Facility Name: Las Palmas by 11yflme


									                     Business Office Manager Performance Standards

1. Evaluate need for and requisition and maintain adequate supplies and equipment for use in
business office.
2. Prepare and submit reports on a timely basis to the governing body as required and as directed.

3. Compile and maintain accurate statistics as required.
4. Maintain the facility insurance program including workers’ compensation, disability, health
insurance, pensions and annuities as required and directed.
5. Handle all correspondence related to business office functions.

6. Verify resident accounts, verify charges and transmit accurate statements in a timely manner.

7. Maintain accurate resident accounts for Medicare, Medicaid and private residents.
8. Communicate and work cooperatively with fiscal intermediaries, accountants, auditors, cost report
preparers and private insurance companies.
9. Communicate and work cooperatively with facility vendors, suppliers and contractors.

10. Balance daily receipts.

11. Collect delinquent accounts.

12. Secure information on residents’ financial status.

13. Prepare checks, invoices, vouchers and pay authorized bills.

14. Reconcile bank statements.
15. Maintain accurate, neat, organized files of all business office records so that they may be promptly
16. Prepare payroll records and revise as required and directed.
17. Analyze billings and submit appropriate statements to Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance
companies or private paying entities.
18. File inquiries, reconsideration and appeals, to the appropriate agency or individual(s) for rejected
19. Follow up on all account collection procedures.
20. Maintain accurate payroll records for all facility staff. Verify hours worked and transmit accurate
payroll records.
21 .Maintain accurate, neat, organized file of all payroll to ensure prompt retrieval.
22. Maintain group health insurance and occupational accident records and correspond with claims
23. Accurately track and collect reimbursement due from all payer sources. File inquiries,
reconsiderations, and appeals to the appropriate payer sources upon receipt of rejection of
reimbursement for any reason.
24. Maintain accurate records on resident health benefits.

25. Collect and enter accurate data for state and federal reimbursement.

26. Observe all facility policies and procedures.

27. Assume Quality Assurance duties as assigned.
                    Business Office Manager Performance Standards
28. Alternates administrative call for the facility.

29. Perform other related duties as directed by the Administrator.
30. Come to work in neat, clean attire and consistently present an appropriate professional
31. Come to work as scheduled and consistently demonstrate dependability and punctuality.
32. Consistently work cooperatively with residents, residents’ representatives, facility staff, physicians,
consultants and ancillary service providers.

I have read and understand the functions and requirements of this position. I understand that this is
not to be considered as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or requirements and does
not limit the assignment of additional duties for this position.

Employee’s Signature                                                          Date
Position Title Business Office Manager                              Facility Name: Las Palmas

Purpose of this position

The purpose of this position is to develop, implement and maintain systems to operate the business
office in an effective, efficient manner to operate the facility in a financially sound manner. To maintain
admission and financial systems in compliance with federal, state and local requirements.


Education: High School Graduate or equivalent. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
Licensure or Certification: None required
Experience: Two years experience in bookkeeping.

Delegation of authority

Authority is delegated to the individual in this position to:

    Develop, implement and maintain systems to collect and document accurate, complete accounts
     payable, accounts receivable, and payroll information.
    Implement and maintain systems to collect, document, and process accurate, prompt, and
     complete payroll data.
    Develop, implement and maintain systems to assure prompt processing of resident
    financial information.
    Develop, implement and maintain systems to collect, document , process, and
    submit accurate and complete resident
    charges to appropriate payers.
    Develop and implement systems to establish a valid paper trail for all resident
    charges from the provision of goods and services to receipt of reimbursement.

This position reports to: Administrator

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