Metric Conversions Word Problems - Randolph County Schools by 0z8y0A


									                                   Metric Conversions Word Problems
Make sure that you work out your problems so that I can give you partial credit in case you mess up with the
conversions. Drawing pictures in encouraged not only for your enjoyment but also to help you understand
what the question is asking.

   1. A brick wall measuring 3 ft by 11 ft is to be built. The brick measures 4in by 6 in. How many bricks will it
       take to complete the walkway?

   2. A certain type of fertilizer contains 8 percent nitrogen. If two kilograms of nitrogen are needed to
       fertilize a lawn, how many kilogram(s) of fertilizer is/are needed?

   3. A box of granola bars weighs 1500 grams. How many kilograms does the box weigh?

   4. A competitive college runner ran a 5-k race in 15 minutes, 23 seconds. What was her pace in miles per

   5. A contractor wants to order concrete for a wall that is 24 ft long, 10 ft high, and 9 inches thick. How
       many cubic yards should she order?

   6. A peach weighs 65 grams. If you buy 10 peaches and they sell for $5.50 per kilogram, how much will
       they cost?

   7. Aminia has four gerbils which weigh 20g, 22g, 24g and 26g. What is the total weight of the gerbils in

   8. An apple weighs 78 grams. If you buy three apples and they sell for $6.89 per kilogram, How much will
       the apples cost?
9. A light-year is a measure of length equal to the distance that light travels in 1 year. Compute the
   conversion factor between light-years and meters, and find the distance to the star Proxima Centauri 4
   1016 m in light-years. The speed of light is 3 108 m/s

10.Find the speed in meters per second equivalent to 55 miles per hour.

11) One day while talking about the Adirondack Mountains in New York we decide to take off on a
    spontaneous field trip. As we get onto the interstate we notice that our GPS shows that we are 860
    miles away from our destination. If we keep driving continuously at a velocity of 96.6 kilometers/hour
    how long will it take to get there in minutes?

12) Mr. Smith told Holly who told Jessica who told Mr. Abernethy that Ted spit on Nicholas Everhart. The
    spit on Nicholas was so large that it took up two inches of his face. TWO INCHES!! The green slime
    oozed down his face and nearly into his mouth. As it was oozing down his cheek bone and along the
    corners of his mouth where spittle normally forms in actors and actress’. It ended up sliding down his
    face at a rate of 1.452 cm per second. Nicholas was so grossed out that he was in shock and was not
    able to move for .10 of a minute. How far in centimeters and inches did the green slime ooze down his
    face before he managed to wipe it off?

13) If Kyle Edmonds bought his wife a diamond that weighed 2 mg how much would it weigh in kg?

14) Jessica Casey lives at one end of Park Avenue. Christina Frazier lives at the other end of the avenue. It
    is 5.8 kilometers from one end of Park Avenue to the other. Brandy Lane intersects Park Avenue at 3.8
    kilometers away from the dead end. If Jessica walks 2.79 kilometers towards Christina’s house, how
    many more meters does she have to walk to get there?

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