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                 How to get started
• Contact your liaison as much in advance of the journal publication or news
   generating event as possible.
• Send her proofs so she can read up and coordinate the release date with
   the journal
• Plan to talk with your liaison in person, over the phone or via e-mail about
   your research or expertise (15 minutes to an hour)
• ID pockets of time when you can talk to the media after the release is
   distributed. You should have a little bit of time each day for several days.

• Draft a release or media tip for you to proof
• Revise the item with your suggestions
• Serve as the media contact if you want me to coordinate media interviews
• Make pitches to appropriate external and internal media
• Reuse the items when appropriate in our newsletters
              Let us know about …
•   Awards – we spotlight a faculty or student achievement on our website each
    day ( They often are reused on other campus websites,
    including the IU gateway page
•   Interesting media interviews – Google misses a lot. We prepare media
    reports almost daily that go to trustees, administrators, alums and “friends”
    of the university.
•   Papers in press about topics you think could be of interest to the general
•   Papers in press in a major journal, about a significant discovery
•   Major grants, peculiar grants – before it’s official, if possible (we won’t
    distribute anything without your approval)
•   Op-ed topics you’re interested in addressing
•   Trends or current events you’d like to address in the form of a media tip
•   Book publications – periodically we distribute a news release just about
    recent book publications by IU faculty members. The research
    communications folks like to know about this, too
•   Lectures, performances or events that could be included in events
    calendars or our Lecture Notes release
            Bad news, it happens
• Let us know about anything involving your work that could generate
  negative or sensational news. Our boss, Larry MacIntyre (856-1172
  and, typically gets the first calls from reporters
  when controversy is brewing or an unfortunate incident occurred. He
  is much more effective when he learns about the events from you,
  rather than the reporters.

• Media training – We can help prepare you for interviews, whether in
  a crisis situation or prior to an interesting news release. This can
  range from assistance and advice from Larry or tips and mock
  interviews by our writers and broadcast colleagues, to more
  structured media training sessions occurring periodically on campus.
                     Thanks for having us

The University Communications website, where news releases are posted, can be
found at The site also includes contact information for the
writers and lists our beat areas.

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