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									Finest Comfortable Heritage Hotels in
Rajasthan is known for its heritage and especially for its Heritage Hotels in India. Sardargarh
Heritage Hotel is the prime example of it. Tourists across the globe love visiting Rajasthan,
India. It is said that every 1 out of the 3rd tourist who visits India experiences the warm
hospitality and historical sight-seeing of Rajasthan.

Sardargarh Heritage Hotel is indeed a magnificent fort. It was built during 1738 to 1743.
Basically Sardargarh fort was built as a base of protection for the war time. Then gradually this
beautiful fort turned into one of the most beautiful Resorts in India. Sardargarh Heritage Resort
is not only graceful from inside but it is also blessed with some stupendous scenery outside
also. There are many hotels in Rajasthan. But sardargarh hotel stands apart with its rich
heritage, amazing décor and kind hospitality.

Sardargarh Resort provides its customers some really high-class accommodation facility. The
fort turned hotel has many different suites. Apart from its other accustomed suites there is a
Palace of Ravala having 21 Suites. It is also known as the Zenana Palace. The Major
characteristic of this Palace is that all the names of these 21 suites are given after the names of
the queen of its creator. Even the interior design and colors of the respective suites are
according to choices of its queens. It is the authenticity of this Heritage Hotel which attracts
most of the tourists.

Rajasthan is tourists’ favorite destination because it is not limited in terms of touring
destinations. Rajasthan has a very large landscape. Rajasthan it is mainly known for its desert
regions. It also has a very vital and useful flora and fauna. Even around sardargarh there are lots
of tourist attractions. It is well connected by roads. Tourists easily roam around surrounding
cities and tourist places with the help of taxis or other available modes of transportation. The
nearest among all of them is Nathdwara Temple. It is just at the distance of 45 km. Udaipur is
another big city of Rajasthan it is also very near to the Sardargarh. It is known as the “Lake City”
of India.

Sardargarh resort is also known for its famous collection of traditional arts, crafts, handicrafts
and other ancient articles of the bygone era. The resort also organizes jeep safari and folk
dance including campfire for tourists’ entertainment. The best time to visit will be from October
to March. Sardargarh is well connected by road and rail links. Even the nearest airport is also
just 75 km away. Sardargarh Heritage Hotel is among the best Heritage Hotels in India. So if you
are planning to visit Rajasthan you should not miss the opportunity for a stay in this wonderful

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