can
improve your own.
Numbers are limited so register early.

Your facilitator               LEADR Fellow, Geoff Sharp

                               Geoff Sharp is a commercial mediator working in the main centres in
                               New Zealand and more recently as needed in Sydney.
                               Geoff is known for his professional and innovative contribution to
                               mediation at a global level, his vigour in promoting alternative
                               dispute resolution and the personal integrity that underpins his
                               efforts. Acknowledged as one of the pioneers of New Zealand
                               mediation, Geoff has taught for California’s Pepperdine University
                               Law School on its Annual Summer Professional Skills Programme for
                               Mediators, Bond University’s Distinguished Practitioner in Residence
                               program and is a Vice-Chair of the Independent Standards
                               Commission of the International Mediation Institute (IMI). Prior to
                               committing to a full-time mediation practice a decade ago, Geoff was
                               a litigation partner at Bell Gully, one of New Zealand’s largest
                               national commercial law firms.

Member fee                 $45 (inc $4.10 GST)
Non member fee:            $55 (inc $5.00 GST)
Please register early as numbers are limited
Venue                                                    Time
University of Adelaide                                   9.30am-12pm
Grenfell Street, ADELAIDE
Full details on registration

                 Level 1, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Email:
                Telephone: (02) 9251 3366; Facsimile: (02) 9251 3733; Free call: 1800 651 650
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Mediator opening statement clinic
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                 Level 1, 13-15 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Email:
                Telephone: (02) 9251 3366; Facsimile: (02) 9251 3733; Free call: 1800 651 650

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