SCT � ITEC Status Report by 0z8y0A


									                                  IT Report for ACITC
                                       November 2005

Media Services and Development
Staff are continuing to work on the Applied Behavior Analyst (ABA) project and have produced a
demo of Study Guide 1. The Profound Learning System (PLS) is the framework for the course
material and Dr. Jose Martinez, Psychology, is the professor.

The proposal responses have been received for the Copy Center Services and Copying
Machines RFPs. A committee is reviewing the proposals and will make a recommendation to
the university.

The Applied Computing Center –Planning has begun for the 3rd annual Digital Showcase,
Friday, February 24. We are working with Ken Droescher and the Homecoming Committee. Full
Sail and Apple Computer will be major participants. Current plans call for a film fest of emerging
digital trends and effects, Apple presentations and digital discussion forum; all in addition to the
digital media displays in the ACC.

System Services – Staff are continuing to work on back end programming to streamline
computer account generation and distribution. The faculty and staff email account mass delete
for those persons no longer employed at Florida Tech will be processed this month. All affected
accounts will be notified.
Web Services and the Web Advisory Board – Current projects include Australia Summer
Programs, Athletics, Purchasing, alumni database for Biology and Chemistry, and IO
Psychology. The Web Advisory Board met recently for a project status update and discussed
changing the meeting schedule. It was decided to keep the monthly schedule at during the fall
and spring semesters.

SunGard SCT ITEC Report                                                                           1
August 12, 2004
     • Renew current              • Purchase annual
       license                      enterprise license
         –   Due 12/1/2005          –   12/1/2005
         –   100 Base copies        –   Unlimited Base
         –   5 Advanced             –   Unlimited Advanced
         –   5 Regression           –   Unlimited Regression
         –   $4,611                 –   $23,859
                                         • OR
                                    – $8,963 (Base only)

     • Renew current              • Total Academic
       license                      Headcount (TAH)
         – Due 4/1/2006             – Initiate any time
         – Mix of base and add-     – Cost pro-rated against
           ons                        4/1/2006
         – Mostly classroom         – Base (Matlab,
           licenses                   Simulink) $21,941
         – Research license              • add on price $1400
           more costly              – Standard (base+ 10
         – $18,443 current cost       toolboxes) $30,717
                                         • add on price $900

SunGard SCT ITEC Report                                         2
August 12, 2004
                          MatLab History
     •   2002 - $5,960 (IT)
     •   2003 - $7,765 (IT)
     •   2004 - $8,163 (IT)
     •   2005 - $18,443 (across all departments)

     • Purchase SPSS site license
         – At least the base module
         – Base + Advanced +Regression preferred
     • Purchase MatLab site license
         – Cost effective
         – Demand continues to grow, very hard to
           manage and apply current license

SunGard SCT ITEC Report                             3
August 12, 2004

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