We have received some comments and concerns from Contractors by dT64XL6W


									We have received some comments and concerns from Contractors regarding the
September 1, 2007 ending date for the submission of Champ files. After careful
consideration, we are allowing a one month extension of the EBO conversion deadline to
October 1, 2007, which will allow Contractors and Subcontractors an additional month
to acquire their EBO IDs/Passwords, EBO training, and to update any contract files.

Monthly Civil Rights Reports are due to the Region not later than the 15th of the
following month, which allows time after the month ends for the information to be
updated. Therefore, the July 2007 report, due by August 15th, and the August 2007
report, due by September 15th, may be still submitted in Champ. However, the
September 2007 report, due by October 15th, must be submitted in EBO. If your firm is
ready, you may begin using EBO now and submit all future reports in EBO.

Please note that the last and final migration of Champ data to EBO was conducted on
April 18, 2007. Any data entered in Champ after April 7th will need to be imported or
reentered in EBO. Therefore, a Contractor that continues to use Champ until the October
deadline will need to import or reenter additional data. The work hour files (which
account for the bulk of the data) imported into Champ should be saved for import into

Even though we are allowing an additional month of report submissions in Champ, we
still encourage Contractors and Subcontractors to obtain EBO IDs/Passwords using the
vetting process to and to complete the online EBO Training. Additional EBO
information is available on the NYSDOT Office of Construction Webpage under
Construction Civil Rights at:

The EBO Application and Vetting Forms and Instructions may be directly accessed at the
following link:

EBO Training is available at: www.ebotraining.com There is a one time training fee of
$75 per firm, payable by check to IGS. The training fee is for all users in your firm, and
the training modules may be accessed repeatedly, at your convenience and desired pace.
Start by clicking on the "Register My Company" button and following the instructions.
For questions, contact Internet Government Solutions (IGS) at 1-866-528-4381.

The Office of Construction has also established an "EBO" e-mail account for your
questions and/or concerns: MO-EBO@dot.state.ny.us

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