Process Recording Directions by HC121003154854


									                                         Process Recording
Process recording is a detailed account of a client system interaction that provides an opportunity for
the student and field instructor to review and discuss communication skills and specific interventions.


Select a client system/case and using the accompanying form, provide a detailed account of the

Process Recording                                    Student Name:

    1. Who was present, when and where did the interaction take place; full names should not be
       used in recordings in order to protect confidentiality, use initials.
    2. What was the purpose of the interaction?
    3. What phase of the helping process are you in, what are you hoping to accomplish?

Content-Dialogue          Student’s Gut-Level         Student’s               Supervisor’s
                          Feeling/Response            Analysis/Assessment     Comments
Student uses this space   Record how you were         Analyze your            The field instructor can
to record interaction     feeling as the dialogue,    interventions; what     make comments and give
word-for-word. This is    activity, or interaction    did you do? Why?        feedback right opposite
to include verbal and     was taking place. Be as     What are the client     the interaction or
non-verbal                open and honest as you      system’s needs,         feelings/reactions the
components. Include       can. Use this to look at    issues, affect?         student records.
all others present,       your feelings and not to    Identify skills you
communications such       analyze the client’s        are using (refer to
as silence,               reactions.                  the Social Work Skill
interruptions, and                                    Sets); Assess your
other interactions                                    work. What is your
which may not be part                                 plan for the next
of the planned                                        intervention or
intervention or                                       contact?

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