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					                                                  Media Release: For Immediate Release
                                                      Issued by: Terrapin Art & Design
                                                         Contact Person: Reggie Linsao
                                                                  Phone: (401) 723-5864

                       30 Years of PR by The Currier Go Online

        Lincoln, RI (June 1, 2005) – With over 30 years of experience in research, media

relations and journalistic writing, among others, the Public Relations firm, The Currier,

will launch their first website ever the second week of August. Ann-Mary Currier, owner

and principal of the firm, has handed this integral part of marketing development to

Terrapin Art & Design. Terrapin will build up a website that will permit The Currier to

tell their story.

        “We are very excited with The Currier project”, said managing partner of

Terrapin, Reggie Linsao. “The main purpose of the website is to educate small business

owners on what are Public Relations, their importance and how they can get your

message to the proper audience”, he added. It will also include a list of all their services,

clients, testimonials, frequently asked questions and the opportunity to ask questions

directly to The Currier. The company will be found online at

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