As a Parent/Guardian, I will: by 0z8y0A


									                                         Parent-Student-Teacher Compact
                                       Hiram Elementary School 2011-2012

   School Mission: Our mission at Hiram Elementary School is to help ignite responsible achieving minds in all students in
   order to prepare for greatness now and in the future.

As a Parent/Guardian, I will:                As a Student, I will:                   As a Teacher, I will:
 Make sure my child attends school           Come to school prepared                Come to class prepared to teach
   regularly and on time                        and ready to learn                    Individualize instruction for
 Communicate with my child’s                 Always try to do my best in              student success
   teachers on a regular basis                  my work and behavior                  Enforce school rules fairly and
 Encourage my child to always do             Show respect for myself,                 consistently
   his/her best                                 others, and my school                 Help each child to grow to his/her
 Support the school in developing            Follow my school/class rules             potential
   positive behaviors                         Work together with my                  Demonstrate professional behavior
 Educate my child on positive and              classmates, teachers, and               and a positive attitude
   appropriate interactions towards             other school staff                    Instruct students in displaying
   his peers and teachers                     Be nice to others and respect            appropriate interactions between
 Talk with my child every day                  their personal space. I will            themselves and their peers
   about school                                 not bully, say or do mean             Show respect for each student and
 Stay informed about what my                   things to others. I will treat          his/her family
   child is learning                            others they way I would like          Seek ways to involve parents in
 Sign and review my child’s agenda             to be treated                           our school program
   daily                                      Complete my school work;               Communicate with parents on a
 Provide a home environment that             Believe that I can learn and             regular basis
   encourages learning                          will learn                            Schedule parent conferences on
 Believe that my child can be                                                          various dates and times of the day;
   successful                                                                         Believe that each child can learn

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   Revision Date: September 9, 2011

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