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					SwetsWise Quick Guide
SwetsWise is a multi-disciplinary journals database. It provides access to the tables
of contents for approximately 17,000 titles and users at UEL have access to the full-
text of 1,400 titles.

How to access SwetsWise
Log on to the network in the normal way, click on the internet Explorer icon from the
desktop, or from the menu bar at the bottom of the screen
Open the Library and Learning Services website at http://www.uel.ac.uk/lls

Select Finding Resources
Select Databases & E-Journals
Select S and then SwetsWise from the Database A-Z list
Select On-Campus or Off-Campus access

Off campus access:

You will need to have an ATHENS account to access this database off campus. You
can collect your Athens username and password from your UEL Outlook e-mail
account. Click on programmes then Microsoft Office 2007 then Microsoft Outlook
2007. For further information visit the Athens link
Basic Search
Place the mouse over the Content Search link
Choose article search
Click on basic search
In the search for box type your search term
You are given the option to choose within which fields to search (all fields, article
name etc.)
In the show box from the down arrow, click on full text subscriptions
You can also click on a subject category and choose a specific year to search from
Click on full text to get the article

Publication Search
Place the mouse over the Content Search link
Choose publication search then all your publications
Enter the title of the journal in the search for box
Next to the title it will tell you if it is available as full text
Click on the journal title and below the access details heading click on full text via
Under the heading view publication details click on the year that you wish to
To view a volume click on the table of contents on the right
You can view the full article by clicking on full text
To get back to the journals list click on the Back button from the navigation toolbar
on the top left of the screen.

Printing and Downloading
You can print and download by clicking on the Pint and Download Options on the top
left of the article


On screen help is available at all stages when using SwetsWise do ask Library and
Learning staff for assistance.

July 2012

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