MASTER POLICY SCHEDULE

EFFECTIVE DATE OF MASTER POLICY                   : May 20th, 2012 to May 19th, 2013

PART A – Overseas Personal Accident
Benefits                                          Sum Insured
Accidental Death & Permanent Disablement          RM200,000

PART B – Travel Inconvenience
Baggage Delay (6 hours)
   - Individual                                   RM2,000 (Overseas)/RM500(Inbound)
   - Aggregate of any one family                  RM4,000 (Overseas)/RM1,000(Inbound)

Baggage Loss (24 hours)
   - Individual                                   RM12,000(Overseas)/RM1,000(Inbound)
   - Aggregate of any one family                  RM24,000(Overseas)/RM2,000(Inbound)

Baggage Damage (Overseas/Inbound arrived back
to Malaysia)
    - Individual                                  RM500
    - Aggregate of any one family                 RM1,000

ACE Assistance                                    Covered

Aggregate Limit of Liability for Part A and B - RM45,000,000 per occurrence

PART C – Other Benefits
Home Away Contents (limit for any one item)       RM7,500
   - Limit per annum                              RM15,000

Purchase Protection (limit for any one item)      RM30,000
    - Limit for any one occurrence                RM75,000
    - Limit per annum                             RM225,000
    - Maximum limit of liability                  RM1,000,000

Extended Warranty (limit for any one item)        RM2,500
    - Limit for any one occurrence                RM5,000
    - Limit per annum                             RM15,000
    - Maximum limit of liability                  RM500,000

Refund   Protection (limit for any one item)      RM1,500
    -    Limit for any one occurrence             RM8,000
    -    Limit per annum                          RM16,000
    -    Maximum limit of liability               RM500,000

                                                                                      all other causes, as a result of an Accident.
                                                                                11. “Dependent Child” means the Cardmember’s legally dependent,
                                                                                      unmarried children (including step-children and legally adopted
                                                                                      children) who are wholly dependent on the Cardmember’s for
                                                                                      financial support and are:
                                                                                      a. Over 29 days of age, but under 19 years of age, and residing in
              NAC Program (Citibank Platinum Credit Card)                                   the Cardmember’s household, or;
                                                                                      b.under 24 years of age and a full-time student at a recognised
We agree to pay benefits in accordance with the terms, conditions,                    school, college or university
definitions and exclusions contained in the Master Policy.                      12. “Excess” means what the Cardmember contributes to a claim.
                                                                                    Excesses may apply to certain sections of cover. An Excess is not an
The application in respect of this Master Policy, and/or any declaration by         additional fee, charged by Us at the time of making a claim. Rather, it
Citibank Berhad shall form the basis of this contract and be deemed to be           is the uninsured first portion of a loss, the amount of which the
incorporated herein and shall constitute the entire contract.                       Cardmember must contribute towards each claim.
                                                                                13. “Family” means the Cardmembers Spouse and Dependent Child(ren).
In witness whereof, We have caused this Master Policy to be executed and        14. “Journey” means any trip involving travel Overseas and shall start from
commenced on the Effective Date as stated in the Master Policy Schedule.            the time of leaving the Insured
                                                                                       Person’s home in the Country of Residence and continue until arrival
Provided that no insurance shall be in force unless the Master Policy               back to his/her home at the Country of Residence, up to a maximum of
Schedule attached hereto is signed by Our authorised representative.                thirty (30) days.
                                                                                15. “Limb” means the entire limb between the shoulder and the wrist or
For ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad                                                     between the hip and the ankle.
                                                                                16. “Loss” in connection with:
                                                                                      a. a Limb, hands, feet, finger or toe means Permanent physical
                                                                                            severance or Permanent total Loss of Use of the Limb, hands,
Authorised Representative                                                                   feet, finger or toe;
                                                                                      b. an eye means total and Permanent loss of all sight in the eye;
                               DEFINITIONS                                            c. hearing mean total and Permanent loss of hearing;
                                                                                      d. speech means total and Permanent loss of the ability to speak;
1.   “Accident or Accidental” means a sudden, unforeseen and fortuitous               and which in each case is caused by Accidental Injury.
     event that results in a person’s Death, Permanent Total Disablement        17. "Loss of use" means Permanent loss in terms of the Cardmember’s
     or Accidental Injury.                                                            physical incapacity or disability in all aspects of daily living and not
2. “Accidental Injury” means a bodily injury resulting from an Accident               only in
     which occurs during the Period of Insurance and which is not an                    terms of professional or occupational incapacity or disability.
     illness and which :                                                        18. “Master Policy” means this Master Policy Wording and the Master
     (a) is caused by violent, external and visible means; and                        Policy Schedule.
     (b) results within one hundred and eighty (180) days of the Accident;      19. “Master Policy Schedule” means the Master Policy Schedule which is
     and                                                                               incorporated in and forms part of this Master Policy.
     (c) results solely and independently of any causes from:                   20. “Overseas” means in a country other than :
         (i) the Accident; and/or                                                           (a)         Malaysia;;
         (ii) sickness directly resulting from medical or surgical treatment                (b)         the country of which the Cardmember is a citizen. An
     rendered necessary by the Accident; and                                                            Event will also not be considered to take place
     (d) may include a bodily injury caused by a person being directly and                              Overseas if the Event occurred in a country in which
     unavoidably exposed to the elements as a result of an Accident.                                    the Cardmember was staying for thirty-one (31) or
3. “Baggage” means luggage and personal possessions taken or                                            more consecutive days prior to the date of the Event.
     purchased by the Cardmember on the Journey.                                21. “Period of Insurance” means the period specified in the Master Policy
4. “Card” means the Citibank Platinum credit card issued by Citibank                  Schedule or any amendment or endorsement to this Master Policy
     Berhad.                                                                          issued by Us, to be the Period of Insurance.
5. “Card Commencement Date” means the date of issue of a Card.                  22. “Permanent” means having lasted twelve (12) consecutive months
6. “Cardmember” means a person who has been issued a Card on or                     and at the expiry of that period, is beyond hope of improvement.
     after the Commencement Date and during the Period of Insurance of          23. "Permanent Total Disablement" means disablement which, having
     the Master Master Policy and remains an existing and valid holder of              lasted for at least twelve (12) consecutive months, will, in all
     such Card at the occurrence of the event giving rise to a claim under             probability, entirely prevent the Cardmember from engaging in
     this Master Policy. The Cardmember is the insured under this Master               gainful employment of any and every kind for the remainder of the
     Policy provided they are above eighteen (18) but under seventy (70)               Cardmember’s life.
     years of age.                                                              24. “Physician” means a legally registered medical practitioner qualified
7. “Commencement Date” means 12.01am Malaysia Time on the date                        and licensed to practice western medicine and who, in rendering such
     We agree to provide insurance under the Master Policy and which is                treatment, is practising within the scope of his licensing and training
     shown on the Master Policy Schedule.                                             in the geographical area of practice, but excluding the Cardmember or
8. “Common Carrier” means:                                                            the Cardmembers relative.
     a. Any bus, coach, ferry, hovercraft, hydrofoil, ship, taxi, train,        25. “Spouse” means the Cardmember’s legal husband or wife who is
            tram, or underground train provided and operated by a carrier             above eighteen (18) but under seventy (70) years of age. For the
            duly licensed for the regular transportation of fare-paying               purposes of this Master Policy, a Common Law marriage is not
            passengers, and;                                                          considered a legal marriage except as provided under the Law Reform
     b. Any helicopter provided and operated by an airline which is duly              (Marriage & Divorce) Act 1976
            licensed for the regular transportation of fare-paying passengers   26. “We/Our/Us” means ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad (9827-A),
            provided that such helicopter is operating only between                    38 Wisma ACE Jerneh, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
            established commercial airports and/or licensed commercial
            heliports, and;                                                                               GENERAL EXCLUSIONS
     c. Any fixed-wing aircraft provided and operated by an airline or air
            charter company which is duly licensed for the regular              These exclusions apply to all benefits. In addition to any exclusions which
            transportation of fare-paying passengers.                           apply to a particular benefit (called “Additional Exclusions”), this Master
9. “Country of Residence” means the country in which the Cardmember             Policy does not cover loss caused by:
    is a permanent resident or any country where the Cardmember is              a. War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared
    assigned, actively engaged in business or otherwise domiciled for a            or not), civil commotion, civil war, riot, revolution, insurrection or
    period of more than 30 consecutive days.                                       military or usurped power;
10. “Death” means death occurring solely, directly and independently of         b. Engaging in military duty with any armed forces of any country or
                                                                                   international authority;

c. Suicide, or any attempts thereat, suicide pacts or agreement, while sane     2. If compensation is payable for Loss of a whole member of the body,
   or insane, deliberate self-inflicted injury;                                    then compensations for parts of that member cannot also be claimed.
d. Engaging in pot-holing, professional sport where the Cardmember’s            3. If the Cardmember sustains more than one (1) Permanent Disability
   livelihood is substantially dependent on income received as a result of         stated in the above table of benefits, We will pay the one that gives the
   playing sport, racing other than on foot or engaging in any motor sports        highest benefit.
   as a rider, driver and/or a passenger;
e. Engaging in aviation (other than as a fare-paying passenger on a             EXPOSURE
   Common Carrier);                                                             In the event the Cardmember is unavoidably exposed to the elements as a
f. Engaging in any aerial activity, including parachuting and hang-gliding,     result of an Accident and because of such exposure, suffers Death whilst
   except as a passenger in any properly licensed aircraft;                     Overseas, the relevant benefit shall be payable by Us subject to the terms
g. Criminal and illegal acts by the Cardmember or the Cardmember’s              and conditions of this Master Policy.
   executors, administrators, legal heirs or personal representatives;
h. The Cardmember being under the influence of intoxicating liquor,             DISAPPEARANCE
   including having a blood alcohol content over the prescribed legal limit     In the event the Cardmember disappears following the disappearance,
   whilst driving, or being under the influence of any other drug unless it     sinking or wrecking of a conveyance in which the Cardmember was
   was prescribed by a Physcian and taken in accordance with the                travelling and after three hundred and sixty five (365) days, it is reasonable
   Physcian’s advice;                                                           to believe that the Cardmember would have died as a result of Accidental
i. Nuclear reaction, radiation, or radioactive contamination;                   Injury whilst Overseas at the time of the disappearance, sinking or
j. Any condition which is, results from or is a complication of infection       wrecking of the conveyance, the relevant Benefit shall be payable by Us
   with a venereal disease;                                                     subject to the terms and conditions of this Master Policy and the receipt by
k. Any condition which is, results from or is a complication of congenital      Us of a signed undertaking from the Cardmember’s personal
   conditions or deformities;                                                   representatives, in such form as We may require, that if such belief is
l. Any condition which is, results from a complication of geriatric or          subsequently found to be wrong, any Benefits paid shall be immediately
   psycho-geriatric or psychiatric condition, stress, anxiety and depression;   refunded to Us in full and the Cardmember will be liable to pay interest on
m. Any condition which is, results from or is a complication of pregnancy,      any sum paid by Us for such period and at such rate as We may
     childbirth, miscarriage or abortion;                                       determine.
n. Acupuncture treatment;
p. Illness, disease, bacterial or viral infection, even if contracted by                     Capital Sum Insured for Part A - Section 1 and 2
   accident, other than bacterial infection that is the direct result of an                            RM200,000 per Cardmember
   accidental cut or wound or accidental food poisoning (applicable to Part
   A – Overseas Personal Accident only);                                        PART B – TRAVEL INCONVENIENCE
p. The Cardmember travelling contrary to the advice of a Physcian or for
   the purpose of obtaining medical treatment;                                  SECTION 1 – BAGGAGE LOSS & DAMAGE
q. In respect of any property specifically insured or any claim which but for   If during the Period of Insurance and whilst the Cardmember and/or his/her
   the existence of this insurance would be recoverable under any other         Family is on a Journey, the Cardmember and/or his/her family sustains loss
   insurance.                                                                   or damage to Baggage that was checked-in with the Common Carrier, We
                                                                                will pay the benefit as stated below for each loss of Baggage provided the
                                                                                cost of the purchase of the entire passenger fares for the Journey is
                                BENEFITS                                        charged to the Cardmembers Card.

PART A – OVERSEAS PERSONAL ACCIDENT                                             If the Cardmember’s Baggage that is accompanied and checked in with the
                                                                                Common Carrier is not delivered to him/her within 24 hours of his/her
SECTION 1 – ACCIDENTAL DEATH BENEFIT                                            arrival at the scheduled destination in the course of his/her Journey, We
If during the Period of Insurance the Cardmember sustains Accidental            will reimburse up to the sum insured as stated below for the purchase of
Injury which results in his/her Death within three hundred and sixty-five       emergency essential clothing and requisite items.
(365) days from the date of Accident whilst Overseas, We will pay the
relevant benefits up to the sum insured as stated in the Capital Sum             PART B – Section 1                              Baggage Loss
Insured table below.                                                                 Geographical Location                Overseas     Inbound (arrived
                                                                                                                                         to Malaysia)
SECTION 2 – PERMANENT DISABLEMENT BENEFIT                                        Individual                              RM12,000         RM1,000
If during the Period of Insurance the Cardmember sustains Accidental             In the aggregate of any one family      RM24,000         RM2,000
Injury which results in one of the Permanent Disabilities shown in the table
of benefits below within three hundred and sixty-five (365) days from the        PART B – Section 1                             Baggage Damage
date of Accident whilst Overseas, We will pay the relevant benefits to the
                                                                                       Geographical Location                    Overseas/Inbound
extent specified below up to the sum insured as stated in the Capital Sum
                                                                                 Individual                                          RM500
Insured table below.
                                                                                 In the aggregate of any one family                RM1,000
      PERMANENT DISABILITY                           % of Sum Insured           Conditions
(a) Permanent Total Disability                       100%                       1. The Cardmember shall take all reasonable precautions for the safety of
(b) Permanent Loss of two (2) limbs                  100%                          all Baggage.
(c) Permanent Loss of sight in two (2) eyes          100%                       2. On the happening of any loss or damage, We shall be entitled:
(d) Permanent Loss of one (1) limb and               100%                              a. to take and keep possession of such baggage and to deal with
      sight in one (1) eye                                                                salvage in a reasonable manner
(e) Permanent Loss of speech and hearing             100%                              b. at Our option, to repair or replace baggage for which We are liable.
(f) Permanent Loss of one (1) limb or                50%                        3. In respect of loss or damage to any one article forming part of a pair or a
                                                                                   set, the value of the particular part or parts which may be loss or
     sight in one (1) eye
(g) Permanent Loss of speech                         50%                           damaged will be assessed without reference to any special value such
(h) Permanent Loss of hearing in both ears           50%                           parts may have forming a pair or set.
(i) Permanent Loss of speech and hearing             75%                        4. In the event of loss or damage, the Cardmember must obtain a written
(j) Permanent Loss of hearing in one (1) ear         30%                           report of such loss either in the form of a police report or a baggage
                                                                                   irregularity report or such similar reports from other carriers or bailers.
For permanent disability not specified above, We will adopt a percentage
that is consistent with the above scale without reference to the                Property Not Covered
Cardmember’s occupation.                                                        We will not pay for damage or loss of:
                                                                                a. Animals;
PROVISIONS:                                                                     b. Motor vehicles, aircraft and other conveyances or equipment or parts
1. Loss of use of a member shall be treated as Loss of the member.                 pertaining to such conveyances;

c. Artificial limbs, false teeth, any type of eyeglasses or contact lenses;        Guide to International Travel Information” (for visas). This information
d. Tickets, except for administrative fees required to reissue tickets;            will be provided to the Cardmember at any time, whether or not the
e. Money, stamps, stocks and bonds, postal or money orders;                        Cardmember is the one travelling or an emergency has occurred.
f. Property shipped separately under any freight agreement or sent by              ii) Interpreter Referral
   postal or courier services;                                                     ACE Assistance will provide the names, telephone numbers and, if
g. Credit cards;                                                                   possible and requested, hours of opening of interpreters’ office in foreign
h. Contraband.                                                                     countries.
Additional Exclusions                                                              iii) Lost Luggage Assistance
This Master Policy does not cover:                                                 ACE Assistance will assist the Cardmember if the Cardmember’s luggage
a. Loss or damage arising from confiscation or requisition by customs or           is lost while travelling outside Malaysia by referring the Cardmember to
   governmental authority; or                                                      the appropriate authorities involved.
b. Loss or damage to stamps, documents, contact or corneal lenses or               iv) Lost Passport Assistance
   damage to fragile articles; or                                                  ACE Assistance will assist the Cardmember if the Cardmember’s
c. Loss or damage to business goods or samples; or                                 passport is lost while travelling outside Malaysia by referring the
d. Normal wear and tear, gradual deterioration or mechanical or electrical         Cardmember to the appropriate authorities involved.
   breakdown or derangement; or                                                    v) Embassy Referral
e. Loss or damage whilst in the custody of an airline or other carrier, unless     ACE Assistance shall provide the address, telephone number and hours
   reported immediately on discovery and in the case of an airline a               of opening of the nearest appropriate consulate and embassy worldwide.
   property irregularity report is obtained; or                                    vi) Weather and Foreign Exchange Information Services
f. Cost of reproducing data whether recorded on tapes, cards, discs or             ACE Assistance shall provide information to the Cardmember regarding
   otherwise; or                                                                   the exchange rate of major foreign currencies and weather forecasts and
g. Loss or damage due to defective materials or craftsmanship; or                  temperatures of foreign countries.
h. Loss or damage due to rodents, animals or insects; or                           vii) Emergency Message Transmission Assistance
i. Loss not reported to police within 24 hours of discovery and a report           In the event of an emergency or a hospital confinement, ACE Assistance
   obtained at the place of loss.                                                  will undertake to keep the Cardmember’s immediate family members
j. more than RM1,000.00 in respect of any one article, or a pair or set of         informed, upon the Cardmember’s or the Cardmember’s Travelling
   articles, unless such article is specified therein.                             Companion’s request and consent to do so.
                                                                                   viii) Legal Referral
SECTION 2 – BAGGAGE DELAY                                                          ACE Assistance will provide the Cardmember with name, address,
If the Cardmember’s and/or his/her Family‘s baggage that is accompanied            telephone numbers, if requested by the Cardmember and if available,
and checked in with the Common Carrier is not delivered to him/her within          office hours for referred lawyers and legal practitioners.
6 hours of his/her arrival at the scheduled destination in the course of
his/her Journey, We will reimburse up to the sum insured as stated below         PART C – OTHER BENEFITS
for the purchase of emergency essential clothing and requisite items
provided the cost of the purchase of the entire passenger fares for the          SECTION 1 – HOME-AWAY CONTENTS BENEFIT
Journey is charged to the Cardmembers Card. This benefit is payable for          If during the Period of Insurance and whilst the Cardmember is on a
only one delay for any one Journey.                                              Journey, he/she suffers a physical loss or damage caused by burglary to
                                                                                 his/her household contents within his/her residence in Malaysia that was
 PART B – Section 2                              Baggage Delay                   left vacant, We will pay the Cardmember up to the sum insured specified
      Geographical Location                Overseas    Inbound (arrived          below provided the cost of the purchase of the entire passenger fares for
                                                         to Malaysia)            the Journey is charged to the Cardmembers Card.
 Individual                                RM2,000          RM500
 In the aggregate of any one family        RM4,000        RM1,000                A Excess of 1% of sum insured on each and every loss is applied from the
                                                                                 total loss payable to the Cardmember. We will not be liable for more than
Note : The Cardmember cannot claim under both Baggage Loss and                   the sum insured as stated below.
Baggage Delay for the same event.
                                                                                        PART C – Section 1 – Coverage Limit (per Cardmember)
Additional Claim Procedure                                                           Sum Insured any one item         Sum Insured in the aggregate
Any claims for indemnity for the purchase of emergency essential clothing                                                   (for annual period)
and requisite items must be accompanied by the originals of all bills and                   RM7,500                              RM15,000
receipts, containing sufficient detail to identify the items purchased.
                                                                                 Additional Exclusions
SECTION 3 - ACE ASSISTANCE BENEFIT                                               In addition to the General Exclusions, this Master Policy does not cover,
The Cardmember is entitled to obtain assistance from ACE Assistance in           and We will not in any event be liable in respect of any claim under this
respect of the following:-                                                       home contents benefit for the following items and/or for claim which is
1. 24-hour Telephone Access                                                      directly or indirectly, caused by, a consequence of, arises in connection
   If The Cardmember require assistance, The Cardmember may make call            with or contributed by any of the following:
   collect to the dedicated 24-hour Hotline with trained multi-lingual           1. any loss or damage occasioned through the Cardmember’s wilful act or
   personnel including a panel of ACE Assistance appointed physician for            the Cardmember’s involvement
   immediate assistance and advice.                                              2. loss (whether temporary or permanent) of the insured property or any
                                                                                    part thereof by reason of confiscation, requisition, detention or legal or
2. Medical Assistance                                                               illegal occupation of such property or of any premises, vehicle or thing
   i) Medical Service Provider Referral                                             containing the same by any government authorities.
   ACE Assistance shall provide to the Cardmember, upon request, the             3. consequential loss or damage of any kind
   name, address, telephone number and, if available, office hours of            4. stocks and/ items related to the Cardmember’s business or profession
   physicians, hospitals, clinics, dentists, and dental clinics.                 5. photographic and sports equipment and accessories and musical
   ii) Arrangement of Appointments with Local Physicians for Treatment              instruments
   ACE Assistance will assist The Cardmember to arrange for appointments         6. motor vehicles, boats, livestock, bicycles and any equipment or
   with general practitioners or specialised Physicians.                            accessories relating thereto.
                                                                                 7. loss or damage insured under any other insurance Master Policy, or
3. Travel Assistance                                                                reimbursed by any other party.
   i) Inoculation and Visa Requirement Information
   ACE Assistance shall provide information concerning visa and                  SECTION 2 – PURCHASE PROTECTION BENEFIT
   inoculation requirements for foreign countries, as those requirements are     This benefit will indemnify the Cardmember for any Personal Property
   specified from time to time in the most current edition of World Health       purchased worldwide during the Period of Insurance if such Personal
   Organization Publication “Vaccination Certificates Requirements and           Property is accidentally lost or damaged within :
   Health Advice for International Travel” (for inoculations) and the “ABC

     a.   30 days from the date of purchase                                      e. delay, seizure, confiscation, destruction, requisition, retention or
     b.   30 days from the date of delivery for items purchased under a          detention by customs or other government or public authority or official;
          merchandising program,                                                 f. the intentional, deliberate or fraudulent acts of the Cardmember or his
                                                                                 representatives, or anyone residing in the same household or to whom the
provided the total cost of the purchase is charged to an eligible Card           Cardmembers Personal Property has been entrusted;
account.                                                                         g. mysterious disappearance or unexplained loss;
                                                                                 h. transit by air, vessels or ships, trains or vehicles, or any other mode of
For any claimable loss under this Master Policy, We shall be entitled at its     Common Carrier unless the Cardmembers Personal Property is hand-
sole option to repair, reinstate or replace the property lost or damaged         carried by the Cardmember during the course of transit;
(whether wholly or in part).                                                     i. product defects, faulty or defective design, material or workmanship,
                                                                                 latent defect;
We will not be liable for more than the purchase price of the Cardmembers        j. diminution in value or loss of use of the Cardmembers Personal Property
Personal Property as recorded on the Card account charge form or the limit       or consequential loss of any and every kind
as stated below, whichever is lower.

If the Cardmembers Personal Property was purchased with a partial                Additional Claim Procedures
payment using the Card, Our limit of liability shall be pro-rated based on       The Cardmember, upon knowledge of direct physical loss or damage to
the percentage the partial payment bears to the full purchase price.             property indemnified by this Master Policy, shall immediately notify Us by
                                                                                 telephone on 1800-88-2393 or write to ACE Jerneh Insurance Berhad, 38
For Personal Property purchased through the Card instalment scheme for           Wisma ACE Jerneh, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur within
which instalment payments are allowed, Our limit of liability shall not          thirty (30) days after the date of such loss or damage. Warning: Failure to
exceed the full purchase price and indemnity will be subject to full             give such notice within thirty (30) days after the date of loss will result in
settlement of the purchase price by the Cardmember.                              loss of the insurance provided hereunder. The Cardmember must also
                                                                                 return the completed and signed loss report to ACE Jerneh Insurance
        PART C – Section 2 – Coverage Limit (per Cardmember)                     Berhad at the above address within ninety (90) days after the date of loss.
      Sum Insured any one item       Sum Insured per occurrence
                                                                                 The Cardmember shall provide a signed loss report stating the time, place,
              RM30,000                            RM75,000                       cause of loss and the amount of loss or damage together with other
             Sum Insured in the aggregate (for annual period)                    substantiation of the loss, including a Cardmember’s record of charge and
                              RM225,000                                          store receipt and a police, fire, insurance claim or loss report or other
                                                                                 report of the occasion of the loss sufficient for a determination of eligibility
A Excess of 50% of the loss subject to a minimum of RM75.00 is applied           for indemnification hereunder. The Cardmember also furnish Us with a
in respect of accidental loss or damage including theft (other than burglary,    copy of any claim filed with insurers of the Cardmember providing
robbery and hold-up) from the total loss payable to the Cardmember.              insurance against such loss or damage.

We shall also deduct RM100.00 in respect of any other loss (including but        In the event of direct physical damage to the insured property, the
not limited to burglary, robbery and hold-up) from the total loss payable to     Cardmember may, at Our sole discretion, be required to return such
the Cardmember.                                                                  property to Us at the above address, at the Cardmember’s expense.

Additional Definitions                                                           SECTION 3 – EXTENDED WARRANTY BENEFIT
“Personal Property )” means any tangible personal property of the                This benefit provides cover for the Covered Applicance purchased by the
Cardmember the full cost or portion of cost which has been charged to            Cardmember during the Period of Insurance only to the extent that the item
their Card account not being property excluded under this Master Policy.         purchased has not been covered by any other Extended Warranty insurance
However this Master Policy does not cover any loss or damage to :                and is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Master Policy.
      • property that is insured under any other insurance Master Policy         This benefit reflects the original manufacturers’ warranties for Covered
           unless its coverage does not extend to cover such loss or
                                                                                 Appliances charged to the Card account on any participating products
                                                                                 stated below. The coverage period that the Extended Warranty is effective
      • property that is covered under a guarantee or warranty unless            shall equal the term of the original manufacturer's warranty, up to a
           the loss or damage is not otherwise covered;                          maximum of 24 months. The total coverage period inclusive of both
      • consumable and perishables                                               original manufacturer warranty and extended warranty shall not exceed a
      • motor vehicles, motorcycles or their motors, equipment and               total of 48 months.
           accessories (including communication devices solely for use in
           the vehicle), bicycles, marine craft, aircraft, model airplanes and   When the original manufacturer's warranty expires, the Extended Warranty
           boats;                                                                protection takes effect for each Covered Appliance bought in Malaysia with
                                                                                 a Purchase Price of not more than RM15,000.00 per item, always subject
     •    business property or property purchased to be used for a
                                                                                 to the maximum amount of coverage offered under the Extended Warranty
          business purpose
                                                                                 benefit as shown below.
     •    cash, bank and currency notes, cheques, travellers’ cheques,
          money orders, postal orders, postage stamps, securities,               Coverage is provided for any cost of labour or parts used to repair or correct
          negotiable instruments of any kind, bullion, rare or precious          any malfunction, defect or damage of the Covered Appliance covered by
          coins, documents or tickets of any kind, unset gemstones;              the terms of the warranty given under the original manufacturer’s warranty.
     •    livestock, pets, animals, plants or other living creatures             If a Covered Appliance needs to be replaced, the item will subject to the
                                                                                 maximum claim amounts set out below be indemnified for the Covered
Additional Exclusions                                                            Appliance at the market value of the Covered Appliance (being the amount
We will not pay for loss or damage caused by or arising from :                   the Cardmember paid for the Covered Appliance), less 10% for each year
a. mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, failure or derangement        thereafter or part thereof.
b. theft from any unattended vehicle unless all windows are securely closed
and all doors, boot and openings are securely locked and there is visible                PART C – Section 3 – Coverage Limit (per Cardmember)
sign of break-in;                                                                      Sum Insured any one item          Sum Insured per occurence
c. marring or scratching, denting, chaffing, deterioration, depreciation,                     RM2,500                             RM5,000
alteration, maintenance, any process of cleaning or drying, repairing,                      Sum Insured in the aggregate (for annual period)
renovation, bleaching, dyeing, restoring or servicing;                                                        RM15,000
d. leakage, loss of weight, shrinkage, evaporation, bulging, buckling,
contamination, insect or vermin, inherent vice, wear and tear, rust,             Additional Definitions
corrosion, mildew, atmospheric or climatic conditions (including wind, rain,      “Breakdown” means failure of the Covered Appliance to operate due to an
hail, sleet, snow and frost) and any other gradually operating causes;           unforeseen electrical or mechanical problem.

“Covered Appliance(s)” means new item (s) of domestic electrical                  Covered Appliance, less 10% for each year thereafter or part thereof), then
equipment included in the following list (which may be amended from time          cover in respect of that Covered Appliance will end.
to time)                                                                          3. If the Covered Appliance is replaced, the replaced Covered Appliance
1. Air Conditioner             18. House phone                                    becomes Our property, and We reserve the right to take possession of the
2. Answering Machine           19. Iron                                           Covered Appliance.
3. Blender, Mixer              20. Juicer                                         4. If the Cardmember makes a false claim, the Cardmember will lose all
4. Camera                      21. Microwave                                      rights and benefits under this Master Policy.
5. CD/VCD/DVD                  22. Mobile Phone
6. Coffee Maker                23. Polaroid
7. Compactor                   24. Portable CD                                    Additional Claim Procedures
8. Cordless phone              25. Receiver/amplifier/speaker                     In the event of the breakdown of an appliance, the Cardmember should :
9. Dishwasher                  26. Refrigerator                                   1. Check the manufacturer's handbook or manual to make sure the controls
10. Electric Stove             27. Sewing Machine                                 are properly set and check that the fuse has not blown in the plug.
11. Electric Wok               28. Toaster                                        2. Check that the appliance is a Covered Appliance under the terms and
12. Dryer                      29. Toaster Oven                                   conditions of the Master Policy.
13. Electronic Flash           30. TV                                             3. Call Us and request for a claim form which must be completed, signed
14. Fan                        31. Vacuum Cleaner                                 and returned to the Company within 30 days of the Breakdown
15. Fax                        32. VCR                                            accompanied by the following:
16. Food Processor             33. Washing Machine                                - The Cardmember’s Card Record of Charge voucher or
17. Heater                                                                         - The Cardmember’s Card statement detailing the
                                                                                  purchase made;
 “Purchase Price” means the price paid for the Covered Appliance                   - Original store receipt/the item’s purchase invoice
(inclusive of all taxes and government charges).                                   - Original customer’s portion of the original manufacturer’s warranty;
                                                                                   - Original quotation from authorized repairer detailing cause & nature of
Additional Exclusions                                                             damage; and
1. Excluded Products*, (including but not limited to)                              - Any other item deemed reasonable by Us to process the claim
a. Computer (including notebook and other portable computing devices)             4. Ensure that a pre-approval letter is obtained from Us before sending the
b. Modem                                                                          appliance for repair.
c. Monitors
d. MP3 players                                                                    SECTION 4 – REFUND PROTECTION BENEFIT
e. PDAs                                                                           This benefit provides for product satisfaction on designated items
f. Plasma TVs                                                                     purchased during the Period of Insurance solely for personal use and paid
g. Printers                                                                       for entirely with the Card.
h. Products used for commercial purposes                                          If, within 30 days from the purchase of the product, a Cardmember is
(*We may from time to time add to or delete from this list of Excluded            dissatisfied with the item purchased and the retailer refuses to take the
Products at its absolute discretion.)                                             purchased item back, the Cardmember can return it to Us, who will credit
2. We will not pay for Breakdown due to:                                          the Cardmember’s Card account with the purchase price, up to the limits
a. failure to follow the manufacturer's instructions and/or installation guide;   shown below. The number of supplementary cards applied for by the
b. use of any accessory not approved by the manufacturer of the Covered           Cardmember shall not be taken into account when determining the
Appliance in question;                                                            maximum claim amount permitted per calendar year. The amount credited
c. any external cause such as fire, water ingress, sand, theft or weather, or     to the Cardmember’s Card Account shall hereinafter be referred to as the
faults in any electrical supply/connection or plumbing;                           “Refund Protection”.
d. neglect, willful abuse or misuse of the Covered Appliance;                     1. This benefit covers the Cardmember only to the extent that the item
g. any reason that would have excluded a claim under the original                 purchased has not been covered by any other Refund Protection insurance
manufacturer’s warranty                                                           and is subject to the terms and conditions contained in this Master Policy.
3. We will not pay for the cost of:                                               2. Purchases must be made in Malaysia and charged in full on the
a. servicing, inspection or cleaning of the Covered Appliance including           Cardmember’s Card account.
video/audio heads and soap dispensers;                                            3. Refund Protection will not be made for any items with a purchase price
b. returning, realigning satellite dishes or any adjustment intended by the       of RM60 or less.
manufacturer to be carried out by the Cardmember;                                 4. The item returned by the Cardmember must be received by Us brand
c. replacing consumable items such as batteries, filters, lamps, vacuum           new (with original label still intact), undamaged, in good condition and in
cleaner belts, bags and printer cartridges; or                                    working order.
d. repairing cosmetic damage where the function of the Covered Appliance
is unaffected such as dents, scratches and rust.                                          PART C – Section 4 – Coverage Limit (per Cardmember)
4. We will not pay for loss of use of the Covered Appliance or any                      Sum Insured any one item          Sum Insured per occurence
consequential loss or any amount that the Cardmember are able to recover                       RM1,500                             RM8,000
under any other insurance Master Policy.                                                     Sum Insured in the aggregate (for annual period)
5. This insurance will not apply if the Covered Appliance is modified or                                       RM16,000
used for business purposes.
6. The Covered Appliance must:
a) be purchased within Malaysia;                                                  Limitations and Products Not Covered
b) be owned by the Cardmember;                                                    1. Items not covered are:
c) have a minimum Purchase Price of RM250;                                           - animals and living plants;
d) be paid for in full with the Cardmembers Card;                                    - one of a kind items (including antiques, artwork and furs);
e) the Cardmember should have no overdue debts with Citibank Berhad;                 - limited edition items,
f) be located at the Cardmember’s permanent residential address (as stated           - going-out-of-business sale items;
in his identity card); and                                                           - consumable and perishable goods;
g) the Cardmember’s Card account must be active when the claim is made.              - jewelry and precious stones;
                                                                                     - services and additional costs (such as installation charges, warranties,
Breakdown                                                                               shipping or memberships);
Cover starts when the warranty period offered by the manufacturer of the             - rare and precious coins;
Covered Appliance expires.                                                           - used, rebuilt and refurbished items;
Any Breakdown must be notified to Us within 30 days of its occurrence.               - compact discs;
1. The Cardmember must be able to produce the original purchase receipt,             - digital video discs;
if requested by Us to substantiate a claim.                                          - audiotapes;
2. If the Covered Appliance is replaced, or the Cardmember is given a                - video-tapes;
credit refund settlement (being the amount the Cardmember paid for the               - computer software;

   - books of any kind;
   - health care items (such as blood pressure machines and diabetes              7)     Clerical Error
      equipment);                                                                      A clerical error by Us shall not invalidate insurance otherwise validly in
   - tickets of any kind;                                                              force, nor continue insurance otherwise not validly in force.
   - motorized vehicles and their parts;
   - firearms;                                                                    8)    Jurisdiction
   - land and buildings;                                                               All disputes relating to this Master Policy must be submitted to the
   - negotiable instruments (such as promissory notes, stamps, and                     exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Malaysia.
      travellers cheques);
   - cash and its equivalent;                                                     9)    Governing Law
   - and items permanently affixed to home, office, vehicle, etc. (such as             This Master Policy shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance
      garage door openers, car alarms);                                                with Malaysian Law.
   - illegal property;
   - formal wear including, but not limited to, evening gown, wedding             10) Geographical Limits
      gown or tuxedo;                                                                For Part A - Personal Accident
   - underwear,                                                                      The coverage as afforded under this Master Policy is twenty four (24)
   - surcharge, etc.                                                                 hours a day worldwide unless otherwise endorsed or amended.
2. This coverage is supplemental and only applies if a claim is made over            For Part B- Travel Insurance
   items covered by this Master Policy within 60 days of original purchase.          The coverage as is afforded under this Master Policy shall apply 24
                                                                                     hours a day anywhere in the world outside the Cardmember’s Country
Additional Exclusions                                                                of Residence and during the Period of Insurance as stated in the
We shall not be liable for any claim:                                                Master Policy Schedule unless otherwise endorsed or amended.
1. arising out of the imposition of any surcharge;                                   For Part C – Home Away Contents Benefit, Purchase Protection
2. arising out of the fraudulent act of the Cardmember or arising from               Benefit, Extended Warranty Benefit & Refund Protection Benefit
illegal activity;                                                                    The coverage as afforded under this Master Policy is twenty four (24)
3. made more than 90 days of the purchase date or                                    hours a day within Malaysia unless otherwise endorsed or amended.
4. not reported to Us within 60 days from the date of the retailer refusing
to take back the purchased item.                                                  11) Legal Action
                                                                                     No action shall be brought to recover on this Master Policy prior to the
Additional Claim Procedures                                                          expiration of sixty (60) days after written proof of claim has been filed
In the event that an original retailer refuses to accept the return of the           in accordance with the requirements of this Master Policy.
purchased item, the Cardmember must:
1. Call Us to request a claim form which must be completed, signed and            12) Benefit Limitation
returned to Us within 30 days, accompanied by the following :                        The Cardmember shall not be covered under more than one NAC plan.
a) the Cardmember’s Card record of charge voucher or Cardmember’s Card               If the Cardmember is covered under more than one (1) such policy, We
statement detailing the purchase made;                                               will consider that person to be covered under the policy which provides
b) original store receipt/the item's purchase invoice; and                           the highest benefits. Where the benefits under any additional policy are
c) any other item deemed reasonable by Us to process the claim.                      identical, We will consider that Cardmember to be insured under the
2. The Cardmember will be required to return the item (which must be                 policy issued first. All policies not recognised by Us shall be cancelled.
brand new with original labels intact, in good working condition) to Us
within 30 days once the claim has been approved. The Cardmember is                13) Variation
responsible for the cost of returning the item.                                      The terms of this Master Policy may be varied, amended, modified or
3. Once the claim is approved and the returned item received, We will                suspended by an agreement in writing between Us and Citibank
satisfy the claim by crediting the Cardmember’s Card account with the                Berhad, without the consent of any Cardmember.
Purchase Price of the item - up to limits outlined for this benefit.
                                                                                  14) Due Diligence
                          GENERAL CONDITIONS                                          The Cardmember shall use due diligence and do all things reasonably
                                                                                      practicable to avoid or diminish any risk of damage to or theft of
1)     Interpretation                                                                 property so insured under the Master Policy.
     This Master Policy, including any endorsements and amendments, if
     any shall be read together as one contract and any word or expression                                     CLAIMS PROVISION
     to which a specific meaning has been attached shall, unless the
     context otherwise requires, bear that specific meaning wherever it may       1) Claims Procedure
     appear.                                                                         On the happening of any occurrence likely to give rise to a claim under
                                                                                     this Master Policy, written notice shall be given to ACE Jerneh
2)    Terms and Conditions                                                           Insurance Berhad, Claims Department, 8th Floor Wisma ACE Jerneh,
     Payment of any benefit under this Master Policy is subject to the               38 Jalan Sultan Ismail 50250 Kuala Lumpur, as soon as possible or
     Definitions, Exclusions, and all other terms and conditions pertinent to        in any event, within 31 days after the date of occurrence.
     the benefit.
                                                                                       If the Cardmember, or the Cardmember’s legal representative
3) Notice of Trust or Assignment                                                       wishes to make a claim on behalf of the Cardmember, they must:
   We shall not be bound or affected by any notice of any trust, charge,               (a)      complete a claim form (claim forms are available from Us);
   lien, assignment or other dealing with or related to this Master Policy.            (b)      attach to the claim form:
4) Entire Contract Changes                                                                      i.      original receipts for any expenses that are being claimed;
                                                                                               ii.      any reports that have been obtained from the police, a
   This Master Policy, including the endorsements and amendments, if                                    carrier or other authorities about an accident, loss or
   any, will constitute the entire contract between Citibank Berhad and                                 damage;
   Us. No change in this Master Policy shall be valid unless approved by                     iii.       proof that the Cardmember was an existing and valid
   Us and evidenced by endorsement or amendment.                                                        Cardmember at the date of the occurrence of the event
5) Fraud                                                                                                giving rise to a claim under this Master Policy, including
                                                                                                        but not limited to the relevant Card statement; and/or
     Any statement made by the Cardmember which is intentional                                iv.       any other documentary evidence required by Us under the
     misstatement of fact and constitutes a fraud, shall result in Our right to                         Master Policy
     terminate the Cardmember’s coverage immediately.                                  (c)         provide Us with the completed claim form and accompanying
                                                                                                   documents within sixty (60) days of the occurrence taking
6)     Currency                                                                                    place which gives rise to a claim; and
     Premiums and benefits payable under this Master Policy shall be made              (d)         give Us at the Cardmember’s, or the Cardmember’s legal
     in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).                                                                     representative’s expense all medical and other certificates and

            evidence required by Us that is reasonably required to assess
            the claim.
2) Interest
    No amount payable under this Master Policy shall carry interest unless
    provided by law.

3) Terms and Conditions
   The due observance and fulfilment of the terms, provisions and
   conditions of this Master Policy in so far as they relate to anything to
   be done or complied with by the Cardmember shall be conditions
   precedent to Our liability to make any payment under this Master

4) Fraudulent Claims
   If any claim under this Master Policy shall be, in any respect,
   fraudulent or if any fraudulent means or devices shall be used by the
   Cardmember or anyone acting on the Cardmember’s behalf to obtain
   benefit under this Master Policy, We shall be under no liability in
   respect of such claim.

5) Contribution
   If at the time of any loss or damage arising under the Master Policy
   (other than Personal Accident claim) there is any other insurance
   covering the same loss or damage, We will not pay any amounts which
   are recoverable from any other insurance coverage that the
   Cardmember is entitled to.

6) Company’s Right After a Claim
   We shall be allowed to conduct in the Cardmember’s name and on the
   Cardmember’s behalf the defence or settlement of any legal action and
   take proceedings at Our own expense and for Our own benefit but in
   the Cardmember’s name to recover compensation from any third party
   in respect of anything covered by this Master Policy.

7) Payment of Benefits
    Benefits payable under this Master Policy shall be paid to the
    In the event of the Cardmember’s Death, the benefits shall be paid to
    the Cardmember’s nominated beneficiary or to the Cardmember’s
    estate or in accordance with the law if there is no such nominated
     If the Master Policy is cancelled this does not affect the Cardmembers
    right to make a claim under the Master Policy provided that the loss
    occurred before the date of cancellation.

8) Arbitration
    All differences arising out of the Master Policy shall be referred to the
    decision of an Arbitrator to be appointed in writing by the parties in
    difference or if they cannot agree upon a single Arbitrator to the
    decision of two Arbitrators, one to be appointed in writing by each of
    the parties within one calendar month after having been required in
    writing so to do by either of the parties or, in the case the Arbitrators
    do not agree, of an Umpire appointed in writing by the Arbitrators
    before entering upon the reference. The Umpire shall sit with the
    Arbitrators and preside at their meetings. The cost of the reference and
    of the award shall be at the discretion of the Arbitrator, Arbitrators or
    Umpire making the award. And it is hereby expressly stipulated and
    declared it shall be a condition precedent to any right of action or suit
    upon this Master Policy that the award by such Arbitrator, Arbitrators
    or Umpire of the amount of Benefit if disputed, shall be first obtained.

                     This Master Policy is underwritten by
                  ACE JERNEH INSURANCE BERHAD (9827-A)


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