PH.D. PROGRAM IN BIOBEHAVIORAL HEALTH
                                   STUDENT INTEREST FORM

Name: _____________________________________________________________

How did you find out about our program?

___Petersons Guide           ___APA Monitor      ___World wide web
___Mentor/faculty/student (their name and affiliation) ________________________________________
___Other (please specify) ______________________________________________________________

Discipline Interests: Check up to 5 areas (1= most important, 2=2nd most important)

__addiction                     __anthropology                  __alcohol studies
__biology                       __biochemistry                  __demography
__diabetes                      __endocrinology                 __epidemiology
__genetics                      __gerontology                   __health education
__health promotion              __health disparities            __health psychology
__immunology                    __molecular genetics            __nutrition
__neuroscience                  __pharmacology                  __psychology
__philosophy of science         __public health                 __physiology
__psychophysiology              __program evaluation            __prevention research
__statistics                    __social psychology             __sociology

The program offers special opportunities for research. The following areas represent
broad themes within the program, but are by no means the only areas of interest.
Circle up to 5 areas in which you may be interested.

__Gender, development, aging, and health                __Endocrinology
__Tobacco                                               __Genetics and health
__Health Promotion and disease prevention               __Applied social psychology and health
__Sexuality                                             __Eating behaviors
__Human performance and health throughout               __Interventions for reducing stress
        the lifespan                                    __Stress and health
__Models and methods of biology                         __ Psychopharmacology
__Modes and methods of epidemiology                     __Aging and health
__Child development and cognition                       __Ethnicity and health
__Evaluation of prevention/health promotion programs    __Alcohol, drug abuse and other drugs

Many resources are potentially available to assist your research. Much research is
not linked explicitly to the following resources and new resources do become available
periodically. This is not meant to indicate the limits of the opportunities in which you
may be interested. Check up to 5 areas (1= most important, 2=2nd most important,

__Behavioral endocrinology lab
__Center for developmental and health genetics
__Center for developmental and health research methodology
__ Center for sports medicine
__Center for the study of child and adolescent development
__Gerontology center

                                                                                Revised 7/2007
__General clinical research center
__Laboratory for the study of human ingestive behavior
__Neurobiology laboratory of learning and memory
__Noll laboratory for human performance research
__Medicine, health and aging laboratory
__Nutrition clinic or nutrition center
__Prevention research center
__Vascular health interventions lab

Which of the following areas best describes your area of interest?

         __mainly human research          __mainly animal model research            __both

Attach a brief essay (<3 pages, double spaced, typed) giving information on your
background and interest in the program. You may use the following topics as

    1.   Aspects of Biobehavioral health you hope to emphasize and any particular research interest or career
    2.   Previous undergraduate or graduate work and/or research of particular relevance.
    3.   Previous positions (responsibilities and type of work) that might be relevant.
    4.   Publications (if any)

Do you expect to need financial assistance to attend this program?

         __ yes          __no

List three BB H Faculty (graduate faculty only) in which you would be interested in
working with:

         1st choice __________________________________

         2nd choice __________________________________

         3rd choice __________________________________

    Please visit the BB H faculty website at and review their
                      research interests before making your selections

                                      Please return this form to:
                                The Pennsylvania State University
                              Ph.D. Program in Biobehavioral Health
                            College of Health and Human Development
                         315 East Health and Human Development Building
                                 University Park, PA 16802-6508

                                                                                    Revised 7/2007

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