The rules of the Anatomy laboratory are based upon RESPECT by 11yflme


									Rules of Access for the University of Virginia School of Medicine
Anatomic Laboratory                                      1.0 [12.19.07]

The University of Virginia School of Medicine laboratory Access policy is based in the right of privacy due
all medical patients and as it extends to our anatomical donors. Donation is a gift of education to future
physicians studying in Virginia's medical schools.

Access to anatomy facilities is available for teaching or research purposes, and for other specifically
authorized activities. All persons must complete a training session relevant to their use of the facility, e.g.
HIPAA. Access is via electronic ID card key.

Only students, faculty and other authorized UVa personnel are allowed in the gross anatomy laboratory
space. No unauthorized persons are allowed into the laboratory. Violation of this policy will be regarded as
a breach of professional conduct.

Admission to the Anatomy Laboratory
Entry to the anatomy laboratory can be granted only after confirmation of the identity of the individual
seeking access, that individual's authority to gain access, and that appropriate supervision is in place. All
requests to bring individuals into the lab should be directed to the anatomy course director or their

        Faculty and Staff
         Prior to granting faculty access to the laboratory the anatomy facility director or designee must
         confirm each faculty member’s need for access. Legitimate reason for access of faculty and
         residents includes teaching or support activities in courses or electives using the anatomy
         laboratory, e.g. the Anatomy or Pathology courses or Anatomy electives.

        Students
         Prior to granting student access to the laboratory the anatomy facility director must receive
         confirmation of each student's formal enrollment (UVA SoM Student Affairs/Registrar; GME
         Office; CME Office). Students must be able to produce their UVA photo identity card on request.
         To ensure safety, students entering the laboratory outside of normally scheduled laboratory time
         must use a “buddy system” with other students.

        Facilities Management Employees/Outside Contractors
         All Facilities Management personnel or contract workers for repair and general maintenance must
         carry Medical Center approved identification with them at all times during the repairs or
         maintenance. Anatomy staff or Medical Center Security must be available to provide supervision
         as needed.

         Outside contractors must register with Medical Center Security prior to commencing work and
         complete a training session before access to the anatomy laboratory is granted.

        Auditors/Inspectors
         Prior to granting auditors/inspectors access to the anatomy laboratory, the anatomy facility
         director must receive confirmation of the identity of auditors and inspectors, ensure that each has
         completed the necessary training, and that there is appropriate supervision to monitor and assist
         the auditor/inspector.

        Others
         All other persons must have authorization from the anatomy facility director or designee.

Under no circumstances are unauthorized persons to be granted access to the School of Medicine anatomy
laboratories at any time. Any attempt to gain unauthorized access to the School of Medicine anatomy
laboratories, whether the attempt is successful or not, will be considered to be in breach of this policy and
may be subject to disciplinary action.

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